I Can Accumulate Proficiency, Starting from Alchemy

Chapter 125 - Chapter 125: Chapter 124: Rule Limitations (5/5)

Chapter 125: Chapter 124: Rule Limitations (5/5)

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Zuo Lie returned the sword tool that Han Yi had previously given him and prepared to enter the stone house where the shaman was located.

However, a cultivator had already emerged from the stone house. Holding a map in his hand, he announced loudly, “Fellow Daoists, I have obtained a map of the Emperor Demon City. Shall we form a team and go together?”

“You only need fifty medium-grade spirit stones to ride the Immortal Pavilion’s Human Immortal-level Immortal Boat. It’s fast and reliable, so you won’t have to worry about straying from the route. What’s more, we’ll have safety in numbers. If we encounter beings of different races, we can join forces to kill them, avoiding the trouble of being killed halfway and having to start over again here.”

The cultivator who had come out was a chubby cultivator, a rare physique among cultivators.

Ordinary cultivators, regardless of their realm, had perfect control over their bodies once they reached the Middle Stage of Qi Cultivating. It would be impossible for them to be overweight.

If a Late Stage of Qi Cultivation cultivator is still fat, there could only be two possibilities. One, he did it on purpose. Two, it is a special physique.

However, Han Yi had never heard of any physique characterised by obesity. This left only one possibility – the cultivator intentionally retained his plump figure.

Zuo Lie whispered, “That’s Chu Qingguan from the Immortal Pavilion.”

“The Immortal Pavilion is a business of Daqian’s known to sell all sorts of Immortal treasures. Hence the name.”

“It is rumored that the Immortal Pavilion has the support of an emperor’s son.”

“An emperor’s son?” Han Yi was a little confused.

“Emperor’s son, a child of the Emperor,” Zuo Lie said solemnly.

Han Yi shuddered. The Immortal Pavilion was connected to a son of an emperor of Daqian, which was seriously terrifying.

Han Yi realized this.

“Let’s go, we’ll go together. Chu Qingguan is right, it’s best to form a team to go to Emperor Demon City, and we can also ride the Human Immortal-level Flying Ship of the Immortal Pavilion. From a price perspective, it’s not expensive. If I go by myself, there might be various problems, especially if 1 get killed halfway, 1 will regret missing this chance.”

“However, while on a team, we should also be on guard against the others. If someone tries to harm us secretly, it’s a matter of who has greater abilities.” The Yujing Taixu Order is good, but Han Yi hesitated because the difficulty would certainly be higher. According to Zuo Lie, it involved an opportunity concerning the First-Class Immortal Foundation. Numerous legendary Qi cultivators would definitely converge to fight for it.

Therefore, if the Taixu light column descended in the vicinity of the Chi Mang Tribe or other different races, it would be an excellent opportunity for him.

After all, whether it was the Yujing Order or normal Taixu fragment, he intended to sell them to the shaman in exchange for spiritual items that could enhance his physique. Why seek remote gains when there were advantages closer at hand?

But others could definitely also easily spot this loophole.

After asking around, Han Yi discovered something surprising.

During the appearance of the Yujing Order, no Taixu light column would descend in the world, particularly near other tribes. The normalcy would be restored only after the Yujing Order was snatched away.

Simply put,

This was to allow everyone who arrived to join forces and exterminate the strongest tribe in the Heaven Cave World.

Han Yi realized.

Comparing it to a video game, if the mission of capturing a normal Taixu fragment was equated to defeating a small boss, then capturing the Yujing Taixu Order was like killing the final boss of the dungeon.

After understanding this, Han Yi had no choice but to agree to join the party on their journey to the Emperor Demon City.

A moment later, after paying the spirit stones, the two waited nearby. It was the next day when Chu Qingguan notified everyone to set off together.

For this endeavor, he had gathered more than a hundred cultivators. None were Legendary Qi cultivators. Each legendary cultivator chose to travel alone, like lone wolves.

Chu Qingguan took out a miniaturized Immortal Boat from his storage bag, gently tossed it, and the boat grew in the wind, transforming into a gigantic Immortal Boat of over a hundred meters, suspended in mid-air three meters above the ground.

He was the first to jump on the Immortal Boat, followed closely by the others.

Once aboard, Chu Qingguan manoeuvered the Immortal Boat on its journey. Although slow at first, its speed gradually increased and eventually matched the top speed of a Qi Cultivation Stage Cultivator running at full stride.

Upon embarking on the Immortal Boat, Han Yi suddenly surfaced a disconcerting suspicion. He turned to look at Zuo Lie, who was quietly contemplating the vast landscape of the primitive world.

“Daoist Zuo, ever since I entered the Cave Heaven World, I had an uneasy feeling, but 1 couldn’t put my finger on it.”

“Just now, that unease suddenly resurfaced.”

Han Yi’s face was not grave, in fact, he speculated that maybe his doubt was simply due to his lack of knowledge about the Cave Heaven World, which, to others who are familiar with it, might not be a concern at all.

“Why are there only Qi Cultivation Stage cultivators in the Cave Heaven World and no Foundation Establishment Stage or Golden Core Stage cultivators?” “Furthermore, the Emperor Demon City we are heading to, which by the name should be the main city of the imperial demons main vein, equivalent to the main city occupied by the most potent Demon Clan in this Cave Heaven World, surely holds even stronger demons. How are we, Qi Cultivation Stage cultivators, not simply heading there to die?”

This doubt had been lingering in Han Yi’s mind, but he kept unintentionally pushing it aside. Now that he was aboard the Immortal Boat, heading to the Emperor Demon City, it suddenly came rushing back.

As expected.

Zuo Lie just smiled.

“Daoist Han, you must understand, this place is a transformed Little Thousand World.”

“The rules of this world differ from those of our Yu Heng World and the conventional Cultivation World. Besides describing it as transformed, I think two other words more aptly describe it.”

“These words are ‘constraint’.”

“This is a transformed Little Thousand World used for trial, and the trial targets are specifically for those in the Qi Cultivation Stage. Haven’t you noticed that all the cultivators we’ve met are at the Qi Cultivation Stage? There were no Foundation Establishment Stage cultivators.”

“That’s because this world imposes a constraint on the Foundation Establishment Stage and higher. Those beyond the Foundation Establishment Stage are not allowed in.”

“That’s the constraint for the Human Clan cultivators.”

“There are also constraints for the Different Races. Although, for Different Races, the constraint has to do with size. Take demons, for example, this Cave Heaven World only permits demons to have a maximum body size of ten meters. Once the ten meters limit is reached, there is no chance to break this constraint unless a demon’s power surpasses that of the Spirit Transformation Expert controlling the Facing Reality Heavenly Realm. Of course, this is clearly impossible.”

Han Yi raised an eyebrow, “Ten meters? When I previously participated in the fight for the Taixu Order between the Black Demon Clan and the Gang Clan, the Clan Chief of the Cang Clan had a demon body of six meters, towering over the Legendary Qi Cultivators. Without the joint attacks by more than ten Legendary Cultivators, anyone who faces him would surely die.”

“If there were ten-meter demon bodies, no matter how many Legendary Cultivators there are, it would still not avail.”

Han Yi thought Zuo Lie might retort, but surprisingly he nodded in agreement: “Indeed, for some reason, demons with ten-meter bodies have not appeared in thousands of years.”

“Nonetheless, Daoist Han, regardless of how strong the demons are, this is the time of the Yujing Taixu Order. It’s only to be expected that it’s more challenging.”

“Ancient texts in the pavilion recorded that three hundred years ago, the Yujing Taixu Order ended up in the Desolate Shadow Mountain Range, the lair of the Shadow Clan. Seven hundred years ago, the Yujing Taixu Order fell into the Ancient Evil Sea, and in a fit of anger, the Ancient Evil Sea was turned upside down. Going further back, every occurrence of the Yujing Taixu Order was connected to the Four Different Races.”

“The ancient texts speculate that the aim was to use the Yujing Taixu Order as a lure, utilizing all the Qi Cultivators in the Cave Heaven World, to cut down the mightiest of the Different Races, thereby maintaining the balance in the Cave Heaven World.”

“The birth of the Taixu Order follows the same principle. The Taixu beam would only descend upon those Different Races tribes on the verge of breaking through. Those who arrive target the Taixu beam. They kill the strongest members of the Different Race tribe, the Taixu beam shatters, and fragments of the Taixu Order scatter, leading everyone to scramble for them.”

“Although the Yujing Taixu Order is of a higher class, the principle remains the same.”

“However, regardless of the specifics, having the chance to witness the appearance of the Yujing Taixu Order is an enormous opportunity for us cultivators.”

“Daoist Han, the opportunity to witness countless legends converging is upon us.”

“Not only are there Legendary Cultivators original to the Cave Heaven World, but at this very moment, in the Daqian Immortal Country, there are certainly more Legendary Cultivators rushing here. This will be an unprecedented grand gathering..”

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