Chapter 716: A Useless Strike

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Chu Bai grabbed the weapon in his hand.

Using this weapon could achieve the effect of ignoring defense.

Right now, the most important thing was whether or not this sword could kill him.

“Human, use the weapon in your hand to slash at me. Although I’ve investigated your body and found that you indeed have very strong strength, you’re not my match at all.”

The Dragon Emperor stopped attacking at this moment and spoke mockingly.

Chu Bai was not happy to hear such arrogant words, but he also understood that he was not the dragon’s match at all. His current strength did not seem to be enough to deal with this dragon.

“He’s too arrogant, Guild Leader!”

“All the best, Guild Leader! We’ll cheer for you later!”

The members of the Heaven Alliance raised their weapons and cheered, becoming cheerleaders.

Yu Qingyu took advantage of the time when the old dragon was not defending and directly went up to stab it. She wanted to see how strong this dragon was.

However, her attack did not cause any substantial damage.

“Your attacks won’t work either.”

Lu Yufan said, but she did not attack. Instead, she walked to Chu Bai’s side.

“Do you think I can hurt him?”

Lu Yufan’s current level was pulled up completely by the staff, so her own strength was not considered strong.

“I think you can use the staff in your hand to cause some damage to him, but I’m afraid it’ll be very limited.”

Chu Bai immediately figured it out. At the same time, he was also analyzing whether or not he should make a move.

After using the sword, he would enter a three-minute period of weakness. At that time, this dragon could completely torture him.

However, if he did not use this move now, it would be a little unreasonable. Although he could use the Azure Dragon Stigmata to continuously consume energy, it would not be good for him to continue like this.

If only he still had that skill…

Chu Bai thought of the Azure Dragon’s skill. If he had that self-evolving skill, he could stack his attributes to a terrifying level.

However, he did not have such an ability at the moment.

“Master, let me come out and heal you in an instant. This way, 1 might be able to add more attributes. Also, 1’11 lend you my power,” the Calamity Fox suddenly spoke.

Little Demon jumped out and nodded. It seemed that everyone understood that this move would determine victory or defeat.

The Dragon Emperor’s current HP was still unknown, but it could be seen that its defense had dropped a lot.

Chu Bai had the ability to ignore defense, so this decrease in defense was only effective for health.

Therefore, the most important problem now was how to kill this dragon without getting injured.

Although the Calamity Fox could heal him instantly, his attributes would not recover.

“Master, let me add another flame to you.” The Fire Phoenix also jumped out, intending to use her own strength to help him.

Chu Bai nodded and looked at his companions. He did not expect them to trust him so much.

“Alright, 1’11 let this old dragon have a taste of my power today.”

Chu Bai stretched out his hand and gathered his power. As the God Slaying Calamity in his hand shone, Chu Bai’s skill was ready and he slashed out.

The Dragon Emperor smiled contemptuously, completely unconcerned. Its entire body did not even move as it intended to take this attack head on.

The Dragon Emperor did not believe that anyone could defeat it at all.

The Dragon Emperor’s own strength was very strong. No one was its match, so it was very confident now.

Chu Bai actually could not guarantee that this attack would kill the dragon.

However, this was his last attack.

The moment the Dragon Emperor’s body came into contact with that sword energy, it immediately felt pain.

“Awoo!” the Dragon Emperor called out a few times.

Everyone on the ground looked at this exaggerated scene in shock. They did not expect that a sword energy would sweep over and actually make the dragon scream.

“The Dragon Emperor actually screamed. Could it be that he succeeded?”

“No way, this guy can slay a dragon alone?”

“I don’t think that’s possible. A person’s strength is limited.”

Just as everyone gradually believed that the Dragon Emperor had been defeated, something unexpected happened again.

The Dragon Emperor, who seemed to be on the verge of being defeated, once again recovered his spirit. His HP was only reduced by about 20%.

“What? World of Slashing Sword did even better than this!”

“That’s right, he’s not even as good as World of Slashing Sword.”

Everyone looked at him in disdain.

Chu Bai did not expect that his power attack would only cause the old dragon to lose 20% of its health.

Many reporters quickly broadcasted this scene and told everyone that the Dragon Emperor was simply undefeatable.

Everyone was very sad when they heard the news. It turned out that this dragon could not be defeated. To them, their towns would soon be attacked and destroyed.

The members of Feng Ling Dynasty who stood in the dark and watched the situation felt pity. They did not want to participate in the battle. After all, if they died here, it would be the same as dying for real. However, the guild leader had offered them too much.

Moreover, the reward was very good. For the sake of their dreams and rewards, they would chase after it, but they were a little afraid after seeing the terrifying dragon, h

The Dragon Emperor was so powerful, how could they possibly defeat him?

Even Bai Ye was no match for it, so what could they do?

Therefore, this matter was very difficult for them to accept.

The Dragon Emperor sneered again and said, “It seems that your strength is not bad. You only took a little of my HP and made me so angry. How do you think I should torture you?”

The Dragon Emperor was also angered by this attack. Just now, when it was a little afraid of that sword energy, it instantly felt a powerful force. However, it still forcefully relied on its powerful physical body as a dragon to withstand the attack.

If it allowed this kid to continue developing, he might really be able to kill it one day. It was not easy for it to resurrect. The Dragon Emperor would definitely not allow this kid to develop further and kill it. Therefore, it planned to kill him directly now.

The Dragon Emperor could see that this brat had weakened quite a bit. It was probably because the price of that move just now was too great. It also understood that there was no opponent worthy of it in this area. He could wantonly torture these people.

Chu Bai quickly took a few steps back and stood in the crowd.

He did not take the initiative to retreat, but the people around him dragged him there.

Everyone understood that their leader had already sacrificed everything for them, so they naturally had to give up..

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