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Chapter 717 - Chapter 717: Strongest Five-Element Battle

Chapter 717: Strongest Five-Element Battle

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Chu Bai’s attack had no effect at all. This made everyone in the Heaven Alliance panic.

They did not expect that the attack would not deal any damage at all. It really shocked them.

No one had expected this old dragon to be so powerful.

Chu Bai’s full-powered attack did not cause any damage. Instead, it made the dragon even more energetic.

At this moment, the Dragon Emperor also understood that the person in front of it was already weak, so it directly adopted the attack method.

After using the dimensional attack again, the old dragon’s figure disappeared again and appeared above the Heaven Alliance.

Everyone from the Heaven Alliance looked at this scene in shock. At this moment, they could not react at all. They saw the dragon attack them on the spot.

The Dragon Emperor’s entire body smashed down.

Chu Bai saw this scene and understood that he had to make a choice in this situation. Otherwise, it would get more and more troublesome.

Chu Bai immediately ordered everyone to disperse, but there were still some people who did not disperse in time and were smashed to death on the scene.

The Dragon Emperor jumped a few more times on the spot and crushed many people to death.

For a moment, screams could be heard everywhere.

The members of the Heaven Alliance suffered heavy casualties.

When Feng Ling Dynasty saw this scene from afar, they retreated even further. The members of their guild did not want to be implicated for no reason.

Feng Yun touched his body with lingering fear. He felt as if he had been chased away just now.

The Dragon Emperor did not come over to chase them away. In any case, he locked his gaze on the Heaven Alliance again.

Chu Bai’s move just now was indeed quite frightening, so the dragon’s target was on him.

Chu Bai once again asked the others to leave first. He was planning to make a move himself.

Now, he could only fight according to his own thoughts.

The sky became darker and darker. With a sudden clap of thunder, it began to rain heavily.

The raindrops splashed up a lot of mud. The Dragon Emperor hurriedly shook its body and threw the mud off it.

The mud smashed many to death again, and there were many onlookers nearby.

Seeing that the Dragon Emperor’s ordinary attack could cause such damage, everyone could no longer suppress the fear in their hearts and began to retreat.

If this continued, they did not know when they would be able to survive. Therefore, the key was to leave this place as soon as possible.

However, how could the Dragon Emperor let these people off so easily? After all, these people were here to provoke him. As a dragon, he would not allow these people to escape.

The Dragon Emperor directly opened his mouth and spat out a white light into the sky. Following that, a light curtain barrier appeared at everyone’s feet.

Initially, these people wanted to escape, but they suddenly seemed to have bumped into glass and stopped in their tracks.

“F*ck! This dragon has trapped us!”

“We’re done for. We’re dead this time. I didn’t expect us to all die here!”

“F*ck, let’s fight it out with it!”

The surrounding people could no longer hold it in. Rather than dying here, it was better to attack directly. In an instant, all kinds of attacks were launched again.

The Dragon Emperor only shook its body. Its HP had only dropped by 1% to 3%. It did not suffer much damage and stomped its foot again.

As its feet landed on the ground, the surroundings shook again, and everyone entered a dizzy state once more.

The remaining tens of millions of mages from Merica Nation felt that their HP was not very safe. Fortunately, the healers around them were strong enough to help them recover a little.

However, this situation would not last long. If they continued to fight this dragon, they would need many priests. However, their people had already suffered heavy casualties. If this continued, who could guarantee that they would not be completely wiped out in the end?

Apollo looked at the condition of his team. They could already cast a second round of speed attack magic, but if the dragon continued to heal like this, their damage output would not be enough.

Just as everyone was at their wit’s end, Chu Bai sent over a very useful piece of information.

Seeing how powerful this dragon was, Chu Bai also understood that it was probably impossible for him to slay the dragon alone.

Therefore, he told everyone about the dragon’s skills.

Other than the visible skills, he also told them all about the dragon’s hidden moves.

“This dragon has the ability to turn back time and can recover from its injuries in an extremely short period of time. However, every time it is used, a portion of its attributes will be wasted, and there’s a ten-minute interval.”

After Chu Bai’s explanation, everyone understood. It seemed that their effective output time was within ten minutes. If they could get rid of this dragon within ten minutes, it might be enough.

However, after ten minutes, the dragon would recover to full health. At that time, they would not be able to defeat the dragon at all.

“Damn it, if only Hua Nation’s World of Slashing Sword was still around!”

“That’s right. That move of theirs just now was so damaging!”

“If their people were here, this battle would be very simple. Unfortunately, all of them are dead now.”

The people nearby started to talk, starting to miss the guild that clamored to slay the dragon.

The speaker had no intention in saying these words, but one of the listeners was enlightened.

Chu Bai finally understood something when he heard these words.

If he wanted to slay the dragon now, he would indeed need the help of the array formation just now.

Although everyone in World of Slashing Sword had died, he still had the skill.

“Alright, since everyone is looking forward to that skill, why don’t 1 release it?”

Chu Bai looked at his ultimate move and activated it.

Everyone noticed that there was an additional array symbol on their bodies.

Light of My Faith did not think that he would have it on himself either. Seeing how pretentious Bai Ye was, he wanted to avoid this state, but he could not.

The other people who wanted to dodge also realized that this state could not disappear. At this moment, they had all become the targets of the array.

Chu Bai looked at the description of the skill again.

When he used it, he realized that there were actually two ways to use this skill.

One of them was to use the power of nature to attack. It would bring forth the five elements.

The other was the situation that had occurred when he fought with Feng Bai.

He could sacrifice one level to increase his attributes. As the number of people increased, the increase in attributes would be higher.

Chu Bai was excited when he saw this upgraded version of the Five-Element Battle Formation.

“This time, 1’11 kill you in one move!” Chu Bai immediately gained confidence. He raised the weapon in his hand and aimed it at the Dragon Emperor.

The Dragon Emperor looked at him in surprise. It did not understand why this human suddenly had such a thought.. Did he want to die?

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