"W-what?" Hyst was the first to say, turning toward Lyrian with a confused look on his face.

Lyrian faced forward, completely serious.

Hyst clenched his fist, "All right." He said after looking at Lyrian's expression.

"Where the hell are you going, Hyst!?" Hyren suddenly yelled at that moment as Hyst walked to the carriage.

"Make the horses face the way we came. We are leaving." Hyst said to the scared carriage driver.

"Hyst! Don't ignore me!" Hyren yelled at that moment, "We need to fight this bastard and the Black Petal Sect!"

Hyst turned around that moment, "Don't be foolish! I'm on the same side as you, but I trust Lord Lyrian's instructions."

Hyren was taken aback by this. It almost felt like a betrayal to him, a knife in his back.

"Y-you..." Hyren exclaimed, "You're going to leave? Just because... he said so?" Hyren said, looking at Lyrian.

Ranthor also looked at Lyrian, as did Metaal and the Black Petal boy with a curious look on his face.

"I respect him... but this is the closest we have ever gotten. This is our chance to take revenge!" Hyren screamed at the top of his lungs.

"He knows more than us," Hyst stated.

"TO HELL WITH THAT!" Hyren retorted, "He's a damn child at the end of the day!" Hyren suddenly yelled, flustered with anger.

"What? Take that back! His knowledge far exceeds that of a child! You ungrateful bastard, had it not been for him, you would have died along with the rest of your family!" Hyst retorted, also getting slightly emotional.

"Huh? What the fuck did you just say?" Hyren began walking toward Hyst with an angered look on his face.

"Did you just bring up my family? Who the fuck do you think you are, huh!?" Hyren shoved Hyst in the chest, causing him to stumble backward slightly.

"I!" Ranthor yelled in the midst of this, prompting everyone to look at him.

"Tell him!" Hyren yelled at that moment, "Tell him how stupid he's being, Ranthor!"

Ranthor paused for a moment before replying, "I... want to destroy the Black Petal bastards more than anyone here."

"What? No you don--" Hyren was cut off.

"I do! More than anyone, god damnit!" Ranthor yelled, "But..."

"But? What do you mean but!?" Hyren retorted in anger.

"But I know that Lord Lyrian shares the same ideals. He is not the enemy! I know he is doing something that will end in the destruction of the Black Petal Sect! So... I trust him!"

Hearing this, even Lyrian was slightly taken aback. He actually hadn't expected Ranthor of all people to agree willingly, as Lyrian deemed his conviction to be even higher than Hyren's.

'But it makes sense... the person with the highest conviction would listen to me after all.' Lyrian thought to himself, 'Over-

conviction would lead one to eventually use their brains.'

Lyrian lightly tapped Ranthor on his shoulder, "Thanks... your goals are safe with me." He said genuinely to Ranthor, who looked him back in the eyes one last time before turning around and walking toward the carriage.

"Let's go!" Ranthor exclaimed as the carriage guy readied his horses in the direction they had originally come from.

Hyren was speechless this whole time. "No... no no no, this can't be! I am too damn close!" He turned and looked at Lyrian.

"You bastard! Why did you do this!" Hyren screamed, looking at the silent faces of the others, "No one knows... no one knows why you did it... why did you do it?"

At that moment, Hyren had a sudden thought pop up in his head as he looked at Lyrian's indifferent expression.

'No... it can't be... is he... with them?' He thought for a split second before suddenly copping a chop to the back of the neck by Hyst.

He was instantly knocked out cold. "That's what you get for pushing me... bastard," Hyst said, picking the young man up over his shoulder.

"Lord Lyrian! We will entrust this to you! Come back swiftly!" Hyst said as he and Ranthor got on the carriage.

As they left, Lyrian turned to look at the Black Petal Sect boy, who now had furrowed brows.

"Well... I don't really care about them I guess. My target is Lyrian, after all." He shrugged it off, looking at the carriage shrink away in the distance.

"Oi, scum bag! Focus on me, your opponent, not Lyrian." Metaal exclaimed at that moment, having already unsheathed his long metal board-sword.

"Scum bag? My name is Heath, you fool. And plus... you're not strong enough to be my opponent. Move out of the way, scum bag." The boy who addressed himself as 'Heath' said, not giving any shits about Metaal.

"Hm... fine then. Come at me--" Heath didn't even get to finish his sentence when Metaal's blade appeared mere centimeters in front of his face out of nowhere.

'Speed...' Heath mused, his eyes widening.

As Metaal's sword tip neared a single millimeter from Heath's skin, a small area around Heath's nose was suddenly protected by a thin, dark-purple barrier.


Metaal stepped backward, "What? No damage?" He said under his breath, as the transparent barrier around the impact point on Heath's face quickly disappeared.

At that moment, Heath raised his crossbow in front of him, at which moment it shifted into a long, mechanical spear.

The two kicked the ground and propelled toward each other in the middle, unleashing barrages of attacks as they clashed.

They seemed to be equal in strength, except, Metaal landed on Heath's body a bit more.

However, due to Heath's purple protection barrier, Metaal's sword couldn't damage him.

Heath's spear, however, scraped and scratched at Metaal's face and fingers here and there, as those were the only unprotected parts on his armored body.

"Damn it! What a stupid ability! But... you won't be able to use that for long!" Metaal yelled in frustration.

"Haaahaaha!" Heath suddenly laughed like a maniac, "Actually, this aura is always around me. It's how us high-ranking princes are born and raised. We are bestowed this power by god himself!"

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