Swift winds carried themselves through the valleys surrounding Veridrake. They swirled past long trees, under the verdant grasses, and above the various canopies.

They surrounded a dead corpse, with his head chopped off and a shocked look on his face. It was Metaal who had died, his sword launched across the ground and his body in a pool of blood.

Lyrian's expression remained heartless as he faced the man who claimed to be the strongest.

'He died so fast that I couldn't even do anything. But, I don't think I would have done anything there anyway. He was too overconfident.' Lyrian looked up and faced Heath who had a slight smirk on his face.



Name: Heath Killian

Species: Human

Bloodline: Killian Dynasty

Age: 18

Overall Power (OP): 18

Health: 185/185

Stamina: 181/181

Strength: 180

Agility: 185

Defense: 195

Rank: Genesis: Layer 2

MP: 400/425


'Considering the fact that Metaal was at an OP of 21, he should have lost him. But... that defense skill that he had was too overpowered.' Lyrian mused to himself.

'I'm also not far behind now in terms of power. In these past two months, I've already achieved the Second Daemon of my cultivation technique. The first was Astaroth, and the second, Azazel. Now, I am only about a week away from unlocking my third Daemon...'

"Lyrian Theageld! Finally, it is a pleasure to meet you!" Heath suddenly yelled from across the grass field.

"I'll keep this short and sweet since I will be taking your life today," Heath exclaimed, beginning to walk over to Lyrian while swinging his spear around him effortlessly.

'My plan to sneak into the Black Petal Sect... first, I'll need to pose a bigger threat than this guy, so that he will call for backup.'

Lyrian didn't hesitate to unleash his killing intent. It was fearsome, much stronger than before.

His own self had gained 3 more OP levels, meaning all of his stats had increased by at least 30 points. And to top it off his creatures also had gained in strength considerably through Lyrian's growth in power and also their own natural growth.

Heath furrowed his brows. "A trick." He calmly stated. "I know this ability of yours already. You use a trick to make your opponents feel overpowered before the fight even begins, and use that to defeat them."

Lyrian was slightly taken aback by this. Heath was only half right, but even that was slightly confusing.

He decided to play along, "Oh? How did you know?" Lyrian inquired curiously, trying to know how Heath understood some of his abilities.

"Pah! I knew it! I have my sources... but why tell that to a dead man, or kid rather, che! Just know that there are many eyes within the trees."

'Hmm... interesting. I thought maybe he implanted a spy, but it turns out I won't get to know the answer to that.' Lyrian took out his obsidian blade.

'First, I want to test out my own abilities on this guy. It's been a while since a challenge like this has popped up. The last one was the Sadness and Anger duo, but I didn't really get to use my powers, since they were simply overwhelmingly strong. Now, however, at an OP of 16, I should be able to put up a fight.'

Lyrian ran forward without hesitation, as Heath quickly stationed his spear in front of him.

"I won't lose to a coward who uses measly tricks to win against another person!" Heath exclaimed, thrusting his spear at Lyrian's face as he neared 10 feet from him.

"I thought that was exactly what you did to Metaal though, no?" Lyrian retorted, pushing his heel into the ground and moving to the side of the spear.

He then twisted his body around along with this blade and sliced at Heath's cloak.

The boy's cloak also had a protective barrier around it, but Lyrian was just happy to be able to land a hit.

As Lyrian's blade clanged off, Heath jumped back, "What!? Don't speak rubbish. I beat Metaal fair and square using this technique that I was born with."

"A pathetic technique," Lyrian said out loud.

"The same one that just deflected your blow? But... I must say, you don't seem to be complete trash. I'm surprised you actually managed to get to my body." Heath proclaimed.

Lyrian looked at him with disdainful eyes, "You think too highly of yourself, cocky bastard." He paused, as Heath looked at him with furrowed brows, "This protective barrier that has shielded you your entire life has made you forget the fact that you're just some weakling with no real talent. If that wasn't the case, I should have never been able to touch you."

A vein in Heath's forehead popped out, "Erggh... that's it! I don't have to listen to you! I'll just kill you instead! I was ordered to take you in alive, but I know you won't comply with that, so you're dead meat!" Heath got serious, moving forward at a faster speed than before.

At that moment, Lyrian clenched his jaw, "Hit him, Zuuc, but don't kill him." He said under his breath, as a purple shadow aura formed around him.

As Heath's spear neared a few inches from Lyrian's face, a green hand emerged through the shadow behind the small boy.

Zuuc punched through the tip of the spear, obliterating it as his punch landed straight onto Heath's face.

For a split moment in time, the protective barrier around Heath's face withheld the force of Zuuc's punch.

But it eventually gave in and disappeared, overwhelmed by the force.

Zuuc's fist hit him with a mind-boggling impact that the teen had never personally felt before.

His nose was crunched and caved into his face immediately, as his entire body was propelled away at a hundred miles per hour.

He slammed against a large tree before falling face flat onto the ground with the flat face that Zuuc had created.

"Go back in," Lyrian muttered again. Zuuc's hand retracted back into Lyrian's dark aura and it all absorbed back into his shadow at a quick speed.

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