Rebirth of the Villainous Female Boss

Chapter 29 - Chapter 29: Chapter 29: Use mine, not those two useless ones.

Chapter 29: Chapter 29: Use mine, not those two useless ones.

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“Our whole family was born without claws, so don’t you dare say that again!”

Yu Minglang thought he was being humorous, a skill he cultivated from watching “Humor Master” every week.

However, Xiao Qian just stared at him coldly.

“It’s so cold.”

“I didn’t install a fan?” Yu Minglang looked around in confusion. Why was she saying it was cold during such hot weather?

“Idiot! Your lame jokes are freezing!” Xiao Qian pushed him away, knowing she couldn’t escape. She sat back on the hard sofa angrily.

She needed to calm down. Interacting with this idiot for too long would only decrease her IQ.

How did she ever think he had a strong sense of right and wrong and was particularly righteous in her previous life?

Who exactly was this person who watched Dragon Ball and told jokes?!

Thinking about it, it wasn’t too surprising. When she met him in her past life, he was older and in an important position. His job made him colder, and he rarely showed his silly side. Since the two of them didn’t spend much time together, Xiao Qian never got to see the full extent of his oddness.

As he walked back and maintained a similar distance as before, Xiao Qian tilted her head slightly.

Although Yu Minglang was still handsome and had a cold aura, Xiao Qian felt that, according to her experience as a top psychological expert­lie was like a human-shaped Husky!

He wasted his wolf-like appearance. Why was he so silly?!

Yu Minglang didn’t notice that Zhou Zhiruo had the same thought, imagining him as some kind of silly dog, as he tried to explain the situation with the bankbook.

“I believe you must need the money.”

“No shit.”

She needed the money for school. Although she had the skills of a psychology doctor, without a diploma, how could she open a psychological counseling center?!

“This is my savings, all clean money. Use mine instead of those two losers’.”

“Am I very close to you?”

“Uh…” Yu Minglang realized he might have hurt the girl’s pride.

“I’m not giving it to you, I’m lending it to you!” Finally, he found a solution that suited everyone!

“Lend?!” Xiao Qian was stunned.

“Yes, lend it to you. You can pay me back when you have the money in the future.” Actually, it didn’t matter if she didn’t pay him back.

“What if I can’t pay it back?” Xiao Qian clenched the bankbook that he had returned. She didn’t feel the slightest joy, just anger.

Was this guy too nice?

Did he treat all women like this? In her previous life, he had given her his jacket the first time they met. How many other women had he given his jacket to?

This time they met, he gave her the herbal plaster, and now he’s giving her money! How many women has he spoiled with money? How frivolous!

Wait, something’s wrong. Ugh!

Why was she being so sour?!

Yu Minglang didn’t know about Xiao Qian’s rich and delicate thoughts. He was still wracking his brain for something to say that wouldn’t hurt her pride.

“In life, we all encounter difficulties and setbacks. But if you look forward, you can…”

“Oh my god!” Xiao Qian was infuriated.

Was this guy really reciting chicken soup for the soul to her?

Did he not know that this kind of feel-good advice had no practical use for a professional psychological expert like her?!

Did he not know that the more a patient with a psychological issue was fed with feel-good advice, the more annoyed they became?!

Did he not know that those who liked to drink chicken soup for the soul tended to have low IQs? She was a doctor! A doctor!

So, Xiao Qian exploded with anger.

She picked up the bankbook and hit him over and over again.

“Yu Minglang, are you stupid? Am I close to you? Do you know what kind of person I am? Did you ever ask what I needed the money for? You don’t ask anything, are you stupid?!”

Yu Minglang let her hit him without resistance. It wasn’t painful, but seeing her emotional outburst, he didn’t dare to dodge.

He also secretly glanced at her pretty face, which was now flushed with anger.

Xiao Qian eventually got tired of hitting him and finally asked, “Why didn’t you dodge? Are you stupid?!”

“It doesn’t hurt anyway.” He replied with an apparently honest face, but added in his heart.

If I dodged, I would miss the chance to see that beautiful and delicate beauty mark on her forehead. It’s like a perfect ruby. So beautiful.

“I…” Xiao Qian couldn’t take it anymore.

“Chen Xiaoqian, I lend this money to you because I believe that someday you will be able to repay me. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. As long as you pay me back, it’s fine.”

“What if I can’t repay it? What would you do?”

“Then, I will make you my wife — eh, never mind. It’s okay.” Almost slipped up there! That was close!

Yu Minglang managed to maintain his composure, hiding his near slip-up. Seeing that Xiao Qian didn’t notice either, he redirected the conversation back on track.

“Anyway, you can take my money, but you cannot take the money from those scumbags!”

“Why?!” It was all money. Xiao Qian would rather take it from bad guys because they deserved it. But she didn’t want to take Yu Minglang’s money. She didn’t want to be entangled with him any further.

“Because your clean life is worth more than fifty thousand yuan!”

After hearing his words, Xiao Qian stood there, unable to move for a long time.

Yu Minglang saw it clearly. Her eyes reddened bit by bit.

Inside Xiao Qian’s heart, it felt as if something was holding her back. Now his words pierced right through it, revealing her vulnerability.

She could hardly control her emotions and even her tears.

“They did terrible things, and I understand your feelings. But you are a good girl, and you shouldn’t be led astray by them.”

Yu Minglang would never let Xiao Qian take the money from those useless people.

From the moment he first saw her to the few times they met later, he was convinced of one thing.

This girl should live a clean and happy life, cherished carefully in someone’s palm. Unhappy things should never cling to her body.

If there must be a man to save her from her predicament, Yu Minglang thought, that man should be him.

“What should I do then? Yu Minglang, tell me what to do! They almost destroyed my entire life, should I just let it go? Should I become their so-called sacrifice for love?”

Xiao Qian was full of anger but also felt touched by Yu Minglang’s words. Her heart had been covered up with false strength, and her mind was filled with scars.

“How could you just let it go? If they did something wrong, they should pay the price! People who keep suppressing their emotions will have problems. We need to treat them in an open and honest manner. You must know that I am a very honest person.”

Although his last sentence was another joke…

Soon enough, Xiao Qian saw how Yu Minglang avenged her “honestly..”

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