Rebirth of the Villainous Female Boss

Chapter 30 - Chapter 30: Chapter 30: The Girl with Thorns, In the Prime of Youth

Chapter 30: Chapter 30: The Girl with Thorns, In the Prime of Youth

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Yu Minglang forced Xiao Qian onto the sofa, then got up, took his cell phone from the bedroom, and made a call in front of her.

“Aunt, this is Ming Lang. I have something to tell you. Li Zhen went into a hotel with a man… How did I see it? Just happened to be passing by.”

Xiao Qian was dumbfounded.

She felt like she was the kind of woman who liked to use a King Bomb to blow away all the opponent’s preparations.

Now it seemed that Yu Minglang was also quite ruthless!

He even exposed Li Zhen’s dirty deeds with Ni Jianren, directly to Li Zhen’s family!

Well done, striking the enemy where it hurts!

She would bet that the bitch would rather deal with her own “underhanded” revenge tactics than accept Yu Minglang’s “bright” approach.

Because this was obviously more ruthless!

“Yes, I’m sure I didn’t see it wrong. Oh, and 1 also checked out the background of that man with a serious and responsible attitude. It’s very bad.”

Glancing at Xiao Qian, he was indeed responsible, but not for the scumbag cousin. He had to be responsible for Zhou Zhiruo’s kind as well, holding their little hands tightly.

“That man is from the same company as Li Zhen, and his conduct is extremely bad.”

To deceive “his” Zhou Zhiruo kind, it was simply unforgivable. Yu Minglang’s aunt knew that he was a man who spoke with restraint.

If Yu Minglang said that the man’s conduct was extremely bad, then he must not be a good person.

His aunt knew a little about her son’s special hobbies and turned a blind eye to them, hoping that he could restrain himself as he grew older.

Since Yu Minglang personally called her up, his aunt realized the severity of the problem.

“I will deal with this issue—little one, can you not tell your uncle about this?”

“It depends on Li Zhen’s subsequent performance.”

Yu Minglang finished speaking, hung up the phone, and showed a bright smile to Xiao Qian.

“See? It’s important to be bright and honest. There are always some above-board methods to punish the bad guys.”

Xiao Qian silently looked at him for a few seconds, suddenly thinking of two big words in her mind: Cynical…

He was ruthless enough not to take action himself, sold a favor to his aunt, and used her to deal with Ni Jianren.

In just a few words, Xiao Qian could already tell that Li Zhen’s family must have a good background.

Yu Minglang pointed out that Ni Jianren had a problem with his character and hinted to his aunt that they were from the same company. For the sake of Li Zhen’s future, Ni Jianren would definitely be cleaned out by his aunt.

He used others’ methods against them. Ni Jianren planned to harm her like that, and Yu Minglang, on behalf of Xiao Qian, fiercely took his revenge.

“Do you have water? 1 want to wash my hands…” Xiao Qian was entangled in complex emotions, and was used to dealing with many things by herself. Suddenly a man stepped in to help her, and she felt a particularly complicated emotion tightening around her heart.

She suddenly wanted to wash her hands.

Yu Minglang pointed to the bathroom, watched her rush in, and heard the sound of water flowing. At first, he didn’t think it was a big deal, but after a while, the sound of water was still going on, and he thought something was wrong. He went in and saw Xiao Qian constantly rubbing her hands, which had become red but she kept washing.

“That’s enough!” He turned off the faucet.

“It’s not enough!” Xiao Qian pushed him away and continued to wash her hands. Yu Minglang realized that she was not washing for cleanliness but out of a kind of semi-compulsive behavior. Although he didn’t understand psychology, his intuition told him that if she continued washing like this, something would definitely go wrong.

Xiao Qian’s mind was in chaos right now.

The kindness from Yu Minglang put tremendous pressure on her. This was the most severe case of her Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. She felt that she could never wash her hands clean enough, and there was always a sense of blood on her hands.

Noticing that something was wrong with Xiao Qian, Yu Minglang quickly stopped her and tried to take her out, but she pushed him away.

“Yu Minglang, stay away from me. I’m not a good woman!”

She was a bad mother who couldn’t even take care of her own daughter. Apart from taking revenge on those who had bullied her and her daughter, how could she care about other things? She had no right to be happy.

“You’re a good girl, and 1 trust my judgment.” Yu Minglang didn’t understand why a girl who could smile at even stray cats and dogs would keep insisting she was a bad person.

“You? On what basis?” How could he answer so confidently when she couldn’t even be sure of herself?

“My eyesight is 4.8 in both eyes, so I have good vision!” He proudly answered.

Xiao Qian:…

Such a cold joke!

“With this eyesight, how did you get into school? 1 remember your school had rules about eyesight, right?!” Was there some kind of shady deal going on?

An eyesight of 4.8 meant 150 degrees of nearsightedness, right? No wonder he had to wear a pair of gold-rimmed Glasses when driving in his past life!

“A naked eye vision of 4.6 is enough to get into our school. And don’t you know that many Olympic shooters are nearsighted? This eyesight is enough to be a pilot, but not a fighter pilot…”

He seriously explained to her.

“…I kind of feel sorry for the brats who threw the Double-shot firecrackers in the park and got caught by you!” So those two brats were taken down by a nearsighted guy?

Xiao Qian hadn’t realized that her attention had been successfully diverted by Yu Minglang. She no longer had that crazy urge to wash her hands, and followed his train of thought.

“Balance and stability in shooting is more important than eyesight. If your sight is blurry, you won’t focus too much on the target and instead maintain your own balance and stability. Especially when shooting a moving target, you don’t have time to rely on your eyes to calculate muscle response. A good shooter’s sixth sense must be beyond ordinary people’s.” For example, him!

Blame it on his sixth sense if it wasn’t accurate? Could it recognize her at a glance? It was all his sixth sense’s fault!

Xiao Qian got caught in his roundabout argument.

“So, I trust my intuition, and you should trust my judgment too.” Yu Minglang’s ultimate goal was to say this. He believed in his sixth sense about this girl. She was a great girl, for sure!

If she hadn’t already known this man somewhat, Xiao Qian would have been intimidated by his serious expression and serious tone of voice.

This kind of born cold-faced guy who spoke incomprehensible cold jokes every day; no wonder he was single…

“I’m going back.”

“I’ll send you—the money, you—”

“I’ll take it. Consider it a loan from you, and I’ll pay you back with interest in two years.”

“Actually, you don’t have to hurry.” Yu Minglang secretly wished that she didn’t have to pay him back at all.

That way, she would always keep in touch with him…

The two walked out of the room one after another, Yu Minglang took out the keys to lock the door and casually asked:

“By the way, what do you need the money for?” He knew a lot of people, maybe he could help her.

“For school.”

Yu Minglang’s keys dropped to the ground, and he turned his head in surprise.

“For…what school?”

“For university, 1 got into university. My family won’t support me, so I have to come up with the tuition myself.”

“…How old are you?”

“18, years old.”

Xiao Qian’s words were like a thunderbolt out of the blue, striking hard on Yu Minglang’s heart.

He had just discovered that he had a little crush on her, even thinking about how to pursue her, and then, to his horror, he found out.

She was only…. 18?!

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