Chapter 3267: Fight

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While they were still resting, the 30 male soldiers stood in groups with rifles in their arms. They discussed the results of the mobile shooting in low voices. The female soldier, Azure Bird, defeated Recruit No. 1. It was like a bucket of cold water had been poured on them.

They didn’t know what kind of mentality they had to adopt to face this matter.

No. 1 walked over and became the focus of attention.

Before they could ask further, No. 1 said directly, “There’s no problem with my shooting results. I lost. She surpassed me in time and numbers. However, I want to compete with her…” His gaze landed on the squad leader, who was No.

He asked for his opinion. “Squad Leader, do you think I can compete with Azure Bird?”

“If you really want to, it’s not impossible. When the squad leaders of Class

Three, Azure Bird, and the instructors are done, you can go over and ask.” The 30 new recruits formed three classes. Class One had ten people and three squad leaders. No. 1 and the rest belonged to Class One.

As a squad leader of Class One, Recruit No. 3 didn’t have any objections to this. Just now, the few of them were discussing it too. Anyway, the shooting training was coming up. They could compete and see who was better.

Since the squad leader had no objections, the male soldier didn’t wait any longer and walked straight toward their instructor, G3.

Ye Jian didn’t know that No. 1 wanted to compete with her. She was still arranging the rankings of the motorized vehicles with G3. Pigeon was also calculating the scores beside them.

Pigeon’s intercom rang. Captain Xia Jinyuan’s lazy voice sounded. “I heard Old Cui and the rest discussing that Azure Bird narrowly won against the new recruits during her morning run. What about the motorized shooting? Did she win?”

“You came calling right on time. Five minutes ago, Azure Bird’s score was calculated. Her time and score are the best,” Pigeon replied with a smile. He held the scoreboard in one hand. “Q King, Azure Bird will always beat the male soldiers during this training.”

He walked away as he spoke. If the new recruits heard this, they would probably be agitated again.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. These fellows were arrogant. They thought that they were the kings of the military unit in the past.

Now that they were here, as long as they didn’t pass the assessment, they would have to act like ants even if they thought of themselves as lions.

Being defeated by Azure Bird wouldn’t be the hardest week for them. Their hardest days were after being defeated by Azure Bird… They would have to endure the rest of the days!

“No. 1 won’t be convinced. The other male soldiers won’t be convinced either. Let’s give them a competition.” Xia Jinyuan had already walked out of the cafeteria. He strode toward the special forces training ground.

He felt that he was walking too slowly, so he grabbed a special forces soldier and asked him to drive an all-terrain vehicle to send him over.

The person who was caught was S5. Xia Jinyuan, who was talking to Pigeon, didn’t see who it was. He just grabbed a person casually and didn’t expect S5 to be caught.

S5 only said the word ‘Captain…’ when Xia Jinyuan pushed S5 back into the team without raising his head. This fellow… On the first day, he even introduced himself as a single man. If he dragged a fellow with ulterior motives to the special forces training ground to watch Azure Bird train, he would have to be crazy.

Lieutenant Colonel Xia, who had always been aware of danger, pushed the guy with ulterior motives back into the team and caught another person.

Y, who was grabbed, was overjoyed when he heard that they were going to the special forces training ground. He waved at his comrades and the dumbfounded S5 before running to the shed to get the car..

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