Chapter 3268: Curry Favor

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In less than five minutes, Y drove over and smiled obsequiously. “Captain, you’re so handsome today. You look more spirited than ever.

“Look at us. When we stand in front of you, we look like country bumpkins. Especially me. When I stand beside you, you look even mightier and more handsome. If you bring me around all day today, everyone will think that you’re extraordinarily handsome!”

Xia Jinyuan, who had jumped into the car, narrowed his eyes slightly and sized up his comrade. “Don’t say things that can easily be misunderstood. You’re a man. Why would I bring you around all day? I don’t have that kind of preference.”

“I don’t have that preference either. I’m still thinking about finding a girlfriend.” Y accelerated the all-terrain vehicle. He didn’t even hold himself back. It was as if he wanted to appear at the training ground now.

“Captain, I’ve admired Azure Bird for a long time, especially after seeing her performance yesterday. I want to understand Azure Bird better. Why don’t you let me be the instructor of the new recruits too?”

Xia Jinyuan, who was sitting in the car, had already raised his long leg. Thinking that something would happen if he really kicked Y, he used his hand to press his raised leg back.

Damn it!

It was one after the other. Was there no end to it?

These guys didn’t have much contact with Azure Bird, but they were already like this. Captain Xia couldn’t give them a chance.

Xia Jinyuan made a prompt decision and immediately didn’t let this fellow with ulterior motives go with him. “Stop at the side. Return to the team.”

“Captain, I’ll send you there. I haven’t sent you anywhere in a long time. It’s been a long time since I sat in the same car as you. Give me a chance.”

‘Since you want to understand Azure Bird better, why should I let you drop me off? Should I send a wolf to my girlfriend? Is there something wrong with your brain?’

Lieutenant Colonel Xia roared in his heart, but he didn’t voice out.

“There’s no need. The exercise will start soon. In order to not embarrass me, you should hurry up and train. Hurry up.” Lieutenant Colonel Xia found a dignified and convincing excuse. In the end, he got Comrade Y out of the car and drove the car to the training ground himself.

It was one admirer after the other. Lieutenant Colonel Xia, who was driving, cursed in his heart.

He was cursing in his heart, but the car was still driving very steadily.

Y, who was thinking about Azure Bird’s training, stood in the snow and silently watched as the captain drove away in the all-terrain vehicle.

It was time for the exercise again. He should hurry up and practice. It would be embarrassing if he lost.

Comrade Y didn’t know that he had been tricked. He merely felt that he shouldn’t waste any time. Anyway, Azure Bird would be his comrade in the future. There would be many opportunities to see her train.

Thinking about it, he didn’t have any regrets. He strode forward and caught up with the team.

Before Xia Jinyuan arrived, No. 1, found Pigeon first. Pigeon ended his call with Xia Jinyuan and turned around to see No. 1 standing behind him. He raised his thick eyebrows slightly and smiled. “Are you a little unconvinced?”

“I’m a little unconvinced.” The male soldier was honest and told the truth.

“That’s why I want to compete with Azure Bird. If I lose, I’ll admit my loss.”

Pigeon secretly gave his captain a thumbs-up when he heard that. Although he was training this group of recruits in the team, the person who really understood these recruits… was the captain..

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