Rise Of Evil Sword God

Chapter 668 Into the Death Qi Mountains again

Chapter 668  Into the Death Qi Mountains again

"That's it. Let's place the array flags." After traveling for an hour, Feng Yun stopped and spoke. They each threw hundreds of array flags in the mountains. "Just how much did you spend on these? This is too much." Yang Jian was stunned by the amount of money Feng Yun spent on the array of flags. That was too much, at least a billion spirit stones.

"Money is not the issue, safety comes first. After all, the dead can't use the money. Anyway, I can earn money anytime I want." Feng Yun said with a smile.

"You are unbelievable." Both Yang Jian and Yao Shi shook their head in defeat.

"Okay. Let's head to the center." Feng Yun said while walking forward.

"Roarrrr~" Raorrr~~"

The roars of beasts were becoming louder and louder as they went closer to the center. Suddenly, a huge behemoth jumped in front of the trio.

"Watch out." Yang Jian exclaimed suddenly at the beasts. It was a two-headed giant wolf. There was a big junk of flash in his mouth of another beast.

Feng Yun brandished his sword as he charged at the two-headed wolf. Yang Jian and Yao Shi also participated, finishing the two-headed wolf in a few minutes.

After killing the wolf, the trio continued. They met more demonic beasts on their way, killing some while avoiding some that they could avoid. The death energy was getting stronger, so Feng Yun took out two artifacts (wrist guards) and gave them to Yang Jiang and Yao Shi. "This will protect you from death qi." As Yang Jian and Yao Shi wore the wrist guard, the Death Qi was blocked by an invisible shield. "These are good artifacts; did you make these yourself?" Yang Jian was impressed. Now he didn't have to use his spirit energy continuously to block the death qi. "Yes!" Feng Yun nodded lightly. "The biggest threat is neutralized, let's head deeper. The majority of the demons present here are of Sovereign Rank and do not pose any threat."

An Hour later!

As the evil formation appeared, Feng Yun naturally sensed it and started to study it. It was a complex formation and multifunction formation. If he wanted to decipher it, it would take some time. Anyway, he already prepared in advance to break the evil formation.

"I am going to break the formation, but it will take some time. This shield will protect us in the meantime." Feng Yun said. A huge tremor arrived, shaking the entire mountain range, it was caused by collision of two large formation. However, as it was concealed by formation, no one in the hell city noticed it. "Boom! Boom!"

The golems blocked by the shield, they tried to break the shield. Seeing the giants golems smashing the shields, Yang Jian and Yao Shi broke shiver in fear. If the shield broke, they are finished.

Fortunately, the shield was strong enough to block them for a while.

Under repeated attacks of Feng Yun's formation, the evil formation started showing signs of weakening. The golems were fragmented and disintegrated, as the evil entity was stifled by Feng Yun.

After two hours, Feng Yun finally opened his eyes with a frown. "This is evil formation surpassed my expection, it is very tenacious, can't break it in short time. However, I have weakened it greatly."

"So what now?" Both Yao Shi and Yang Jian asked.

"We need to find the formation eye, it must be very amazing treasure, otherwise this formation won't last that long." Feng Yun couldn't help but become curious. The good thing was that the evil formation had been weakened greatly, it could no longer pose threat to them. However, the demonic beasts living here were still a threat, they had to watch out for them. One hour later, they finally arrived at the peak of the Death Qi mountains.

"There is nothing here." Yang Jiang and Yao Shi muttered as they looked around. They were standing at the peak, there was nothing out there. "Spread out, search for any strange signs or hidden place. It should around here, I can feel it." Feng Yun said. They started searching attentively.

A few minutes later.

"Feng Yun, come here and look at this. I think i found something." Yao Shi shouted loudly.

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