Rise Of Evil Sword God

Chapter 669 Abundant death qi

Chapter 669  Abundant death qi

It was unknown if it was because of the death Qi in the Death Qi Mountain Range, or if there was some evil creature that was doing something strange, preventing the people here from staying here for a long time. In less than three years, there would definitely be people who died.

This had already become a law of death. Right now, they were about to discover the mystery behind this death qi.

There had always been countless people who came here to check on the secrets of this place. No matter how hard they tried, they all failed. Feng Yun and two were standing on the black earth, the death qi steams leaking off the black earth. There was a hole in the middle, done by Yao Shi. The Death Qi gushes out from it.

The streams of death Qi that could not be seen by the naked eye spread out in all directions. Most of them were trying to wrap around the trio, but they were cut off by Feng Yun's talisman.

Feng Yun's talisman formed a protective layer around the trio. He looked at the black earth. "This aura of death is very strange as if it can unknowingly corrode the life force of a human body. Array Eye should be underground."

Saying that, Feng Yun was ready to dig the black earth, the source must be underground. Yang Jian and Yao Shi looked at Feng Yun with surprise. They didn't expect Feng Yun to be so fearless.

They had seen the Evil Formation. It was an evil formation of tier 8 and above. Furthermore, the array was very well hidden. Even an ordinary tier 8 array master wouldn't be able to see through it. Moreover, even if they could find the location of the array formation, it was not something that ordinary people could destroy. On the contrary, those who approached the array formation would die.

"Feng Yun, you should know how dangerous this spell formation is. We should retreat from this place and choose a new place!" Yang Jian looked at Feng Yun and said.

Feng Yun smiled and said, "Those who want to achieve great things should know. You must do what others do not dare to do. As the saying goes, everything is difficult at the beginning. As long as I can break the Evil Formation, we will announce this news to everyone. How will everyone react?"

Feng Yun said again. "Moreover, the Death Mountain Range here can provide us with a huge natural barrier, as well as an endless amount of resources. This is the reason why I want to choose the starting point here."

"Could it be that you want to occupy the entire Death Mountain Range as your own?" Yang Jian said with a frown.

After the smoke disappeared, an underground basement appeared in front of everyone. Feng Yun entered, and Yao Shi and Yang Jian followed.

A cold wind came out from below mixed with a more intense death, it was a wide basement below. As they stepped into the basement, an array lit up, attacking the trio. However, Feng Yun and the two reacted quickly. Hurriedly destroyed the array. As too much has been passed, the array has been weakened. "It's empty!" Yang Jian looked around and muttered slowly.

"It's not here, it must be behind this door." Feng Yun answered.

There was a stone door, the death qi was leaking out of the stone door continuously. Feng Yun studied the stone door and said, "We have to break this door."

"Let me!" Yang Jian said he stepped forward to break the stone door.

The sound of the explosion caused powerful shaking here, and there was an endless source of echoes. However, the stone door was still there.

Seeing the stone door unscathed, Yang Jian exclaimed in surprise. He took out his sword and attacked again using his full power.

An even more powerful voice sounded. Unfortunately, it didn't break the door.

"Let's attack together." Feng Yun suggested, and three of them attacked together. Under their corporate attacks, the stone door was finally broken. However, the death qi inside emerged at the same time, as if the black hole wanted to swallow everyone. Everyone was ready, Feng Yun's heavenly flame had not hesitated to blast out and Yang Jian and Yao Shi formed a defense.

"The Death Qi here is terrible. The accumulated time is too long, and It must be burned down, otherwise, once spilled out. The people outside will be affected." Yao Shi said hastily. They were moving so secretively because they didn't want to alert the second person. If others have noticed abnormality in the Death Qi mountains, they would rush into here in no time.

Feng Yun didn't speak, he waved his hand and a dozen array flags appeared, formation an instant formation. The Death QI was too strong in here, his flame couldn't burn it all. He has to rely on formation. The Death Qi trapped in the formation, a sea of flames appeared inside the formation, burning all death Qi.

With the combined strength of the two, it won't take too long for the Death Qi to banish. Feng Yun, Yang Jian and Yao Shi walked carefully into the hole, looking at everything inside.

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