Seventeen Again: The Sweet Life with My Family

Chapter 445 - Chapter 445: Zhao Family’s Secret

Chapter 445: Zhao Family’s Secret

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Wen Nian was a little speechless. Zhao Jiao was clearly an elegant and beautiful woman when they first met, but now she had become a vicious-tongued mother?

Before Zhao Jiao felt that there was something wrong with her gaze, she nudged Wen Nian with her arm again with an expression that said, “Don’t you think so?”

Wen Nian nodded. She really didn’t know what to say.

At this moment, Shen Jun had already opened the contents of the document. First, it was a video. The angle of the secret photo was a little tricky, but the other party’s appearance could also be seen.

The man in the video kept bragging, but he also said a lot about Shen Jun. “Little Master Shen? Pfft! He’s just a brat who’s still wet behind the ears. Does he deserve to be called a master? He’s just reincarnated into a good family!” “But he won’t be able to survive for long. Our boss Jiang still has to make a move. At that time, the Shen family will have no successor. Whoever has more shares will have the final say!”

“No money? How can Jiang Wei not have money? Even if he doesn’t have money, he has plenty of ways to make these small shareholders hand over their shares! How clean do you think the Shen family’s board of directors is?” “Don’t dare? Why wouldn’t the Jiang family dare? Boss Jiang even dared to lie to the Xu family. Perhaps the Xu family will have the surname Jiang in the future!”

“Shen Jun is usually alone. The Shen family is really magnanimous. If anything happens, his family can’t do anything.”

The man said a lot of things in a daze. His words were filled with the inside story that Jiang Wei was dealing with the Xu family and the Shen family, but the truth of his words was still unknown.

On the other hand, the other documents in the USB drive were incomprehensible. There were a few transfers of millions to individuals and a few photos of men secretly taken.

However, one of the photos shocked several people. The two men in the photo looked too similar. One of them was Jiang Wei, and the other was Zhao Kai.

Wen Nian didn’t expect the two of them to have already met at this time. She just didn’t know why Zhao Kai was still by Wei Xiao’s side and didn’t enter the Jiang Corporation. It probably had something to do with Jiang Wei.

However, Wen Nian took a closer look at Zhao Kai’s eyebrows and turned to look at Zhao Li.

Although the old man was old, his eyes were full of vigor, especially his double eyelids, which looked like those of a European. He looked very similar to Zhao Kai in the photo. Then, he looked at Zhao Jiao, who also had thick eyebrows and big eyes…

“You’re quite sharp!” Zhao Jiao covered her mouth and laughed.

Wen Nian widened her eyes in disbelief and looked at Zhao Jiao in horror.

Although she tried her best to maintain her composure, her eyes betrayed her shock. She suddenly had a bad feeling.

Zhao Jiao looked at her sinisterly. “That’s right, it’s exactly what you think! Little girl, you know the Zhao family’s secret. Do you think you can still walk out of this door? Aiya!”

Suddenly, Zhao Jiao’s head was hit by a grape. The relationship that she had painstakingly built up was instantly ruined. She turned her head unhappily. “Dad! What are you doing?”

Zhao Li sneered. His daughter was good at everything except acting. Otherwise, why would she have to open a company and enter the entertainment industry? “Child, don’t think too much.” Zhao Li said to Wen Nian, “Zhao Kai’s mother is a distant relative of my family, but she’s also a member of the Zhao family. She’s not very close to us.”

Only then did Wen Nian heave a sigh of relief. She knew it. If it involved the Shen Jun family, things would probably be even more complicated. However, in the next second, her face turned red again. For some reason, the Shen family really treated her as one of their own. They even told her such a secret?

Looking at her, Zhao Jiao knew what she was thinking. “Stop saying that you’re an outsider. Do you understand? You already know the Shen family’s secret. It’s impossible for you to be an outsider.”

Other than smiling and blushing, Wen Nian really didn’t know what else to say. However, she was really happy that Shen Jun’s family treated her so well.

The Shen family looked at their mother, who loved to act, and then at Wen Nian, who was blushing. They suddenly felt that this noisy life was quite blissful.

“The two people in the photo are fugitives. They both have a few lives on them. I don’t know how they got into the capital.” Shen Jun turned the computer screen around. “And I saw this person when I accompanied Wen Nian to the exam last time. At that time, he was holding a DSLR. I thought he was a reporter.”

The fugitive had followed Shen Jun before. Everyone in the room knew what these people’s motives were.

At this moment, Shen Jun’s phone suddenly rang. He frowned when he saw the message.

Jiang Chun: “I’m about to undergo scar removal surgery. The doctor said that skin grafting is necessary for such a large area. I’m a little afraid.. Shen Jun, can you come and accompany me? Just treat it as my birthday present, okay?”

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