Chapter 446: Come With Me

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Thinking of the hideous scars on Jiang Chun’s arm, Shen Jun couldn’t bear it.

No matter what the Jiang family wanted, Jiang Chun was indeed injured at that time, and it was to save him.

Seeing that he was looking at his phone, Zhao Jiao leaned over. “You’re still in contact with Jiang Chun? Tsk, why is this person so annoying?”

The last time she saw Jiang Chun, she really didn’t like her. Her eyes were filled with schemes, and her acting skills weren’t very good. Then, she looked at Wen Nian beside her. Indeed, Wen Nian was still pleasing to the eye. Not only was she beautiful, but she was also very smart.

Shen Jun stole a glance at Wen Nian. There was no change in her expression, so he handed her the phone. “She wants me to accompany her to the surgery.”

“Everyone in the Jiang family is dead? Why should I ask you to go?” Zhao Jiao said unhappily, “If you don’t go, who knows what her family is up to? The two wanted criminals haven’t been found yet. What if they are trying to trap you? You would be caught. By then, they would eat you up alive.”

Wen Nian was a little frustrated when she saw the content of the WeChat message, but when she heard Zhao Jiao’s words, she wanted to laugh. Her expression changed a few times.

Zhao Li coughed heavily. “Alright, you don’t look like a mother. If Shen Jun wants to go, I’ll find a few people from the armed forces. Jiang Wei won’t dare to act rashly. And your father-in-law will be back soon.”

Zhao Jiao pursed her lips and sat down beside the old man. “Dad, the Jiang family has extended their influence too far. Moreover, Jiang Wei has already started to attack the Xu family.”

“Why don’t we let them fight each other? So that Jiang Wei won’t have time to harm Shen Jun,” Wen Nian said softly.

She had already let Jiang Chun see Zhao Kai previously. How could a smart person like Jiang Chun not see that there was something wrong with Zhao Kai?

As soon as she said that, Shen Jun understood what she meant. He quickly said, “Jiang Chun has already seen Zhao Kai before. If the Xu family finds out that Jiang Wei has an illegitimate child…”

“Smart!” Zhao Jiao was a little excited, but thinking that Zhao Kai was also a member of the Zhao family, she stole a glance at Zhao Li.

The Zhao family had a tradition of protecting their own. Even if they were relatives that they had not seen for hundreds of years, they could not just watch something happen, right?

Zhao Li sighed. “I’m old. Leave this matter to the young man.”

The old man’s words were obviously asking Shen Jun to handle this matter himself.

Zhao Jiao looked at Zhao Li gratefully and handed him a piece of chocolate. “Dad, eat… No, smell it. This chocolate is fragrant.”

Thinking of her father’s high blood sugar, Zhao Jiao quickly stuffed the chocolate into her mouth. She originally wanted to please the old man, but she didn’t expect him to roll his eyes at her.

“Come with me.” Shen Jun ignored Zhao Jiao and looked at Wen Nian.

Wen Nian nodded as well. She knew that Jiang Chun definitely didn’t want to see her, but she didn’t want Jiang Chun and Shen Jun to be alone either.

Jiang Chun heaved a sigh of relief when she received Shen Jun’s WeChat message agreeing to go to the hospital.

She felt that the college entrance examination was still considered ideal. In addition, she knew which university Shen Jun was going to. The Jiang family had some interpersonal relationships, so she could always become Shen Jun’s schoolmate again.

If they could be closer before going to university, they might be able to create some rumors in school and she and Shen Jun would be able to get together?

Thinking about how Jiang Wei’s attitude towards her had not been too good ever since she returned to the capital, Jiang Chun felt a little flustered, especially when she thought of the person she saw at the school gate that day. She wondered if Xu Li had found anything.

Jiang Chun thanked Shen Jun again. Seeing that Shen Jun didn’t continue to reply to her, she didn’t pester him.

In any case, she was going to undergo surgery in a few days. Looking at the hideous scar on her hand, Jiang Chun smiled. The scar on her body could be treated when she was young, and her recovery would be better. However, Jiang Wei and Xu Li had never operated on her.

In the past, Jiang Chun had hated them, but now she understood. If not for this scar, how could she have such a deep bond with Shen Jun?

She didn’t tell Xu Li and Jiang Wei about this. These two people had never allowed her to look for Shen Jun, but she had already seen in the news a few times that Shen Jun was by Wen Nian’s side. How could she tolerate it?

Thinking of Shen Jun’s handsome face, Jiang Chun was a little absent-minded. She wondered how he was doing after not seeing him for a few months..

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