Chapter 447:1 Want to Live

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Just as Wen Nian was waiting for Jiang Chun’s surgery, something happened to Huang Yue.

As the lawyer was brought there by Wen Nian, he called Wen Nian immediately when he heard this news.

“There was a fight at the detention center. Miss Huang’s left arm was fractured. Fortunately, the guards arrived in time.” The lawyer’s voice was a little anxious. He thought that he was just doing the Shen family a small favor, but now it seemed that the waters were too deep.

It was obvious that the people in the detention center were targeting Huang Yue. They might be trying to silence her. Thinking that Huang Yue’s matter had implicated many small celebrities and business big shots, especially Wu Gang, the lawyer was a little afraid.

“Alright, I understand. I’ll visit her in the afternoon.” Wen Nian hung up the phone and smiled. She didn’t expect Wei Xiao to act so quickly.

As expected, when she saw Huang Yue again, her face was swollen and she was hanging by one arm. Fortunately, she was in good spirits.

Wen Nian looked at her with a smile, but fire spewed out of Huang Yue’s eyes. “Wen Nian, haven’t I been miserable enough? I’ve already given you the things. What else do you want?”

“You don’t think I got someone to deal with you, do you? Do you think it’s necessary?” Wen Nian looked at her mockingly.

Seeing that she didn’t look like she was faking it, Huang Yue felt a little guilty. “If it wasn’t you, who else could it be?”

“You’ve offended many people and have a lot of evidence against you. Who knows who it is?” Wen Nian said deliberately. As expected, Huang Yue’s expression changed.

She and Wu Gang were already at loggerheads. In any case, she had already exposed Wu Gang’s matter. Her attitude was considered good as she had confessed. The lawyer had also said that she would definitely be able to reduce her sentence.

At this moment, even if Wu Gang found someone to deal with her, it would only add to his crimes.

Huang Yue lowered her head and muttered softly, “Who else could it be?”

Although her voice was soft, the meeting room was not big, so Wen Nian could hear her clearly. She whispered, “I heard that Wei Xiao came to the capital because of you. Did he come to see you?”

“What? Wei Xiao is here?” Huang Yue’s eyes were first filled with joy. When she looked up and saw Wen Nian’s gaze, her eyes were slowly filled with fear.

Wei Xiao? Could it be Wei Xiao?

Huang Yue’s eyes were filled with fear and disbelief, but Wen Nian dragged out her tone and said, “So it’s him. The two of you really have a deep relationship.” “No, he won’t. He won’t.” Huang Yue was very afraid when she heard this. Although she said that Wei Xiao wouldn’t, she knew what kind of person Wei Xiao was.

In the past, she had thought that Wei Xiao was a rich son. In the big families in Hai City, the Wei family had a lot of influence. Wei Xiao was handsome and easy-going. He was usually very gentle to idiots like Wen Nian. Huang Yue had always felt that he was the good person, so she spared no effort to get close to him.

However, when the two of them really slept together, Huang Yue realized that Wei Xiao was not only a petty person, but he was also evil to the core.

He asked her to accompany all kinds of guests and pave the way for him, but he never cared about her life or death. Moreover, Wei Xiao had never come to look for her when he came to the capital, but she had almost been beaten to death in the detention center last night.

The more Huang Yue thought about it, the more afraid she became. She looked at Wen Nian, who was smiling opposite her, and closed her eyes. She knew that other than Wen Nian, no one could help her now.

“Let’s make a deal,” Huang Yue said in a hoarse voice. “I have evidence of Wei Xiao’s murder. Isn’t some of the things done by his grandfather?”

“Do you have something you want from me now?” Wen Nian was still smiling at her.

Huang Yue took a deep breath. “I want to live. I can’t die in the detention center. The Shen family found a lawyer for me. He didn’t even care about the Shen family’s reputation because I have something on him. But I can’t die for no reason. I have evidence in my hands. I want to live.”

Wen Nian looked at her deeply. Huang Yue was struggling on the verge of death. She was too familiar with this gaze, just like her in her previous life.

“Why didn’t you hand it to the police? I’m afraid it’s the same as the evidence you gave me last time. It can’t be used as substantive evidence, right? Otherwise, you can redeem yourself again,” Wen Nian said slowly.

After hearing her words, Huang Yue lost all her backbone. “Yes, it’s not substantial evidence, but you have Shen Jun supporting you. The Shen family will definitely be able to find evidence. At that time, Wei Xiao’s life and death will depend on you. But I want to live!”

Huang Yue shouted the last sentence at the top of her lungs. She was really afraid. If this continued, she might really die in an accident caused by Wei Xiao one day.

She had many enemies, but Wei Xiao must be the only one who wants her dead..

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