Shocking the Whole Internet! You Are Not a Psychologist at All!

Chapter 355 - Chapter 355: Chapter 355 Prince Charming

Chapter 355: Chapter 355 Prince Charming

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The next morning, Li Changjun came to the psychological treatment room as promised.

“Captain Li, this is the current address of everyone who bullied All Hong.”

“At the back of the paper are records of the wicked things they have done over the years.”

“Sorry to trouble you.”

Chen Yu reached out and handed Li Changjun a piece of printed paper filled with words.

Li Changjun took the paper with an indifferent expression.

In fact, Li Changjun had already roughly guessed why Chen Yu called him over.

Obviously, he wanted to use his hands to return justice to All Hong.

After reading the content, Li Changjun no longer hesitated.

Although most of them did not live in their own jurisdiction, Li Changjun had a way to make these people pay the price.

“Dr. Chen, how will Ah Hong reunite with her parents?”

Before leaving, Li Chang Jun couldn’t help but ask this question.

“After Ah Hong was kidnapped, her parents gave birth to another child.”

“Counting the time, her brother will marry his girlfriend in a month.”

“Soon, they will have their own baby.”

A faint smile appeared on Chen Yu’s face.

“Her brother is married to his girlfriend… Could it be!”

Li Changjun was about to ask more when an image flashed in his mind.

Chen Yu nodded when he saw Li Changjun’s shocked expression.


After receiving Chen Yu’s confirmation, Li Changjun couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

Chen Yu was truly a genius.

He could even think of such a method.

Not long after Ah Hong’s brother and his girlfriend married, the woman would get pregnant.

In this way, the matter was straightforward.

Chen Yu clearly used some method to let All Hong reincarnate into her sister-in-law’s stomach.

Their relationship was messy, but it could allow Ah Hong to reunite with her biological parents.

Chen Yu did far more than this.

On the memorial he burned to hell, Chen Yu also made a small request.

He would give Ah Hong one night to enter her parents’ dreams.

“Dr. Chen, what were you guys talking about?” Zhou Kexin asked curiously after Li Changjun left.

“It’s nothing. I’m just helping a poor person renew their family ties.”

Chen Yu casually replied before continuing to fiddle with the computer before him.

After dinner, Chen Yu’s heart stirred.

He would be able to obtain a large number of merit points if he started a live broadcast later.

However, this merit was a little funny.

At 7:30 PM, Chen Yu grabbed a cup of goji berry tea and leisurely sat behind his computer.

He skillfully opened the software and entered his live broadcast room.

“Hello, fellow netizens.”

“The moon is bright, and the stars are sparse today. It’s a good day.”

“Anyone with any mental or physical illness can participate in snatching red envelope.”

“If you have problems with your life, work, or interpersonal relationships, you can come to me for advice.”

“Alright, let’s begin.”

Using his mouse and keyboard, Chen Yu sent a 100-yuan red packet.

At this moment, about three million viewers were gathered in the livestream.

Moreover, the number of viewers was still increasing.

The 100-yuan red packet was snatched away in the blink of an eye.

The three lucky winners jumped onto the list.

“Please welcome the first patient.”

In the next second, a handsome young man appeared on the screen.

The person’s online name was [Snail Noodles, Making Coffee].

He was thin, fair, and clean, and his facial features looked fresh.

He was wearing a pure white shirt and looked to be in his twenties.

“A prince charming? The kind that carries gold bricks?”

“I want to know all the information about this little brother in one minute.”

“Why are the guys around me so greasy and wretched?”

“I feel a critical hit. He refreshed my entire autumn.”

“In this era, it’s already impossible to distinguish a man from a woman based on appearance.”

“Stop being lovestruck here. Look at what’s on the wall behind the little brother you’re talking about.”

As soon as [Snail Noodles, Making Coffee] appeared on the screen, it immediately attracted the exclamations of countless viewers in the livestream.

A large number of teasing and praising comments appeared.

One viewer reminded them to look at the wall behind them.

The crazy comments in the livestream did not decrease. Instead, they increased.

“Why, why! Why are all the cool and handsome guys all taken?”

“Not only is he taken, he will be a father soon.”

“He’s a married man, and you girls won’t have any piece of him.”

“Men like you sure don’t have any worries about your figure or appearance.”

“My husband used to be fresh meat. Three years after we got married, he became an aged bacon…”

“Same husband, same old bacon.”

“Men can become ugly, but not when they meet their loved ones.”

The handsome man, [Snail Noodles, Making Coffee], was in a living room.

On the wall hung a wedding photo of him and a woman.

Beside the sofa, there was a cute baby carriage.

“Dr. Chen, um…” he said awkwardly. “Can 1 cancel the call?”

The moment he spoke, the fans in the stream became even more excited.

[Snail Noodles, Making Coffee]’s voice was so lovely!

“You’re worried that your wife will be jealous and misunderstood if a large number of female viewers express their affection for you, right?” Chen Yu asked with a faint smile.

[Snail Noodles, Making Coffee] nodded with a bitter smile.

“I suspect that my wife is suffering from prenatal depression.”

“I heard that women who suffer from prenatal depression are extremely paranoid.”

“Even a small matter will cause her imagination to run wild for a long time.”

[Snail Noodles, Making Coffee] kept sighing.

Recently, his wife’s prenatal depression has become more and more serious.

She would throw tantrums at him every day and quarrel with him at the drop of a hat.

“Dr. Chen, my wife is about five months pregnant.”

“Three months ago, her emotions started to change.”

“Based on her various reactions, I went online to check.”

“I feel that her condition is very similar to prenatal depression.”

“Of course, I also know that googling starts with cancer.”

[Snail Noodles, Making Coffee] seemed self-deprecating as he made a joke to ease their mood.

“I went to consult another psychologist.”

“He helped me and concluded that my wife is very likely suffering from prenatal depression.”

“The doctor suggested that I take her to see a doctor in time to determine if she has real depression.”

“If so, a series of treatments are needed.”

“Otherwise, it’s very likely to affect the health of the fetus in her stomach and my wife herself.”

“But, sigh.”

[Snail Noodles, Making Coffee] sighed repeatedly.

“You mentioned it to her twice,” Chen Yu said. “However, she rejected you both times. Moreover, she even scolded you harshly.”

“There’s even another woman who wants to hit you.”

“Yes, yes, yes, that’s what happened.”

[Snail Noodles, Making Coffee] kept nodding. “Dr. Chen, can you help me think of a way to persuade my wife to go to the hospital with me for a psychological examination?”

“Prenatal depression is not a small matter. If this drags on, the situation is likely to get worse..”

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