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Chapter 356 - Chapter 356: Chapter 356 A Modern Day Saint

Chapter 356: Chapter 356 A Modern Day Saint

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“Prenatal depression is no joke. When my mother was pregnant with my brother, she also experienced a period of prenatal depression. She was really devastated.”

“I experienced it personally. During that time, I wanted to cry for no reason. No one understood why I cried and just thought that I was being pretentious. It wasn’t easy.”

“She’s probably even more depressed now that she’s been staying at home all this time.”

“Being pregnant is a big hurdle for a woman, especially when they can’t control their emotions.”

“I didn’t understand why you would get depressed in the past, and only when 1 was pregnant did I get why. Maybe it was the fear of childbirth and the anxiety of my figure.”

“Indeed. I’m three months pregnant now. If I argue with my family, my temper will become irritable. I can’t help but want to cry. I can’t control myself.”

A large number of female viewers and moms who were about to give birth sent comments and support [Snail Noodles, Making Coffee].

Prenatal depression wasn’t pretentious, nor was it unreasonable.

It was a disease.

Anyone with it had to receive timely treatment.

It was challenging to get out of depression on your own, and sometimes you would even go to the extreme.

You might even have the thought of ending your own life.

“I already understand your problem,” Chen Yu said with a smile.

“I will help you solve it.”

“Before that, let me ask you something.”

“This isn’t the only problem you’re facing right now, right?”

[Snail Noodles, Making Coffee] instantly revealed an awkward expression.

This was not the only problem he had been facing recently.

But could he really say such a thing?

After hesitating for a moment, he decided to say it.

He didn’t do anything wrong, so there was nothing he couldn’t say.

Saying it out loud could ease his mood a little.

“Dr. Chen, you’re right. Other than my wife suffering from prenatal depression, I do have another worry.”

As he spoke, he pointed at his face.

“Ever since I was in school, countless girls have liked me.”

“They either confessed to me in person, wrote me a love letter, or gave me gifts.”

“After I started working, more people fell in love with me.”

“But I’m not interested in all of them.”

“It wasn’t until I met my wife that 1 felt what it meant to fall in love.”

[Snail Noodles, Making Coffee] held his phone while walking to their wedding photo.

He was born into a scholarly family and has been taught very strictly since he was young.

His parents and elders were all people with upright values.

A relationship that did not have marriage as its goal was nothing but foolish.

He kept in mind the teachings of his elders.

He passed through thousands of flowers and was not moved.

Even when he was in a relationship with his wife, it was a gentleman’s way of doing things based on the teachings of his elders.

In the wedding photo, [Snail Noodles, Making Coffee] had a sweet smile on his face in his suit.

The woman looked above average, far less happy than compared to [Snail Noodles, Making Coffee].

“Because of my face and body, I’ve encountered too many girls fawning over me.”

“In order to avoid being pestered by others after marriage, I’m going to spread the news of our marriage.”

“I hope those girls won’t harass me again.”

He wanted to spread the news that he was already taken.

He would never betray his wife in this lifetime.

He had never expected that, ever since his wife got pregnant, more women would take the initiative to look for him.

There were so many people that he could not even count them.

Occasionally, girls and women would add him on WeChat and call him to flirt with him.

Even when he went shopping, he would encounter two or three girls who took the initiative to hit on him.

“Maybe you guys would say I’m bragging on purpose, but I’m distraught.”

“After my wife got pregnant, her body did go out of shape, and her temper wasn’t great.”

“But it’s all because of me.”

“I love her more than anything. How can I do anything to let her down?”

[Snail Noodles, Making Coffee] once suspected he might be struck with a romantic calamity this year.


Why were there women looking for him every day?

Whenever a woman tried to flirt with him, he would reject her sternly.

His wife was pregnant and had prenatal depression, and he was harassed by all kinds of peach blossoms every day.

He had no choice but to try his luck.

Using his free time, he visited Chen Yu’s livestream room daily.

“Brother, are you the reincarnation of a saint? How can you endure so many temptations?”

“Everyone has different thoughts and values.”

“His values are really high.”

“I’ve seen too many scumbags. Why does seeing a supermodel with a righteous personality like a gentleman feel so strange?”

“A man’s role model is his family’s upbringing. It’s probably related to his family’s education.”

“There are such men. Anyway, I’ll not be able to meet one.”

“If there’s someone 1 really like in my heart, I can really reject all temptations for her. After all, I’ve tried.”

The viewers were shocked after hearing that [Snail Noodles, Making Coffee] could withstand countless temptations from many women.

There was actually such a person in today’s society.

He was even rarer than a panda.

It’s in a man’s genetic instinct to like beautiful women.

It’s also a natural instinct for girls to like handsome men.

Surrounded by many girls, it was amazing that [Snail Noodles, Making Coffee] wasn’t tempted one bit.

The viewers were all cheering for him.

“Dr. Chen, if it’s convenient for you, can you help me solve this problem as well?”

“If it doesn’t work, can you persuade my wife to go to the hospital to check for prenatal depression?”

“First of all,” Chen Yu said, crossing his arms, “I can tell you clearly that your wife doesn’t have prenatal depression.”

“She caused trouble for you and made a scene at home every day just to make you angry.”

“No prenatal depression?”

“What do you mean?” [Snail Noodles, Making Coffee] was stunned for a moment and asked, “Do you mean that my wife has become hot-tempered after she got pregnant and scolds me daily, entirely because she wants to do this and has nothing to do with her illness?”

“Yes,” Chen Yu nodded. “Every time you advised your wife to go to the hospital for a psychological checkup, she and another woman would beat and scold you.”

“This other woman is the one you call your mother-in-law, right?”

“That’s right; she’s my mother-in-law.”

“My wife only scolded me. My mother-in-law would beat me directly,” he said.

“She’s especially strong. She would beat me until I covered my head and fled like a rat.”

“I don’t want my wife and mother-in-law to be unhappy, but I’m worried about my wife’s condition.”

“So I can only come to you for help, Dr. Chen.”

[Snail Noodles, Making Coffee] expressed the distress suppressed in his heart over the past few months.

“Have you ever thought about this question?” Chen Yu asked. “Why do your wife and mother-in-law often torture you physically and mentally?”

[Snail Noodles, Making Coffee] was stunned.

Why would he think about this problem?

Previously, he thought that his wife was suffering from prenatal depression, which was why she lost her temper.

His mother-in-law loved her daughter, so she naturally had to side with her.

Now, after Chen Yu’s explanation, he found out that his wife did not suffer from prenatal depression.

Since she didn’t, why would she throw tantrums?

Before marriage, his wife had a good personality.

“Think about this question again,” Chen Yu continued.. “How did those strange women who flirted with you and professed their love for you get your contact information?”

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