I Can’t Disagree

The next second, she came back to her senses. Why was she nodding?!

“Grandma, I’m only 18 years old this year. I’m still underage…

Alright, I’m already an adult, but I haven’t reached the legal marriage age yet!

Are you willing to marry me off just like that?”

“Even if you take the initiative to pursue someone yourself, you might not be able to succeed.

What do you mean by marry you off?!” Liuli’s mom muttered at the side.

Liuli was immediately dejected.

Was this what a biological mother would say?

“Elder Tang is critically ill now. Before he dies, he wants Jingxing’s marriage to be fulfilled.

Since you’re already engaged to Jingxing, you guys will get married sooner or later.

Now, we have no choice but to push it forward!

This will fulfill Elder Tang’s last wish!”

“Grandma, can I disagree?” Liuli asked in dejection.

“Sure! As long as you’re willing to get expelled from the family tree, cut ties, and never see us again!” Liuli’s grandma replied slowly.

“How ruthless!” Liuli clicked her tongue in dismay.

“The Tang family has done our family a huge favor, so we can’t be ungrateful and break our promise.

I know that you’re still young, so you’re unwilling to accept it.

However, as a member of the Yu family, we can’t go back on our word.

“As a member of the Yu family, you have to bear the Yu family’s responsibilities,” Liuli’s grandma said seriously.

“Grandma, if Elder Tang doesn’t agree to my marriage with Jingxing, will I still have to get married?”

“Of course!” Liuli’s grandma nodded. “But Elder Tang likes you very much and wants Jingxing to marry you!”

In other words, if Elder Tang hadn’t mentioned it, his grandson wouldn’t have been willing to!

“Uh…” Liuli’s vision darkened as her last hope was crushed.

Therefore, on the first night Liuli returned home during winter break, just like that, she became the Tang family’s granddaughter-in-law!

And she didn’t even know what the other party’s grandson looked like!

Sigh, it seemed that this was retribution for freeloading in the past.

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