Childhood Sweathearts

Because she knew what her mother-in-law was going to announce later.

On one hand, she had seen Tang Moxi today and was very satisfied with him.

He was from a good family and was outstanding in all aspects.

Without the age difference, he was completely out of her daughter’s league.

However, Liuli was only 18 years old this year and would turn 19 years old after the Spring Festival.

However, if they were going to talk about marriage, she didn’t know if Liuli would accept this or not.

However, the Tang family had done them a favor, so they couldn’t be ungrateful.

They were in a dilemma now!

Liuli didn’t know what big thing her grandmother was going to announce, but she knew that as long as her grandmother said that she wanted to announce something, it would definitely be a big deal for her family.

Therefore, Liuli didn’t dare to be impudent anymore. She sat upright and waited for her grandmother to announce it.

“Liuli, do you remember that your grandfather had a comrade called Elder Tang?” Liuli’s grandma asked her granddaughter, Liuli.

“I remember!” Liuli nodded.

At that time, her grandfather hadn’t passed away yet. Elder Tang would come over occasionally and bring many delicious things for her.

Of course, her family wasn’t as rich back then.

“Elder Tang is seriously ill now and might not be able to last much longer.

He’s holding on because he wants to wait for his grandson, Jingxing, to get married,” Liuli’s grandma said with a sigh.

“Oh!” Liuli replied, but wondered, what did this have to do with them?

“If Jingxing gets married and starts his own family, Elder Tang will be relieved!

Originally, there was no hurry.

Although you and Jingxing are childhood sweethearts and had been engaged since you guys were young, you’re still young, so you can wait a few more years.

However, it seems that Elder Tang won’t be able to hold on much longer.

We hope that you can marry Jingxing at the end of the year!”

“Wait a minute, what did you say?

Why don’t I understand a single word of it?!” Liuli widened her eyes in shock.

Liuli’s grandma told her about how Elder Tang and Old Master Yu had helped them get engaged back then.

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