“Grandma, I’ll always be your little darling!” Liuli replied.

His grandmother and parents were amused by Liuli.

Liuli’s grandma nodded with a smile.

“You will always be my treasure. That’s right!

“I only hope that you will be safe and happy for the rest of your life.”

“And make a lot of money!” Liuli added, “Grandma, when I graduate and find a good job, I’ll buy you beautiful clothes and bring you out to eat delicious food!”

“Alright, alright. I’m looking forward to it.


What do you think of the man who sent you back?” Liuli’s grandma asked again.

“He’s quite nice! He took good care of me along the way!

He even brought me back on first class!

There was a lot of delicious food in the first-class cabin and I could order whatever I wanted!

“Grandma, when I earn money, I’ll take you on first class too!” Liuli said.

As for her saying that he took good care of her along the way, she was just being polite!

She couldn’t possibly badmouth him after troubling him!

“Alright! When you earn money, bring me to the first-class cabin!” Liuli’s grandma nodded in relief.

At night, Liuli’s grandma cooked while Liuli’s mom helped.

They made a table of dishes that were all Liuli’s favorites!

“Grandma, you’re so kind. These are all my favorite dishes!” Liuli drooled.

“Eat more. You’ve lost so much weight after you went to university!” Liuli’s grandma picked up a drumstick for her.

“Thank you, Grandma!” Liuli looked at the big drumstick in her bowl in confusion.

Liuli’s grandma had always liked to pick up chicken drumsticks for her.

And she finished it every time because she didn’t want her grandmother to be disappointed.

Liuli’s grandma had lived a hard life and felt that drumstick was the best food there was.

Therefore, she always gave her drumsticks.

But she really didn’t like drumsticks!

Everyone should understand!

“Eat, eat!” Liuli’s grandma urged Liuli with a smile.

Liuli finished eating the drumstick before eating the other foods.

She couldn’t let her grandmother down.

She ate too much that night.

Alas, only her grandmother felt that she had lost weight.

In fact, she had gained a few pounds!

After eating, the family sat in the living room and watched television together.

They watched a drama that her grandmother liked to watch.

But today, her grandmother asked her mother to turn off the television, since she had an announcement to make.

Lin Ru took the remote control and turned off the television.

She glanced at her husband with mixed feelings.

Because she already knew what her mother-in-law was going to announce later.

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