Finally Home

Tang Moxi looked at Liuli, but didn’t say anything.

Liuli felt a little uncomfortable under his gaze.

In the end, she could only say,

“Alright, I’ll call you by your name from now on!

When you come to my house later, if my parents say that I’m rude, you have to speak up for me!”

“No!” Tang Moxi replied calmly.

“How mean…” Liuli protested.

“I mean, your parents won’t blame you!” Tang Moxi replied with a frown.

“Oh really, how do you know?” Liuli pouted as she asked.

When Tang Moxi didn’t respond, Liuli immediately felt that she had asked another stupid question.

It was unknown if it was because the car was too comfortable or if there was no traffic, but the journey was very smooth.

Liuli felt that they had reached their house very quickly.

Liuli, who had gotten out of the car, still couldn’t believe that she had already returned home.

But it was indeed her door!

In the next second, she shouted excitedly as she rushed in…

“Grandma, Dad, Mom, I’m back!

Liuli is back!”

Her voice was so loud that even her neighbors could hear her!

She had forgotten entirely that there was a man, his driver, and his assistant behind her.

Actually, it wasn’t that easy to hear her shout, because after her father became rich,

After buying a large piece of land, he built a castle-like villa in the middle and became a local tycoon.

Therefore, it would take at least ten minutes to walk from her family’s entrance to the villa.

Tang Moxi followed Liuli into the Yu family’s residence.

Then, Liuli went into her grandmother’s room to wheedle.

Yu Zhiyuan and his wife, Lin Yu, invited Tang Moxi to drink tea and eat fruits.

Lin Yu glanced at the inner room with an embarrassed look.

“That child has been very active since she was young!”

“It’s good to be active!” Tang Moxi replied politely.

Liuli pushed the wheelchair and chatted with her grandmother as she came out of the inner room.

Tang Moxi stood up and greeted her.

“Sit, sit. You’re welcome. Make yourself at home. It’s been so many years since we last met that I can’t recognize you anymore,” Liuli’s grandma said with emotion.

Then, she asked Tang Moxi about Elder Tang’s health recently.

Liuli sat on the sofa beside her grandmother.

She was a little jealous!

Why did Liuli’s grandma treat Uncle Tang so good?

Tang Moxi sat for a while before getting up to leave.

The Yu family asked him to stay for dinner before returning, but Tang Moxi said he would visit his grandfather first and visit them another day.

The Yu family sent Tang Moxi to the door.

After watching Tang Moxi’s car leave, they returned to the house.

Liuli’s grandma patted Liuli’s hand as she said with emotion,

“Liuli, you’re a big girl now!”

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