Send Her Home

Tang Moxi was already airsick. Coupled with Liuli’s ruckus along the way, when they arrived at the airport, his handsome face had a gloomy expression on it.

They were ready to land.

Tang Moxi nudged Liuli.

After Liuli woke up in a daze, she rubbed her eyes and looked around. Then, she gasped.

“Why are there so many people?!”

“We’re on a plane. Do you think we’re in your bedroom?” Tang Moxi glanced at her and asked.

“No, I thought I was in the bathroom!” Liuli replied slowly.


Liuli immediately covered her mouth as she smiled at Tang Moxi awkwardly.

Just now, she needed to use the bathroom and dreamed that she was looking for the bathroom.

After she woke up and saw so many people, for a moment, she couldn’t react.

“Ugh… I was dreaming just now!” Liuli explained awkwardly.

Then, amusement flashed across Tang Moxi’s eyes.

Liuli blushed and turned to look out the window.

The broadcast was already informing them that the plane was prepared to land and that the ground temperature was 8 degrees Celsius, so they should be careful to keep warm.

Liuli immediately felt a sense of longing for her hometown.

Eight degrees Celsius, and it was above zero.

It was unlike the city in which she attended university, which often had negative degrees Celsius.

She was always on the verge of freezing.

While they were getting off the plane, Liuli had already put on her down jacket.

It looked a little comical on her.

Tang Moxi glanced at her, but didn’t say anything.

Liuli also looked down at herself and finally made a decision.

She would rather die from the heat than from the cold!

She followed Tang Moxi out of the cabin.

During this period, she almost fell because she tripped on the leg of the chair. It was Tang Moxi who pulled her back.

However, Tang Moxi didn’t react. After she stabilized herself, Tang Moxi let go and reminded her in a low voice,

“Watch where you’re going!”

“Oh!” Liuli replied.

She was no longer a child and what happened just now was completely an accident.

After getting off the plane, they took the VP passageway and got into the car.

As long as Liuli thought about how she could see her grandmother and parents when she returned home and eat delicious food, she couldn’t help but smile.

Hence, she started to chat with Tang Moxi again.

“Uncle Tang, did you come back to spend Spring Festival this time?”

Tang Moxi glanced at Liuli, but didn’t answer her question.

“My name is Moxi!”

“I know!” Liuli replied with a smile.

Didn’t he have the same as the food blogger Mo Xi?

“You can call me by my name!” Tang Moxi said he as coughed dryly.

“That’s not a good idea. You’re my senior!”

Actually, Liuli wanted to say, “You’re so old!”

However, she stopped herself in time.

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