Thought I Was In the Bathroom

What if he vented his anger on her after she woke him up?

It was obvious that he wasn’t to be trifled with.

However, if she didn’t wake him up, he would miss out on these delicacies. Would he blame her for not asking him to eat later?

Liuli was really in a dilemma.

Of course, as she agonized over what to do, she didn’t stop enjoying the delicacies.

Tang Moxi finally took off his blindfold and looked at Liuli.

Liuli quickly said,

“There’s a lot of delicious food. Do you want to eat some before sleeping?”

She couldn’t help but wonder if Tang Moxi had x-ray vision!

Otherwise, how would he know that she was looking at him?

“You can eat. I’m not hungry!” Tang Moxi replied after glancing at the food on the small table.

Liuli smiled awkwardly.

She had already pushed a lot of things onto his small table.

“Oh! Then go back to sleep!” Liuli replied with a dry smile and continued to eat her ice cream.

In the next second, she looked at the things she had ordered for Tang Moxi and was about to ask,

“If you don’t want to eat it, can I help you eat the ice cream?”

However, before she could ask, Tang Moxi put on an eye mask and continued to sleep.

Liuli could only keep silent!

After finishing her share, she took Tang Moxi’s and continued eating.

She ate from the beginning to the end.

She ate until the stewardess came over to clean up the trash.

After eating too much, Liuli could only sit on the chair without moving.

Then, a word appeared in her mind… The gains didn’t make up for the losses!

Could it be that she would send him to the hospital after getting off the plane?!

She couldn’t help but shiver.

However, Liuli’s worries were completely unnecessary.

Not long after she sat down to rest, she fell asleep.

At first, she fell asleep against the adjusted chair, but in less than half an hour, she began to expand her territory.

First, she leaned her head against Tang Moxi’s arm.

Not long after, she felt that it wasn’t comfortable enough, so she wrapped her hands around Tang Moxi.

She even moaned in protest because she wasn’t comfortable enough.

Tang Moxi woke up the moment Liuli leaned against him.

He took off his blindfold and turned to look at Liuli, but instead of pushing her away, he adjusted his sitting position so that she could lean against him more comfortably.

This little girl had actually become his fiancée!

Tang Moxi couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

However, he didn’t expect Liuli to have such a bad sleeping position.

After a while, her hands wrapped around his left hand, like it was a pillow.

She even complained that… it was so hard!

Tang Moxi could even feel the softness of her arms against his.

It seemed that he had to remind her not to sleep in places without him in the future!

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