So You’re a Glutton

Alright, her mother must have told him a little about her situation.

“What do you do for a living?”

“Architectural design!”


I love architecture.

Unfortunately, my parents didn’t let me apply for this major during my college entrance examination.

However, my current major is quite good as well.

I’m majoring in…” Liuli’s eyes lit up as she said excitedly.


Tang Moxi and Liuli said it at the same time. Their voices overlapped harmoniously and melodiously.

“How do you know?” Liuli asked in surprise.

“Yu Liuli, 18 years old, a freshman in the Chinese department.

168cm tall, 102 lbs, and has an outgoing personality.

You like dogs and are afraid of snakes…”


Liuli almost blurted out again…

How did he know all of this?

Fortunately, she stopped in time.

Then, she stared at Tang Moxi as if she was looking at a monster.

“Can you let me rest for a while now?” Tang Moxi finally asked.

“Sure!” Liuli froze for a moment before nodding.

She felt so embarrassed that she wished she could find a hole to hide in.

Unfortunately, they were on a plane!

Sigh, after all this time, this aloof handsome man didn’t want to chat at all. He only wanted to sleep.

Liuli only found out about the truth a long time afterwards.

Tang Moxi would get airsick at times!

Therefore, after he took pills before he boarded the plane, he was used to resting until he got off the plane.

This was to relieve the discomfort of airsickness!

After Tang Moxi asked for a blanket and put on an eye mask, he began to rest.

Liuli could only stare at the white clouds outside the window and wait for the first-class delicacies!

After they finally began to distribute the food, Liuli immediately put down the table in excitement and waited to start eating.

When the stewardess asked her what she needed, Liuli told her everything in one go.

The stewardess was stunned for a moment before she handed Liuli everything she needed.

She had probably never encountered a passenger like Liuli!

Originally, Liuli didn’t think much of it.

However, after she thought about it, she felt a little embarrassed.

Actually, she couldn’t be blamed for ordering so many things.

On one hand, it was because she hadn’t eaten lunch!

On the other hand, it was because her friend had bragged to her about how extravagant and delicious the food in first class was. If she had the chance to fly first class, she had to eat her fill.

She ordered everything she wanted to eat in the first-class cabin.

As Liuli ate, she turned to look at Tang Moxi.

He was still asleep with an eye mask on.

Should she wake him up or not?

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