First Meeting

Half an hour later, before Tang Moxi arrived, they had already started checking in.

After another five minutes, two sedans pulled up outside the VIP waiting area.

A few men in black got out of the car.

The last man to get out of the car buttoned his suit and said something to the person beside him.

Then, a group of people walked over.

Liuli’s eyes immediately widened.

This was the first time she had seen such a sexy man!

He was the kind of sexy man that made people want to pounce on him.

His well-defined facial features, tall figure, and aloof temperament made him look charming and bewitching.

“Mr. Tang is here,” Miss He said in a low voice.

Liuli blinked and wondered which one was Mr. Tang.

“Which one is Mr. Tang?”

Unexpectedly, she blurted it out.

Miss He turned to look at Liuli and couldn’t help but laugh.

At this moment, Tang Moxi and his special assistant walked over, so he naturally heard Liuli’s question.

“I’m Tang Moxi!” Tang Moxi replied as he looked straight at Liuli.

Liuli quickly stood up and reached out obediently.

“Hello, Uncle Tang. I’m Liuli. Please send me home!”

Tang Moxi glanced at Liuli and said,

“You’re welcome! It’s about time, so let’s go!”

Liuli could only retract her hand and think to herself,

He was handsome, but unfortunately, he was rude.

She took the initiative to reach out, but he didn’t even shake her hand.

He had no manners at all.

Miss He and Tang Moxi’s special assistant, Rao Jun, struggled to hold back their laughter,

especially when they heard Liuli call Tang Moxi Uncle Tang.

Liuli followed them through security and onto the plane.

Their seats were in first class.

She became excited.

However, she couldn’t make it too obvious, or she would appear unworldly.

Therefore, Liuli could only suppress the excitement in her heart and sit down obediently.

That feeling was like a kitten’s claws scratching her heart, but she couldn’t show it. How torturous!

Of course, Liuli wasn’t excited about flying in first class, but about the delicacies provided in first class.

She could eat on the plane until it landed.

However, it was wishful thinking.

Tang Moxi sat beside her.

Liuli thought that since Tang Moxi was taking care of her,

She should interact with him some more to express her gratitude.

Hence, she started to find some topics to talk about.

“Do you work in this city?”

Tang Moxi pursed his lips and nodded calmly.

“I attend university here!”

Tang Moxi turned around and glanced at her.

Liuli immediately felt that she was acting like an idiot.

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