Unsure of the Situation

Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

If she didn’t come, how could she annul the engagement?

Unfortunately, she had miscalculated.

There was a difference between theory and reality.

Although she had memorized the Tang family’s address, which she had gotten from her grandmother, when she really arrived at the high-end neighborhood in the south of the city and had to find which house was the Tang family’s home, she was at a loss.

Where should she go next?

As Liuli walked, she looked at the address.

She was sweating from all the walking.

She didn’t see a single person!

Finally, a car slowly drove over.

Liu Li quickly went forward and waved.

After the car stopped and the window rolled down, Liuli quickly walked to the driver’s seat and asked.

“May I ask how to get to the Tang family’s home?”

There was no response.

The next second, she looked up and met a pair of familiar cold eyes.

Tang… Moxi!

Oh, no, it was another Tang Moxi.

She actually bumped into him here.

What a coincidence.

“It’s you. What a coincidence. I didn’t expect to see you here.”

Liuli said excitedly.

“Get in!” Tang Moxi said.


“Aren’t you going to the Tang family’s home?”

“That’s right!” Liuli smiled and nodded. Then, she was about to open the backseat door.

In the next second, she felt that it was a little inappropriate.

So she went around to the passenger seat again.

After she opened the door and got into the car, she thanked him again.

“Thank you. I’m so lucky to encounter you!”

After Tang Moxi nodded lightly, the car started and drove towards the Tang family’s home.

“Do you live nearby too?” Liuli looked around and asked.

Tang Moxi glanced at her.

Liu Li was stunned for a moment. She didn’t ask a stupid question, did she?!

Forget it. It was better to be silent. This way, she wouldn’t say anything wrong.

When they reached the Tang family’s door, it opened automatically and the car drove into the house.

After getting out of the car, Liuli looked at the antique Tang family home in front of her in amazement.

A house like this was probably worth a lot of money!

Compared to her shabby villa, it was more sophisticated and imposing.

The next second, Liu Li slapped herself awake.

She was here to break off the engagement, not to admire the antique home.

“Moxi, is this your home or the Tang family’s?” Liu Li turned to ask Tang Moxi.

In the end, she saw the other party’s chest, so she began to look up.

From eye level, she looked up at him.

Tang Moxi was 20 to 30 centimeters taller than her!

Was this the so-called cutest height difference?

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