She’s Here to Annul the Engagement

Tang Moxi looked at Liuli, who felt a little unnerved by his gaze.

Did she do something wrong again?

She looked down at herself and wondered if she was wearing the wrong clothes.

After confirming there was no problem, she looked up at Tang Moxi.

Tang Moxi replied,

“This is my home, the Tang family’s home!”

“Oh, right. I forgot that your surname is also Tang!” Liu Li chuckled.

After Tang Moxi walked forward, Liu Li froze for a moment before she quickly followed.

She was going to Elder Tang’s house, not his!

Just as Liu Li caught up to Tang Moxi and was about to ask how to go to the other Tang family’s home, the Tang family’s butler came forward and greeted Tang Moxi.

“Young Master…”

Then, he nodded at Liu Li politely.

Liuli quickly replied, “Hello.”

She was impressed with how polite his family was!

“Is my grandfather in the study?” Tang Moxi asked.

“Yes, Mr. Tang is in Mo Zhuxuan,” the butler replied.

“Let’s go!” Tang Moxi said as he turned to look at Liuli.

“Where are we going?” Liuli asked in a daze.

Tang Moxi looked at Liu Li.

Was his grandpa sure that he wanted him to marry this little idiot?

“Aren’t you looking for my grandfather?” Tang Moxi asked calmly.

“I’m looking for Mr. Tang Sheng, not your grandfather!” Liu Li replied.

“My grandfather is Tang Sheng!” Tang Moxi replied with a frown.

“Huh?” Liu Li was stunned and stared at Tang Moxi in a daze.

Tang Moxi was just back to get something. He had to rush to the company later.

However, he bumped into this little fool in the neighborhood.

Not only was she muddle-headed, but she also didn’t understand the situation at all.

Tang Moxi’s patience was about to run out, so he could only pull Liu Li in the direction of Mo Zhuxuan.

Liuli felt that she had a brain freeze.

When they arrived at the door of Mo Zhuxuan, she asked Tang Moxi,

“How many grandchildren do your grandfather have?”

Tang Moxi couldn’t be bothered to look at her anymore.

“I’m the only grandson, but he has two granddaughters!”

“Huh? Then whose name is Tang Jingxing?” Liu Li asked in surprise.

“Jingxing is my handle name!

“Do you have any more questions?” Tang Moxi looked down at Liuli and asked.

Liu Li froze for a few seconds before shaking her head. In the next second, she widened her eyes and asked Tang Moxi,

“You can’t possibly be the one I’m engaged to, are you?!”

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