First Date

Liuli livened up the atmosphere.

At the dining table, Elder Tang kept laughing.

The Tang family originally had a family rule, which was that they couldn’t talk while eating.

However, the rules were broken as soon as Liuli arrived.

Liuli spoke as she ate. Tang Sheng had no intention of stopping her.

He even chatted with Liuli.

On the other hand, Tang Moxi, who was at the side, adhered to the family rules and didn’t speak from the beginning to the end.

Unless his grandfather asked him a question, he wouldn’t respond.

Liuli thought of a problem.

That was…

Uncle Tang was quite reticent!

If the two of them got married in the future, things would definitely be very boring!

In the next second, Liuli was shocked by her own thoughts.

Why did she think of things so far ahead?!

Hence, she looked up and stole a glance at Tang Moxi, only to meet his gaze.

Immediately, she had the illusion that she had done something bad and was caught red-handed. Liuli choked on her food.

In the end, Tang Moxi handed her a handkerchief.

Liuli covered her mouth with the handkerchief and finally stopped coughing, but she felt terrible.

It was too embarrassing!

“Girl, eat slowly. Spend more time eating with me.” Tang Sheng comforted Liuli with a smile.

“Alright!” Liuli nodded with a flushed face.

She didn’t even have the courage to look at Uncle Tang.

At this moment, a bowl of soup was placed in front of her. Tang Moxi had scooped it for her.

“Thank you, Tang… Moxi!” Liuli finally replied.

She almost blurted out Uncle Tang.

Tang Moxi only nodded indifferently and continued eating.

At this moment, Liuli didn’t dare to fool around anymore and obediently lowered her head to eat.

However, not long after, she couldn’t help but ask curiously,

“Grandpa, you have two granddaughters, right?!”

“Yes, they’ll be back in two days.”

When the time comes, I’ll introduce them to you!”

“Sure!” Liuli replied with a smile.

Actually, she wanted to say,

Were they getting married?

If they were getting married, Tang Moxi didn’t have to be in a hurry to get married!

However, she was unable to bring herself to say such words at the moment.

“My two sisters are still young!” Tang Moxi replied.

Liuli looked up at Tang Moxi almost reflexively.

He could actually tell what she was thinking!

How freaky!

Hence, she could only smile and play dumb!

At this moment, Liuli thought that Tang Moxi’s two sisters were younger than her.

In that case, there was nothing else for her to hope for.

She was only 18 years old, so she really didn’t dare to have such a cruel thought as Tang Moxi’s two sisters getting married before her!

She was afraid of being struck by lightning as retribution!

When she saw her two sisters-in-law during the engagement, Liuli found out the truth.

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