The First Suspect

His two sisters were already in their twenties, but Tang Moxi said that his two sisters were still young.

She was younger than his two sisters, so why did he marry her?!

Of course, this was something that happened later.

Finally, they finished lunch.

Because Elder Tang was in poor health, he had to take an afternoon nap after lunch.

Moreover, he had to get an IV in the afternoon for treatment.

He asked Tang Moxi to bring Liuli around for a tour.

Actually, Liuli wanted to say that she could stroll around herself without Uncle Tang’s help.

However, she couldn’t reject Elder Tang’s kind offer, so she had no choice but to agree.

Before the doctor pushed Tang Sheng back to the bedroom, Tang Sheng gave Tang Moxi a few more instructions.

The instructions were things like taking good care of Liuli and making sure that she had fun.

Tang Moxi agreed.

After Elder Tang returned to the bedroom, Liuli turned to look at Tang Moxi and was about to say,

“Uncle, if you’re busy, you don’t have to accompany me. I’ll go home directly.”

However, before she could speak, she heard Uncle Tang say,

“Let’s go. I’ll show you around. Just don’t get lost!”

“Uh…” Liuli stared at Tang Moxi in a daze while wondering what he meant.

Did he think she was stupid?

However, Tang Moxi pulled her out of the dining room without waiting for her to respond.

Liuli’s mind went blank, as if she had been electrocuted. She didn’t even react.

She was frozen until she heard Uncle Tang say,

“After we get married, we’ll live here!”

Liuli suddenly came back to her senses and asked Tang Moxi,

“What did you say?”

When Uncle Tang glared at her coldly, Liuli couldn’t help but shiver and pout innocently.

“After we get married, we’ll live in this home. Do you want to go up and take a look first?” Tang Moxi continued.

Liuli followed Tang Moxi’s gaze and turned to look at the two-story building in front of her.

“Can I go up and take a look?” Liuli blurted out.

“Sure! If you need anything else, just tell me!” Tang Moxi replied as he walked over.

“Okay!” Liuli replied half a beat slower, then quickly chased after him.

After opening the door, Liuli realized that the outside was very different from the inside.

The outside looked a little stuffy and simple, like an antique.

When she walked in, she realized that the inside was something very different.

The living room was filled with yellow furniture and there was a warm and cozy carpet.

The lamps were carved out of wood and could be used as decorations and lighting at the same time, so it was killing two birds with one stone.

In addition to the carved wooden ornaments, there were two calligraphy paintings hanging on the wall, which complemented each other and reflected each other.

“Do you live here?” Liuli blurted out after looking around.

“I’m living in the small home in front of where you and Grandpa were sunbathing just now,” Tang Moxi explained.

“Oh, then why don’t you continue to live there in the future?” Liuli blurted out.

Tang Moxi looked at Liuli, but didn’t answer immediately.

Liuli’s face began to burn from Tang Moxi’s gaze.

“Just pretend I didn’t ask,” Liuli muttered as she lowered her head to avoid Tang Moxi’s gaze.

“Grandpa specially prepared this for us!” Tang Moxi explained.

“Actually, I like this place quite a lot!” Liuli immediately replied.

The next second, she realized that she had said something wrong.

But it was too late to take her words back.

She could only play dumb and change the topic.

Liuli felt that she wasn’t that stupid.

But why did she always say the wrong thing in front of Uncle Tang?

Could this be considered a sign that they were incompatible?

As Liuli was letting her imagination run wild, she had already walked in front a wooden statue.

“Wow, this is so cute!”

“If you like it, I can give it to you!” Tang Moxi replied.

“Oh, no need. I’m already very happy to just see it,” Liuli quickly waved her hand and replied.

“I forgot that you’ll also move here in the future!” Tang Moxi replied truthfully.

“Um, let’s go upstairs and take a look!” Liuli could only say with a blush.

Tang Moxi nodded.

The two of them walked towards the wooden stairs.

With every step Liuli took, she felt the wooden staircase tremble slightly.

The feeling was completely different from that of marble stairs.

Liuli found it very novel.


Liuli suddenly stopped and turned around to speak.

The next second, she was stunned.

As she stared at Tang Moxi in a daze, she forgot what she wanted to say.

Tang Moxi walked two steps below her, and when Liuli turned around, she met Tang Moxi’s gaze.

Just like that, she suddenly met his gaze.

Tang Moxi’s gaze was so deep that Liuli was mesmerized by it and couldn’t take her gaze off him.

“What’s wrong?” Tang Moxi asked.

“No, it’s nothing!” Liuli quickly came back to her senses and continued walking, but her ears gradually turned red.

She felt that she was almost bewitched by Tang Moxi’s gaze just now!

After reaching the second floor, Liuli realized that every cloud had a silver lining!

The design of the second floor was different from that of the first floor.

The living room was more like a recreation area and a place for sightseeing. Then, there was a study, bedroom, bathroom, and so on.

The bedroom was already furnished.

When Liuli saw the big bed, her first reaction was, it must be very comfortable to sleep on!

As she thought this, she couldn’t help but walk over and sit on the edge of the bed. Then, she curled her feet and tested its elasticity.

“This bed is very soft and comfortable!” Liuli said sincerely.

There was no response.

When she looked up and met Tang Moxi’s gaze, she realized what she had just said.

Her face heated up.

“My bed is made from wood, so it’s a little hard, but this bed is softer!”

Liuli explained.

After explaining, she felt that it would have been better if she hadn’t explained!

“Sleeping on a wooden bed is better for the body. If you like, we can also change it back in the future!”

“This lamp is so beautiful!”

Liuli no longer had the courage to look at Tang Moxi, so she started to change the subject.

“That’s not a lamp. It’s a wooden ornament!” Tang Moxi explained.

“Huh? Oh, no wonder it looks so much like a cat!” Liuli replied with a wry smile. She was so embarrassed that she wanted to find a hole to hide in.

“It’s not a cat, it’s a tiger!” Tang Moxi corrected.


In the end, Tang Moxi added,

“I carved it!”

Liuli was stunned.

Now, she was completely certain that Uncle Tang was incompatible with her.

She felt that she was always acting like an imbecile and a retard in front of him!

“Hehe, let’s go to the study!” Liuli said quickly and pulled Uncle Tang in the direction of the study.

After taking a few steps, she realized that this gesture seemed too intimate.

Most importantly, she wasn’t familiar with Uncle Tang. If she kept getting touchy feely with him, it would seem like she wasn’t reserved and levelheaded enough.

He quickly let go.

In the end, Uncle Tang even turned around to look at her.

She could only lower her head and act bashful.

Actually, she didn’t know how to react.


And that was it.

Uncle Tang had already taken the initiative to hold her hand as they walked towards the study.

Liuli’s mind went blank!

“There are two empty rooms. This is my study.

The other room will be your recreation room.

If you like this one better, you can have it.

I can use the other one,” Tang Moxi explained.

“Are the two rooms different?” Liuli asked.

“This one’s a little more private.”

“Oh, then I’ll let you use it as a study. I don’t have any secrets anyway!” Liuli blurted out.

“Neither do I!” Tang Moxi replied.

Liuli was once again rendered speechless by her blunder.

Then, Liuli learned her lesson.

She followed Tang Moxi in silence.

She didn’t dare to say anything else, for fear that she would say something embarrassing.

It was better for her not to talk!

“We’re just getting married as makeshift!”

Liuli, who was distracted, was caught off guard by Tang Moxi’s words.

“Huh?” Liuli looked at Tang Moxi in surprise.

“Grandpa likes you very much.

His last wish is for me to marry you.

I don’t want to disappoint Grandpa.

So if you’re willing, our wedding will be held as planned.

However, after the wedding, you can still go back to school.

Our lives won’t change.

After Grandpa passes away, if you don’t want to continue your marriage with me,

We can get a divorce!” Tang Moxi explained.

Liuli stared at Uncle Tang without blinking.

What Uncle Tang meant was…

They were just pretending to get married to make Elder Tang happy. Perhaps Elder Tang would recover.

Then, they could get a divorce in the future and continue living their own lives without disturbing each other.

Was that what he meant?

“What if I want to continue the marriage?” Liuli was excited and wanted to ask about it more clearly, but she blurted out this sentence instead.

After saying that, she realized that she had made a faux pas again.

She asked the wrong thing again!

Tang Moxi looked at Liuli with mirth in his eyes.

“Then we can continue the marriage!”

“Um, well… the lotus flowers are so beautiful!” Liuli’s ears turned red.

As she stared at the carp pond, she suddenly blurted out.

“Liuli, it’s winter!” Tang Moxi touched his nose as he reminded her.

The amusement in his eyes deepened.

Liuli felt overcome with embarrassment.

“Uncle Tang,

I’m usually not this stupid.

I don’t know why, but when talking to you, I always mess things up.

Perhaps I’m too nervous!

Don’t think that I’m stupid or despise me.

Actually, I’m very smart and I often score above 90 in exams.”

Liuli defended herself in dejection.

At the moment, she was so distraught that she had no idea what she was talking about.

However, if she didn’t say something to defend herself, she would definitely regret it when she returned.

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