Not Bad

“I won’t!”

“That’s good!” Liuli heaved a sigh of relief.

“You’re cuter when you act stupid!” Tang Moxi added.

Liuli immediately looked up and glared at Tang Moxi in anger.

Tang Moxi smiled and held her hand as they walked towards the carp pond.

Liuli was quickly distracted.

Uncle Tang’s hand was really warm!

It was very warm.

It was so warm that it could be used as a heater.

She couldn’t help but pinch Uncle Tang’s hand.

Thinking that she had something to say, Tang Moxi turned to look at Liuli.

Liuli looked up and smiled foolishly.

“Uncle, your hands are so warm!”

“You can use it as a heater in the future,” Tang Moxi replied.

“I thought so too!” Liuli immediately replied proudly.

Tang Moxi glanced at Liuli again.

Liuli felt embarrassed again.

Why was Uncle Tang’s gaze so meaningful?!

In the end, Tang Moxi brought Liuli to feed the carp.

As Liuli fed the carps that were fighting for food with fish food excitedly, the smile on her face became even brighter.

She had completely forgotten about the gloominess from just now.

She was an easily satisfied girl.

This was one of Tang Moxi’s first impressions of Liuli.

After visiting the Tang family’s home, Liuli was going back to her own house.

Elder Tang was still taking an afternoon nap, so she didn’t disturb him.

She just asked Tang Moxi to remember to help her pass the message.

“I’ll send you back.” Tang Moxi pulled her back and instructed the butler.

“There’s no need. It’s very convenient for me to call a taxi!” Liuli quickly said after Tang Moxi finished instructing the butler.

“It’s along the way. I plan to go back to the company too!” With that, Tang Moxi walked towards the door.

“Oh, then I won’t stand on ceremony!” Liuli quickly followed and replied with a smile.

Otherwise, she would have to walk to the platform to get a ride.

Of course, it was better to be given a free ride.

After getting into the car, Liuli suddenly realized something very serious.

That was when she went out.

she told her mother that she was going to play with her classmates.

However, Uncle Tang would send her back.

How was she going to explain herself then?

“Moxi, I suddenly want to go to the mall. Why don’t you send me to the mall?

After shopping, I’ll go back myself,” Liuli said quickly.

Tang Moxi turned to look at Liuli and asked.

“Are you going shopping alone?”

“Yes!” Liuli nodded with a smile.

“Let’s go together! I haven’t shopped in a long time!”

“Huh?” Liuli looked at Tang Moxi in shock. “Aren’t you going back to the company?”

“I’m worried about you being alone!” Tang Moxi replied aloofly.

“There’s nothing to worry about. Really, I shop alone quite often!

Moreover, I’m already 18 years old. I’m completely independent now!” Liuli raised her hand as she emphasized.

“You mean you don’t need me?” Tang Moxi glanced at Liuli again and asked.

“Yes, no… I mean, go ahead and deal with your own business. Don’t worry about me.

“Really, I can take care of myself,” Liuli replied with a wry smile.

Unexpectedly, Uncle Tang also knew how to joke!

But Uncle Tang’s joke wasn’t funny at all!

“Liuli, if I put you down here, when you go missing, I’ll become the first suspect,” Tang Moxi said seriously.

“It’s not that serious!” Liuli was speechless.

“What do you think?”

When they reached the traffic light, the car stopped. Then, Tang Moxi turned to look at Liuli and asked this question.

Liuli’s mind went blank when she saw Tang Moxi’s gaze and it took a few seconds for her to recover.

Shopping with Uncle Tang? Just thinking about it made her shudder.

However, if she said that she wanted to go home at this time, wouldn’t he feel like she was toying with him?

In the end, Liuli braced herself and said timidly,

“Then if you’re free, let’s go shopping together!

But do you really have time?”

“You want to go to the company with me to work overtime?” Tang Moxi asked.

“Then let’s go shopping,” Liuli immediately replied.

Tang Moxi smiled.

In the end, the car stopped in the underground parking lot of the mall.

Tang Moxi, who was busy every day, insisted on squeezing out time to shop with a little girl.

“Do you like shopping?” Liuli asked Tang Moxi after entering the sightseeing elevator.

Tang Moxi looked down at Liuli, but didn’t respond directly.

Liuli could only smile foolishly.

She actually asked a man if he liked to shop?

“I don’t particularly like it, but sometimes, when I’m bored, I come to shop.

Actually, if you’re under too much pressure, you can come shopping.

Shopping is a good way to relieve stress.

I always go shopping before I take an exam.

Otherwise, I’ll be under a lot of pressure and won’t be able to do well on the exam!” Liuli could only change the topic and chatter non-stop.

“I prefer doing sports to relieve stress!” Tang Moxi replied.

“What?” Liuli stared at Tang Moxi in confusion.

“I prefer exercising to relieve stress,” Tang Moxi replied.

“Oh, I don’t like sports that much.

I even fail the 800 meters sprint at times!” Liuli replied.

“Then exercise more in the future!”

“Huh? No way. I hate exercising the most!”

When she looked up, she saw Uncle Tang looking at her.

So she could only explain,

“Just because you don’t exercise doesn’t mean that you aren’t good at exercising!

I once caught a thief and snatched back my stolen phone…

Alright, just pretend that I didn’t say anything!” Liuli’s face was already flushed.

She didn’t know what she was emphasizing!

“Don’t do such dangerous things in the future!” Tang Moxi finally said.

“No! If someones steals my phone, I won’t be able to use it anymore!” Liuli immediately retorted.

“I’ll buy you a new one if that happens!”

A thought appeared in Liuli’s mind…

Thief, steal one of my phones in half a year!

This way, I can get a new phone in half a year.

This speed was comparable to that of Apple’s upgrades!

She was so smart. She didn’t have to sell her kidney to get a new phone!

Liuli dismissed the unrealistic thoughts in her mind.

No matter how much she wanted a new phone, she couldn’t have such evil thoughts.

Besides, why should she let Uncle Tang buy her a phone?

Well, he was about to become her husband!

At this thought, Liuli secretly looked up at Tang Moxi, only to meet his gaze.

After freezing for a moment, she smiled and said,

“You’re really rich!”

She didn’t know how to respond, so she could only hide her embarrassment with a silly smile.

“Moxi!” Tang Moxi replied.

“What?” Liuli looked at Uncle Tang in confusion.

“Are you planning to continue calling me Uncle even after we get married?” Tang Moxi smiled.


Liuli was immediately exasperated and embarrassed. Then, she changed the topic again.

“Moxi, do you want to buy anything, such as clothes, shoes, or skincare products?”

“I don’t really need anything, but I’ll shop with you if you want anything.”

“Buy some gifts for your family, since the new year is coming up,” Tang Moxi suggested.

“That’s right. If you didn’t remind me, I would have forgotten.

I want to buy a vest for my grandmother.

“I want to buy a scarf for my father and a woolen sweater for my mother!” Liuli nodded excitedly.

Tang Moxi smiled at Liuli.

After Liuli had a goal, she immediately became motivated.

They went through the counters one by one.

First, she took a fancy to a woolen sweater, but she was stunned by the price.

She even asked if they could give a discount.

When she asked the salesperson, the salesperson said that it was a new model, so there was no discount. However, with a VP card, they could give her a 98% discount.

This was equivalent to no discount.

“Let’s go!” Liuli tugged at Tang Moxi’s sleeve.

“There’s nothing you like?” Tang Moxi looked down at Liuli and asked.

“Yes!” Liuli nodded. She was too embarrassed to say that it was too expensive.

She still had more than a thousand yuan on her card, but this cashmere sweater cost more than three thousand yuan.

Although her father had given her another card, which she could spend as she pleased, she couldn’t be so extravagant!

Otherwise, she would definitely be scolded by her mother again!

After shopping at the next shop, Liuli took a fancy to something else. Her first reaction was to look at the label, but she couldn’t find it.

“What are you looking for?” Tang Moxi asked.


“Don’t worry about the price. It’s fine as long as you like it,” Tang Moxi said.

“But I can’t afford it.” She didn’t expect Uncle Tang to see through her thoughts.

“I’m here!” Tang Moxi replied calmly.

From his aloof tone, it was as if he was saying something ordinary.

Liuli turned to look at Tang Moxi and blushed…

She seemed to have misunderstood!

“I can’t spend your money!” Liuli looked away and shook her head as she replied in a low voice.

“I’ll give you pocket money every month in the future. Just treat it as an advance withdrawal for next month,” Tang Moxi continued.

“Really?” Liuli immediately turned around and asked excitedly.

He would give her pocket money?!

There was actually such a good thing?!

Tang Moxi nodded with a smile.

“It’s better not to. Let’s talk about it in the future!

I probably can’t afford the stuff here. Let’s stop shopping.” After Liuli thought for a moment, she finally shook her head.

She would deal with it later!

At least for now, she had nothing to do with Uncle Tang.

Therefore, it wasn’t appropriate for her to spend his money!

“Then treat it as me buying some gifts for my grandmother. Help me choose,” Tang Moxi suggested.

“You have to choose the gift you want to buy for them yourself to show your sincerity!” Liuli said seriously.

“Wouldn’t it be a waste if they don’t like what I bought?

Just as you said just now, you wanted to buy a vest for your grandmother, a scarf for Uncle Yu, and a sweater for Aunt Yu!

“Help me choose, or we can think about it together!” Tang Moxi persuaded.

“Alright!” Liuli finally nodded.

Without the price restriction, the range of choices was much larger.

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