It’s the Same

Liuli and Tang Moxi chose gifts for their families.

After they entered another shop, they saw that the style of this shop was clearly more youthful than those of the ones they entered just now.

“Try this!” Tang Moxi pointed at a white cashmere cloak and said to Liuli.

“This one isn’t suitable. My mother doesn’t like to wear white, because it gets dirty easily!”

“No, I’m giving it to you!” Tang Moxi replied.

“Huh? There’s no need. I have a lot of clothes,” Liuli quickly waved her hand and replied.

“Please find a suitable size for her to try on!” Tang Moxi turned to the salesperson and said.

“Alright! Please wait a moment,” the salesperson replied and turned around to get her clothes.

At this moment, Liuli muttered,

“She can’t wear white during the wedding either!”

Tang Moxi looked at her as he replied gently,

“The gown has already been designed and customized.

At that time, a designer will come over to help you try it on and adjust it.

This one isn’t it!”

Liuli immediately blushed.


She actually wanted to say that she had gone to his house to break off the engagement, not to get engaged to him!

Why did it become…

She didn’t break off the engagement and even came shopping with him. Moreover, he even bought her a gift!

He actually already planned out what would happen in the future!

How shocking!

“Actually, I’m here to annul the engagement!” Liuli lowered her head and muttered.

“I know!” Tang Moxi replied.

“Huh? How do you know?” Liuli looked up at Tang Moxi in shock.

Oh, she had forgotten that Uncle Tang could read people’s minds.

“If it were me, I wouldn’t be willing either!” Tang Moxi replied calmly.

“Oh!” Liuli replied with a pout.

She wondered if Uncle Tang was forced as well!

Oh right.

His grandfather was seriously ill and wanted to see him get married before he passed away.

He didn’t want his grandfather’s last wish to go unfulfilled!

At this moment, the salesperson had already taken out the cashmere cloak and asked Liuli to try it on, interrupting Liuli’s thoughts.

After Liuli carried the clothes into the fitting room, she actually felt a little conflicted.

After she changed into the cashmere cloak and walked out,

“Do I look good?” Liuli looked down at herself and asked.

The salesperson said that it was very beautiful. She also said that Liuli had good skin, a good figure, and she was tall, so this dress suited her the most.

When Liuli looked up at Tang Moxi, she realized that he was on the phone.

At this moment, Tang Moxi turned around and stopped talking when he saw her.

Two seconds later, he instructed the person on the other end of the phone that he would be at the office later and would confirm it at that time.

After Tang Moxi hung up, he walked over and said,

“You look very cute!”

Three drops of sweat immediately appeared on Liuli’s forehead.

The word cute didn’t seem like praise in this current situation!

“Do you want to see the rest?” Tang Moxi asked.

“No!” Liuli shook her head.

“Then I’ll send you back first. I still have something to do at the company, so I have to rush over!”

“Alright, I’ll go change first.” With that, Liuli turned around and walked back to the fitting room.

“There’s no need to change!” With that, Tang Moxi asked the salesperson to help Liuli put the clothes she had changed out of into a paper bag.

Then, he pulled Liuli away from the counter.

“We haven’t paid yet!” Liuli reminded him awkwardly.

When Tang Moxi turned to look at Liuli, Liuli blushed.

“I really forgot to pay. Why don’t we start running now? Perhaps the salesperson won’t be able to catch up to us,” Tang Moxi suggested.

“Huh? No. If we steal the clothes, the salesperson will have to compensate the shop.” Liuli looked at Tang Moxi in shock and shook her head.

Liuli walked back to pay, but the salesperson told her that the gentleman had already paid.

After Liuli walked out again, Tang Moxi stood there as he looked at her with a smile.

“Is it fun toying with me?” Liuli pouted as she complained.

“No, I just think getting married seems like a good thing!”

After Tang Moxi blurted this out, he led Liuli towards the elevator.

Liuli was a little stunned and stared at Uncle Tang in confusion. She didn’t even notice when she entered the elevator.

Uncle Tang turned around and met her gaze.

When Liuli came back to her senses, she blushed.

She wanted to use her hand to hide her burning face, but realized that her hand was in Uncle Tang’s.

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