Too Direct

Now, she had no other way out.

To be honest, she was willing to date him.

However, jumping straight to marriage seemed a little terrifying.

However, he also said that this was just a temporary measure.

Her life wouldn’t change much and they could even get a divorce in the future!

Therefore, she was actually quite conflicted!

“Why are you hesitating? Just run away!”


“Liuli, why are you so concerned? It’s not your business.”

Besides, your classmate might be very willing to!” Duoduo said.

“Would you be willing to?” Liuli was speechless.

“If it were me, it would depend on the situation.

If the other party was ugly, old, and poor, she would naturally call off the marriage!

If he’s handsome, young, and rich, of course I’ll agree!”

“You’re so realistic!”

“That’s right. If he was an old, ugly, and poor person, you’d be crazy if you didn’t run!

On the other hand, aren’t we looking for a future partner according to these conditions?

It’s just that our family has helped us find a partner in advance. Isn’t that good?!”

“Your analysis makes sense!”

“That’s right!

Fox, when are you going back to school?”

“I’ve only been back for two days!”

“Why do I feel that a single day apart feels like three years?!”

“Then come visit me. I’ll treat you well!”

“Just treat me to chickens and ducks. I want abalone wings and bird’s nest.”

“There’s none of that, but there’s a ginseng fruit. Do you want it?” Liuli laughed in front of the computer.


“Yes, radish!

Liuli chatted with Duoduo for nearly half an hour before going offline.

Then, she lay on the bed in a daze.

She thought about what Duoduo had just said.

Could she get married before she was 20 years old?

That’s right. How could one get married before the age of 20?!

She wasn’t even 20 years old yet?

How could she and Uncle Tang get married?

Could it be that they just had to hold a wedding to show Elder Tang?

As Liuli held her phone, she wondered if she should call Uncle Tang to ask!

But how should she ask?

Should she just ask, “Uncle, do we have to get a marriage certificate when we get married?”

Was it a real marriage or a fake marriage?

She really couldn’t bring herself to say it!

Although Uncle Tang had previously said that their marriage was just a temporary measure and that she could continue to study after the marriage, so she wouldn’t be affected, did this mean that they were really married, but could live their own lives? Or that they were just getting married in name only?

She wasn’t sure!

Sigh, should she call and ask?

Forget it!

Perhaps Uncle Tang was busy now!

But even if she didn’t ask, she still felt very conflicted!

Liuli tossed and turned on the bed. After agonizing over it for a long time, she finally decided to send a message to ask. This way, not only could she ask what she wanted to know, but it wouldn’t affect Uncle Tang’s work. It was the best of both worlds!

“Brother Moxi, I’m sorry to disturb you. Can I ask you a question? I’m not even 20 years old yet, so can we really register our marriage?”

She edited and deleted the text message again and again before finally sending it out.

However, there was no reply even after a long time.

He ignored her!

Liuli put her phone aside gloomily. At this moment, the phone chimed.

After she took her phone, she saw that it was a message from Tang Moxi.

After Liuli quickly clicked the message, a few words appeared…

Sure, we can register our marriage overseas!

Liuli was shocked by this out-of-the-box answer!

But no matter what she thought, her marriage to Uncle Tang seemed to be on the agenda already.

On this day, when she and her grandmother were sunbathing in the courtyard, her grandmother asked her if she was willing to marry into the Tang family.

Liuli felt dejected…

Could he say no?

Didn’t her grandmother say that if she didn’t marry into the Tang family, they would sever ties with her and she would be expelled from the family tree?

Wouldn’t she become a lonely and pitiful abandoned child?

Unexpectedly, at this moment, her grandmother smiled at her and replied,

She was just asking as a formality!

Liuli immediately said gloomily,

“Grandma, you’re teasing me!”

“I just want to know what you think. The outcome won’t change.

Of course, it’ll be even better if you’re willing!”

“We still have to get married even if I don’t agree!” Liuli pouted.

“That’s right!” Liuli’s grandma was quite satisfied with her granddaughter’s open-mindedness and nodded with a smile.

“Forget it. On account of Uncle Tang’s handsome appearance, I’ll reluctantly agree!” As soon as Liuli finished speaking, she heard a cough behind her.

When she turned around in shock and saw Uncle Tang standing in front of the house, she was stunned.

Tang Moxi walked over and bent down to greet Liuli’s grandma.

“Jingxing, you’re here!” Liuli’s grandma replied with a smile.

“I came with my grandfather to see you. I also came to discuss my marriage with Liuli!” Tang Moxi replied with a smile.

“Alright!” Liuli’s grandma nodded and asked, “Has your grandfather been feeling better recently?”

“He’s been in better spirits these past few days!”

“That’s good!” Liuli’s grandma replied.

Then, Tang Moxi pushed her back to the living room.

Liuli, who was at the side, was already blushing. She was so overcome with embarrassment that she didn’t hear what Uncle Tang said.

Why was she always so unlucky?

She happened to say it right when Uncle Tang came over.

Moreover, it was right when she said that he was very handsome!

How embarrassing!

As Tang Moxi pushed Liuli’s grandma’s wheelchair, he turned to Liuli, who was standing at the side.

“Liuli, you should come in too!”

“Oh, okay!” After Liuli came back to her senses, she lowered her head and said.

As she quietly followed him into the living room, she still felt embarrassed.

As soon as she entered the living room, she heard Elder Tang’s laughter.

Liuli immediately looked up and said excitedly,

“Elder Tang, you’re here!”

“That’s right. You didn’t even come to see me, so I had no choice but to come and see you personally.”

“Elder Tang, actually, I wanted to visit you!

However…” Liuli stopped.

She couldn’t say that her mother had said that girls had to be reserved and couldn’t go to a man’s house too frequently.

“You just don’t have time! Haha, I understand.

Young people are all busy nowadays!”

“Uncle Tang, did Liuli cause you trouble the last time she went to your house?” Yu Zhiyuan asked with a smile.

“How could that be? I was overjoyed!

By the way, Liuli, didn’t you say that you wanted to make braised pork for me?

You got my hopes up, but then you ran away!”

“Elder Tang, I’ll definitely make braised pork for you next time,” Liuli replied awkwardly.

“This girl just learned a little of it, but she already dares to show off to you!” Liuli’s grandma said with a smile.

“Even if it’s just superficial, it’s still your legacy! Your braised pork is superb!”

The two families chatted happily, while Liuli sat at the side and smiled from time to time as she daydreamed.

In the end, they naturally talked about Liuli and Tang Moxi’s marriage.

After all, this was why Tang Sheng had personally come to the Yu family’s home today.

When Liuli heard that they were discussing her marriage with Uncle Tang, her first reaction was to find an excuse to escape.

Unexpectedly, Uncle Tang held her hand.

Liuli glared at Uncle Tang threateningly.

Tang Moxi met her gaze calmly.

In the eyes of the elders of the two families, this interaction was naturally interpreted as mutual affection.

When Liuli came back to her senses, she heard Elder Tang say,

“Then it’s settled. They’ll get engaged on the 15th and have a wedding on the 26th!”

Liuli was stunned when she heard this. When the elders left and only the two of them were left in the living room,

Liuli came back to her senses and asked Uncle Tang.

“What’s settled?”

“Our marriage!” Tang Moxi replied calmly.

Liuli’s eyes widened even more.

Tang Moxi added,

“You look quite cute when you glare at people!”


Now wasn’t the time to study if she was cute or not!

Why was their marriage settled already?

“You… you don’t object?” Liuli asked in surprise.

At this moment, she couldn’t care less about bashfulness.

“It’s fine as long as my grandfather is happy!” Tang Moxi asked calmly.

“You’re the one getting married, not your grandfather!” Liuli glared at Tang Moxi.

Uncle Tang was so obedient!

“You’ll get married sooner or later, won’t you?” Tang Moxi teased Liuli.

“But don’t you want to marry the girl you like?” Liuli asked.

“I like you!” Tang Moxi replied directly.

Liuli blushed.

She knew that what Uncle Tang was saying was different from what she meant.

However, when she heard Uncle Tang say that he liked her so directly, she still couldn’t process it for a moment.

“We’re not talking about the same thing!”

“What’s different about it?” Tang Moxi asked Liuli.

Liuli looked up at Uncle Tang’s face.

The two of them were so close that as long as anyone moved forward a little, their faces would be pressed together.

Liuli was stunned and almost had the illusion…

Uncle Tang wanted to kiss her!

However, a few seconds later, Liuli burst out laughing.

She felt that the scene of them staring at each other was too funny.

The ambiguous atmosphere in the air disappeared without a trace.

“Uncle Tang, are you confessing to me?” Liuli asked brightly.

“If you think so, then so be it!” Tang Moxi didn’t refute.

“Then I can refuse you, right?”

“You’d better not, or I’ll feel hurt!” Tang Moxi replied with a faint smile.

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