The Most Beautiful Bride

“What’s wrong?” Tang Moxi walked out of the kitchen quickly and asked.

“I forgot to take a shower last night!”

“You only remembered now?!” Tang Moxi was amused.

“No wonder I couldn’t sleep last night. I can’t sleep without taking a shower!” Liuli said with a bitter expression.

“You can go wash up now. After you’re done, come out and eat!” With that, Tang Moxi turned around and returned to the bedroom.

After Liuli turned around to enter the bedroom, she couldn’t help but reach out to cover her face again. She wanted to bang her head against the wall.

She couldn’t sleep without a shower, but hadn’t she fallen asleep last night?

Although she was awake in the middle of the night, she had fallen asleep twice.

Moreover, she slept against Uncle Tang until now!

How embarrassing!

Liuli dawdled in the bathroom for a long time before walking out to eat breakfast.

Tang Moxi had already made breakfast and was waiting for her.

Liuli sat down on the ground across from Tang Moxi.

There were omelets, sandwiches, and a salad on the table.

“Brother Moxi, do you usually eat these things for breakfast?” Liuli looked up at Tang Moxi and asked.

“You don’t like these things?” Tang Moxi looked up at Liuli as he cut the omelet.

“I don’t like eating these cold things in the winter. Let me cook in the future!” Liuli said as she picked up the sandwich and took a bite.

“Okay!” Tang Moxi stared at Liuli and replied after a while.

Liuli almost choked on the sandwich in her mouth.

Only then did she realize what she had just said.

It was as if she and Uncle Tang were going to live together in the future.

Alright, at least they would stay together for a few days after they got married!

That was until she returned to school to continue her studies.

After breakfast, Tang Moxi sent Liuli home and sat at the Yu family’s residence for a while before leaving.

Liuli was called into the room by her mother to be lectured.

“Where did you go with Jingxing yesterday? You didn’t come back all night.”

“Nowhere. I was just chatting with Brother Moxi.”

“You guys chatted all night?” Lin Yu asked her daughter.

“Yes, after that, I fell asleep.”

“Liuli, it’s not that I want to control you too strictly, but you’re still young.

I’m worried that you’ll suffer!” Lin Yu lamented.

“Mom, I know. I know you love me!

Mom, I’ll protect myself well.

Moreover, Brother Moxi treated me very well.

You don’t have to worry!” Liuli couldn’t help but hug her mother to comfort her and her heart ached.

“You’re going to marry him soon.

From now on, you and Jingxing will be husband and wife.

There are some things you have to experience sooner or later.

However, I think you’re still young, so you should focus on studying first!

“You should think about the rest after graduation!” Lin Yu spoke very vaguely, so she wasn’t sure if her daughter could understand!

“Mom, I know. I’ll continue to study even after I get married.

“Brother Moxi also said that after I get married, I can go back to school and continue studying,” Liuli said.

She didn’t dare to tell her mother that her marriage with Brother Moxi was actually just for show.

After marriage, she and Uncle Tang would still live their own lives. It wouldn’t affect or change anything.

Lin Yu nodded and didn’t say anything else.

After the wedding date was set, preparations for the wedding were officially on the agenda.

Liuli never knew that marriage was such a troublesome thing.

Although a professional wedding team had already arranged the wedding process and Tang Moxi’s assistant, He Yao, was personally in charge, there were still many details that needed to be confirmed by the bride and groom.

From the design of the gown and jewelry, to the guest list of the banquet, the dishes at the banquet, and the wedding, they had to confirm all the details.

Liuli originally thought that she just had to wait to become a bride.

Now, she realized that she was too naive.

On this day, she chatted with Duoduo online.

Duoduo asked her if she had gone somewhere to play during the holidays.

Liuli replied directly.

“I was so busy, so where could I have gone?”

“What were you busy with?”

Only then did Liuli realize that she had almost exposed herself.

Duoduo had no idea that she was getting married. Previously, she had told Duoduo that it was her classmate who was getting married.

“I was busy at home with my parents!” Liuli could only answer vaguely as she typed on the keyboard.

“Is your family from the countryside? Do you have to work on the farm?”

“I live in the suburbs, so I’m basically from the countryside!” Liuli replied.

Actually, there was no more land, so her parents were working in the city now.

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