Wearing an Engagement Ring

“Originally, we wanted to design a sapphire blue one, but because you’re a bride and burgundy is more suitable for the festive atmosphere, we changed it to burgundy!”

“The others are not bad. It’s just that I don’t usually dress so demurely, so I’m a little unaccustomed to suddenly changing into this style,” Liuli replied awkwardly.

“You have a great figure, so it would be a pity if you didn’t wear a dress!” Annie replied.

“Isn’t Brother Moxi even more good-looking? Is his gown also very handsome?!” Liuli blurted out.

“Mr. Tang’s gown is not designed by me.

However, I’ve spoken with Mr. John. Every one of Mr. Tang’s outfits will match yours.

“At the wedding, you two will be the most compatible couple,” Annie replied.

Liuli wanted to say that they actually looked more like father and daughter!

However, in the end, she kept her mouth shut because it was too rude.

After confirming Liuli’s opinions, Annie and Joey took their leave.

Liuli and her mother sent them to the door. After watching their car leave, they turned around and returned to the house.

“Mom, which one do you think looks prettier on me?!” Liuli asked as she put her arm around her mother’s shoulder.

“Of course you look the prettiest in the bridal gown!” Lin Yu replied.

When her daughter was trying on the gown, she went in to take a look.

Actually, she didn’t notice which one looked better on her daughter, but when she saw that her daughter was about to get married,

she couldn’t help but feel a little melancholic.

Liuli hugged her mother’s shoulder as she wheedled.

“Mom, do you also think that I’ll be the most beautiful bride?”

“The bride should be the prettiest!” Lin Yu replied.

Liuli complained,

“Mom, praise me for being the most beautiful one. It won’t hurt to praise me!”

“You’ll get too proud if I praise you!” Lin Yu replied directly.


In the end, Liuli pouted as she protested.

“Then I’ll ask Grandma!”

Then, she turned around and walked towards her grandmother’s room.

After taking a few steps, she realized that her grandmother had not seen what her gowns looked like, so how would she know if it looked good or not?!

Immediately, she turned around gloomily and saw her mother shaking her head in amusement.

Liuli immediately lowered her head with a pitiful expression.

In the blink of an eye, it was time for Liuli and Tang Moxi to get engaged.

Liuli’s mother came upstairs early in the morning to wake Liuli up.

Sigh, poor her. She was having a beautiful dream!

It wasn’t easy for her to dream of her senior.

She finally mustered her courage. Instead of running away when she saw her senior, she walked towards him with her head held high.

However, she had only taken two steps when she heard her mother’s voice…

“Liuli, wake up…”

Then, her senior disappeared!

Liuli couldn’t help but moan. She really wanted to pretend that she hadn’t heard anything!

However, her mother’s voice was as loud as that of a demon.

It was difficult for her to pretend not to hear her.

“Mom, can I sleep a little longer?” Liuli begged as she hugged the blanket.

“No, Jingxing and the others will be here soon. Hurry up and get up.”

“Why is Brother Moxi coming here?” Liuli muttered in confusion.

“You forgot again? Today is your engagement day with Jingxing!” Lin Yu glared at her daughter and replied.

“Engagement? Oh, I almost forgot. I’m getting married today.

“No, I’m getting engaged today!” Liuli said plaintively as she pulled her hair and sat up.

Then, she went to the bathroom groggily to wash up.

Looking at herself in the mirror, it was hard for her to imagine that she was going to get married!

She wondered if Uncle Tang would want to marry her when he saw her like this.

Should she inform Uncle Tang first…

The Yu family’s product had already been sold, so it couldn’t be returned!

When she walked out of the bathroom, her mother had already prepared clothes and was waiting for her.

“Wear this today. When Jingxing and the others come later, don’t spout nonsense. Just keep smiling.”

“I know. I’ll smile nonstop, okay?!” Liuli muttered.

The next second, her eyes widened when she saw the set of clothes in her mother’s hand.

“Mom, I don’t have to wear this, do I? We’re getting engaged today, not getting married!” Liuli said in shock.

Her mother was holding an orange woolen cheongsam dress and a jacket of the same color. There were even mandarin ducks embroidered on it.

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