I Like You

“What are you thinking about? You keep shaking your head!” Tang Moxi asked Liuli.

“Me? Hehe, I’m not thinking about anything. My neck is just a little sore!” Liuli explained with a stiff smile.

Tang Moxi smiled at her and didn’t ask further.

She knew that Uncle Tang could read her mind at a glance, but she still made up a clumsy excuse.

Sigh, but she couldn’t tell Uncle Tang directly that she felt that he was too charming and might cheat on her!

Liuli couldn’t help but sigh again, but in the next second, she immediately realized what she had done.

She quickly suppressed her laughter and looked at Uncle Tang with a wry smile.

“Do you want anything else to eat?” Tang Moxi asked calmly.

“I’m full!” Liuli immediately replied.

She looked down and saw that the plate in front of her was empty.

Liuli didn’t want to admit that she had eaten it all!

However, this was the harsh truth!

“Let’s go. I’ll send you back!” Tang Moxi said.

“Alright, alright!” Liuli immediately nodded and stood up.

Otherwise, if she sat down again, she would be so overcome with embarrassment that she would have to crawl under the table.

After the two of them walked out of the porridge shop, they realized that the temperature was even colder than before.

After Tang Moxi grabbed Liuli’s hand, he took off his coat and draped it over her.

“Brother Moxi, I’m not cold!” Liuli quickly said in refusal.

When she came out of the restaurant, she had put on the long tweed jacket her mother had brought for her. Coupled with the fact that she had just eaten porridge, she didn’t feel cold at all.

“Keep it on. When you catch a cold later, you won’t be able to be a beautiful bride anymore!” Tang Moxi pressed her shoulder and said half-jokingly.

“If you catch a cold, you won’t be able to be a handsome groom either!” Liuli retorted.

The next second, she felt that this sentence seemed a little ambiguous.

She could only pretend that she hadn’t said that just now!

“No,” Tang Moxi replied aloofly.

“Brother Moxi…” Liuli tugged at Tang Moxi’s sleeve.

“Huh?” Tang Moxi looked down at her.

“How about we run?” Liuli asked with a smile.

“I thought you didn’t like running?”

“Well… we won’t be as cold after running!”

“Uh…” Tang Moxi looked at Liuli without saying anything.

Liuli felt that she had come up with another bad idea.

Just as she was about to say something to ease the awkwardness, she heard Tang Moxi say,

“We shouldn’t exercise right after eating!”

“Uh…” Liuli was at a loss for words.

“If you want to run, you can start tomorrow.”

“Huh?” Liuli widened her eyes as she looked at Tang Moxi in shock.

“I’ll pick you up tomorrow for a morning run,” Tang Moxi continued.

“No, no. I hate running the most. Besides, I can’t get up that early in the morning,” Liuli said quickly.

She would rather lie in bed and die of heat than wake up early in the morning for a run!

“It’s fine. You can take your time. I’ll accompany you!” Tang Moxi replied with a smile, as if he didn’t hear Liuli’s rejection.

Liuli felt dejected and wanted to say that it was useless for him to accompany her!

It wasn’t like he could help her run!

Besides, she couldn’t get up before nine in the morning!

What time did he plan to start running?

How far did he plan to run?

If it was after ten o’clock, she could consider running 50 meters!

If not, he could forget about it!

Then, the two of them walked back to the first restaurant.

The Tang family’s driver had already driven the car back and was waiting for them at the entrance of the restaurant.

Tang Moxi let Liuli get into the car first before following her to the back seat.

Liuli had been thinking about a question.

Why didn’t Uncle Tang ask the driver to drive the car to the porridge shop to pick them up?

It saved them the trouble of walking back for such a long distance!

However, after Uncle Tang got into the car, he leaned against the back of the chair and closed his eyes to rest not long after. He looked very tired.

Liuli could only keep silent.

When they arrived at the entrance of the Yu family’s residence,

“Liuli, go in!” Tang Moxi said after getting out of the car with Liuli.

“Brother Moxi, aren’t you going in to sit for a while?” Liuli turned around and asked.

“Perhaps some other day. It’s a little late today, so I won’t disturb our parents’ rest!” Tang Moxi replied.

Liuli blushed and said.

“Then go back early. I’m going in now. Good night!”

She still wasn’t used to Uncle Tang calling her parents his own!

It seemed very intimate!

“Good night!” Tang Moxi replied with a smile.

After Tang Moxi watched her enter the house, he turned around and got into the car to get the driver to drive back to the Tang family’s home.

After Liuli entered the house, she saw that her mother was still sitting in the living room and waiting for her.

“Mom, you’re still awake?!”

“I was waiting for you!” Lin Yu replied. Then, she yawned and got up to close the window while preparing to sleep.

Liuli walked over and closed the door for her mother.

“Mom, don’t wait for me if I come back late in the future.”

Lin Yu stopped and looked at Liuli. Then, she sighed.

“If you don’t come back, I won’t be able to sleep.

Therefore, I might as well wait for you to come back so that I can sleep peacefully!”

Liuli pursed her lips. She was a little moved, but she didn’t know how to respond.

After she helped her mother close the door and windows, her mother walked out from the kitchen.

“Go sleep!” Lin Yu said to Liuli.

“Mother, you should go sleep too!” Liuli said, “My father is asleep?!”

“He fell asleep as soon as he came back. Your father drank too much at night.

“How is Jingxing? He drank a lot tonight too!” Lin Yu asked with concern.

“He should be alright!” Liuli replied hesitantly.

Actually, she didn’t know if Uncle Tang was fine or not.

He didn’t look very well.

However, he didn’t show any signs of drunkenness.

Therefore, she didn’t know for sure either!

“Jingxing has helped you a lot today.” Lin Yu nodded and replied, “Go to sleep. I’m going to sleep too!”

“Good night, Mom!” Liuli replied.

“Yes!” Lin Yu replied as she walked towards the bedroom.

Originally, her parents’ master bedroom was upstairs.

Later on, her grandma’s health deteriorated.

In order to make it easier to take care of her grandmother, her parents moved downstairs from the bedroom above.

Liuli walked upstairs.

Her mother was really the most filial daughter-in-law in the world.

Although her family was quite rich now, and they hired a nanny to help clean and cook, her mother still did many things herself.

She always said that other people wouldn’t be as dutiful as her own family.

Therefore, if she could be as dutiful as her mother in the future, that would be very impressive.

After going upstairs, Liuli took her clothes and was about to walk into the bedroom when she realized that she was still wearing Uncle Tang’s coat. She had actually forgotten to return it to him.

No wonder she had been feeling very hot just now. She was wearing such heavy clothing!

However, after returning, she forgot about it.

Liuli took off her coat and placed it on the bed.

Looking at the coat, she wondered if Uncle Tang would catch a cold tonight!

She didn’t expect Uncle Tang to be so good at taking care of people despite his aloof appearance.

Sometimes, she almost had the illusion that Uncle Tang actually liked her, and that he had liked her for a long time!

Sometimes, the affectionate way Uncle Tang looked at her made her feel like she was about to melt!

She was probably just fantasizing about it!

Liuli laughed self-deprecatingly as she took off her coat.

Then, she took her pajamas from the wardrobe and went to the bedroom to take a shower.

After Liuli washed up, she blew her hair dry and walked out of the bathroom.

As she sat on the bed with her phone, she wondered if Uncle Tang was home yet.

In the end, she couldn’t help but send a message to Uncle Tang.

“Brother Moxi, are you home?”

He didn’r reply to her!

Uncle Tang was probably asleep, either in bed or in the car!

After Liuli’s hair dried, she turned off the lights and snuggled under the blanket,

Her phone chimed.

“You’ve been back for a while, but you still haven’t gone to bed yet?”

After Liuli finished reading the message, she replied,

“I’m about to sleep. Uncle, you should sleep early too!”

Not long after, she received a reply from Uncle Tang.

“Girl, you’re still calling me uncle?!”

Liuli smiled when she saw the message.

She and Uncle Tang were already engaged, so it was indeed a little strange to call him Uncle.

“Otherwise, what should I call you?” Liuli deliberately asked.

“Between husband or darling, choose one!”

Liuli didn’t expect Uncle Tang to joke.

When she saw that message, she couldn’t help but laugh.

“Hubby… If I call you that, will you dare to answer me?” Liuli replied playfully.

This time, Liuli’s phone rang.

Seeing that it was Uncle Tang, Liuli immediately panicked.

In the messages just now, she was able to be impudent, but on the phone, she didn’t dare to be so flippant anymore.

She picked it up hesitantly.

“Hehe…” She chuckled foolishly.

Laughter came from the other end of the phone, followed by Tang Moxi’s slightly deep voice.

“Is this laughter a form of address?”


“Didn’t you ask me if I would dare to respond if you called me that?

“Were you calling me just now?” Tang Moxi continued to tease.

“Hehe, of course not!”

“Aren’t you going to sleep?”

“I’m already under the covers. What about you?”

“I’m not in bed yet!”


“Go to bed early. There’s nothing else!”

“Um… Can I ask you a question?” Liuli said quickly.

“Sure, but you might have to answer a question of mine in exchange!”

“Alright, that’s fair!”

“You care that much about fairness?”

“Of course, fairness is the best, since everyone is the same and there’s no need to compete.”

“Liuli, there’s no absolute fairness in this world!”

“I know. It’s fine as long as it’s relatively fair.”

“Sometimes it’s hard!”

“Then it’s fine as long as it’s fair to you!” This was already Liuli’s bottom line.

Tang Moxi smiled, but didn’t respond. After a while, he said,

“Ask away. What do you want to know?”

“Um… Will you answer everything I ask?”

“If I know the answer!”

“Alright, um… do you like me?”

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