Do You Want a Refund?

“Liuli, are you sure you want to ask this question?”

“Of course!” Liuli said with a blush.

“If you ask that question, you owe me a question as well!”


“I thought you already knew the answer!”

“I don’t know the answer!”

“Well, I like you quite a lot!”

“Um, perhaps you’re misunderstanding me?

My so-called liking is that kind of liking, not the kind you’re talking about!” Liuli said awkwardly.

“Is there a difference?” Tang Moxi asked on the other end of the phone.

“Is there a difference between loving and liking someone?” Liuli immediately asked.

After saying that, she couldn’t help but moan. What was she talking about?!

Liuli covered her burning face. She really regretted her words.

There was silence on the other end of the line.

Liuli was about to say, “Forget it.”

Tang Moxi said slowly,

“I love you, Liuli!”

“Huh?” Liuli was stunned.

Although before asking, she knew that there were only two possibilities. One was that he loved her, and the other was that he didn’t love her.

If he didn’t love her, it was easy to understand why. After all, they had been forced to get married.

They had only known each other for half a month, so how could they develop feelings for each other so quickly?!

Love at first sight was mostly a lie. Besides, she didn’t think she was gorgeous enough to make Uncle Tang fall in love with her at first sight.

At most, he had a good impression of her. For example, he liked her and felt that she was quite suitable with him.

However, it was a little farfetched if he said he loved her.

However, Liuli still wanted to ask.

After interacting with Uncle Tang during this period of time, she felt that Uncle Tang took good care of her and cared about her. He even took the initiative to kiss her.

If not for the fact that he liked her, to be precise, if he loved her, even if it was just a little,

He wouldn’t have acted like that!

She herself wouldn’t be able to act like that!

Moreover, sometimes, she even felt that Uncle Tang seemed to have liked her for a long time!

Therefore, if she didn’t ask for the results, she would die of curiosity!

But now, Uncle Tang admitted it openly…

He said that he loved her!

“Really? Uncle!” Liuli blurted out in disbelief.

“Girl, it’s rare for me to confess, so can you not sound suspicious?!” Tang Moxi asked with a smile.

“No, it’s just that we’ve only known each other for half a month, so how is that possible? When did you… start to like me?” Liuli asked in one breath while looking very agitated.

The next second, she felt a little embarrassed. Should she pretend to be more reserved?

“This is the second question!”

“Alright, pretend I didn’t ask. What do you want to ask me? Ask away!

However, you can’t ask the same question as me!” Liuli warned.

Actually, she wasn’t afraid that Uncle Tang would ask her this question.

She was just too embarrassed to answer him!

Although she liked Uncle Tang a little, it wasn’t to the extent of making vows to him.

However, they really had a good impression of each other, so in a sense, they were friends!

And to be honest, she liked to stay with Uncle Tang.

“Then I’ll keep this question for now and ask it in the future!” Tang Moxi replied.

“It’ll expire if you don’t ask in time!” Liuli said proudly.

“Turns out you’re so cunning!” Tang Moxi said in amusement.

“We have to get to the bottom of this today. How can we leave this for the future?

“Uncle, if you can’t think of anything, it’s invalid!” Liuli replied fearlessly.

“Then do you want me to ask one question, or should I just void it?”

“Of course it’s invalid! Haha!” Liuli immediately laughed.

“Then it’ll be invalid. It’s fine to let you take advantage of me from time to time!” Tang Moxi replied with a smile.

Liuli was immediately touched, so after smacking her lips, she mustered her courage and said,

“Uncle, actually… that… something…”

However, she stammered in the end, so Tang Moxi didn’t hear what she was saying.

“Huh?” Tang Moxi replied in confusion.

“Hubby, I actually like you as well! Good night!” Liuli said in one breath.

She didn’t have the courage to wait for Tang Moxi’s response and hung up.

She was already blushing to her ears.


At this moment, her phone rang…

Liuli was so startled that she threw her phone away.

It took her a second to realize that it was just a text message ring.

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