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Chapter 94 - 94: Teasing 12

Chapter 94: Teasing 12

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“Thank you, Grandpa. 1’11 do my best!” Tang Yanxi replied with a smile.

Actually, everyone knew very well that Grandpa was already terminally ill.

He was essentially clinging to life.

Therefore, as long as they could bring Grandpa happiness, everyone would agree, even if they might not be able to fulfill it.

Finally, it was Tang Yunxi’s turn.

“Yunxi, I was at fault in the past.”

“I was too demanding.”

“Please, let go of any grudges.”

“Let bygones be bygones.”

“You are a good child.”

“I also wish you happiness and finding a good partner.”

“Please, Grandpa.”

“1 know you loved me deeply.”

“I couldn’t understand it before.”

“But now I do.”

“I wish you health and a long life until 100!” Tang Yunxi said through tears.

“Alright, alright, we’re celebrating the New Year, no more sad words.”

“We should all be happy, and the Tang family should always be together.” Grandpa Tang concluded.

After the reunion dinner, Liuli received a red packet from Grandpa. Of course,

Tang Moxi, Tang Yunxi, and Tang Yanxi also received red packets.

However, Liuli felt like her red packet was slightly bigger. She didn’t know if it was just her imagination or if it was because of her heartfelt connection.

Anyway, Liuli happily placed the red packet into the large pocket of her cloak. At that moment, Tang Moxi pulled Liuli and took out a box from his pocket. “Grandpa, Liuli and 1 prepared this New Year’s gift for you. We hope you like it!” Liuli paused for a second. When did she prepare it with Mr. Tang?

Moreover, the box was neither big nor small, but it was incredibly exquisite! Tang Sheng opened the box and found a Hetian jade seal inside!

“Alright, alright. I really like it. This gift is wonderful!”

Tang Sheng said happily and then looked at Liuli.

“It’s not easy to find such a treasure!”

“No, as long as Grandpa likes it!” Liuli replied with a smile.

In reality, she had no idea where Mr. Tang had obtained this treasure from.

Therefore, she could only speak without thinking.

After presenting the gift to Grandpa,

Tang Moxi accompanied Liuli to prepare two red packets for his sisters, Tang

Yanxi and Tang Yunxi.

“Thank you, Brother, Sister-in-law. 1 have an extra red packet today!” Tang Yanxi said with a smile.

“One of the red packets was given to me by your sister-in-law!” Tang Moxi replied.

“Thank you, sister-in-law. It’s the first time this year that my brother has given us red packets! It’s all thanks to you!” Tang Yunxi also laughed.

“Of course, of course!” Liuli replied, feeling a bit embarrassed.

In truth, she felt quite guilty!

That red packet had nothing to do with her. It was all prepared by Mr. Tang! Speaking of which, it would be perfect if Mr. Tang could also pack a bag for her. After the New Year’s Eve dinner,

The family gathered in the courtyard to set off firecrackers and sparklers.

Tang Sheng, sitting in a wheelchair, wrapped in a cotton jacket and a blanket, watched them play.

When Liuli was young, she used to play with firecrackers, but it had been a while since she last did.

She didn’t expect to be able to play with them at the Tang family’s house during the New Year!

Liuli waved the sparklers in each hand and excitedly asked Mr. Tang,

“Brother Moxi, do I look like a fairy?!”

“Yes, you look like a little fairy’s attendant!” Tang Moxi added.

Liuli glared at Mr. Tang.

She thought to herself – You’re still like the Bull Demon King!

She simply ignored Mr. Tang and walked over to Grandpa Tang’s side, but the sparkler was still burning.

“Brother Moxi, help me light two more!”

“1’11 help you if you change the way you address me!” Tang Moxi playfully responded.

“What do you mean?” Liuli looked at Tang Moxi in shock.

“One day’s worth of pocket money each time!” Tang Moxi replied.

Liuli was momentarily stunned before she blushed in the next second.

She turned around and complained to Grandpa Tang.

“Grandpa, Brother Moxi is teasing me again!”

“I will help you scold him back. How dare you bully our Liuli?” Tang Sheng said with a smile.

“But Liuli, what’s a day’s pocket money?” Tang Sheng asked curiously. Grandpa, why are you so interested?!

“Grandpa, don’t wait for Brother Moxi to say nonsense.”

“Let’s just ignore him and play with the sparklers!”

“I’ll light it.” After saying that, Liuli wanted to do it herself.

But when she searched her pockets, she couldn’t find a lighter!

What a waste!

In the end, she could only look at Tang Moxi.

Tang Moxi glanced at Liuli and helped her ignite the sparkler.

When he handed it to her, he didn’t forget to remind her.

“Remember to make two wishes tonight!”

“Uh…” Liuli glared at Tang Moxi and pretended not to hear him. Then, she turned around and began playing with the sparklers with Grandpa Tang.

“Grandpa, this one is for you. Just like me, wave it like this and make a wish. It might come true next year!”

“Great!” Tang Sheng smiled with joy.

He waved the sparkler and silently made a wish in his heart.

As an old man, he no longer relied on himself to accomplish things. He only wished for his grandchildren to live well..

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