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Chapter 95 - 95: Teasing 21

Chapter 95: Teasing 21

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“Liuli, come here and play!” Tang Yunxi called out to Liuli, beckoning her to join in the fun.

Liuli handed the partially burned sparkler to Mr. Tang and eagerly rushed over to play with them.

In her excitement, she completely forgot about the bruise on her leg from earlier that day.

“Jingxing, 1 can only assist you to this extent. The rest is up to you,” Tang Sheng said, his voice filled with emotion as he watched the children play happily.

“Grandpa, 1 understand. I will give it my all!” Tang Moxi responded with determination.

Tang Sheng nodded silently, feeling a sense of fatigue washing over him.

Following that, Tang Moxi assisted his grandfather and retired to his room for some rest.

The nurse remained behind to look after Grandpa, and Tang Moxi patiently waited until his grandfather had fallen asleep before getting up.

As he stepped out of the bedroom, he addressed the caregiver waiting at the door, saying,

“I apologize for the inconvenience caused tonight.”

“No need for apologies, Mr. Tang. It’s my duty,” the nurse replied warmly with a smile.

“I still want to express my gratitude. 1 can’t even go home to celebrate the Lunar New Year’s Eve.”

“The same goes for the reunion tomorrow!”

“I have already informed your son about the situation. Please don’t worry.”

“Thank you so much, Mr. Tang,” the nurse said, pleasantly surprised.

“You’re welcome. 1 wish you a joyful New Year and happiness with your family!” “Thank you, and 1 wish Mr. Tang all the best!” the nurse expressed her gratitude sincerely.

Tang Moxi nodded appreciatively and left the main house, making his way toward the garden.

He could hear Liuli’s laughter and cries from a distance as she enjoyed herself with Tang Yunxi and the others.

Tang Moxi observed Liuli’s playful actions from afar and couldn’t help but smile. He felt much older compared to her, lacking that same youthful passion. Liuli noticed Tang Moxi’s presence and hurriedly made her way towards him, seeking refuge behind him.

“Come on, come on!” she challenged, daring Tang Yunxi and Tang Yanxi to join in the fun.

“If you’re brave enough, don’t hide behind my brother!” Tang Yunxi teased with a smile.

“I’m not hiding behind my brother. I’m hiding behind my husband. If you have the guts, hide behind your husband too!” Liuli playfully boasted, showing off. Tang Moxi smiled at Liuli’s antics.

“So what if you’re married!”

“It’s a little impressive!” Liuli grinned.

“Yunxi, what do you think we should do?”

“Where there’s life, there’s hope. We’ll seek revenge when we’re married!” Tang Yunxi responded with determination.

Liuli’s face lit up with joy.

Eventually, everyone grew tired from playing and made their way back to the main house’s living room to rest.

It would soon be midnight, marking the arrival of New Year’s Eve, and they could finally retire to bed.

After the excitement, Liuli began to feel a sense of drowsiness settling in, yet she couldn’t fall asleep and leaned on Tang Moxi instead.

“Are you sleepy?”

“I’m not sleepy!” Liuli widened her eyes and sat up straight.

“Sister-in-law, do you need a toothpick?” Tang Yunxi asked, a mischievous smile on his face.

“No, thank you! 1 don’t have the habit of picking my teeth!” Liuli declined, shaking her head.

“I’m not picking your teeth, I’m just trying to keep you awake!” Tang Yunxi playfully retorted.

“Yunxi, that’s not fair. 1 can definitely stay awake until midnight.”

“You’re the one dozing off!”

“Whoever falls asleep first will be responsible for breakfast tomorrow!” Tang Yunxi made a bet with Liuli.

“Okay! 1 won’t be the first one to fall asleep, I promise!” Liuli declared, puffing out her chest and summoning her determination.

“That’s great. I’ll go to bed first then.”

“Regardless of who falls asleep first, the other will be in charge of breakfast!” “Don’t even think about escaping, you’re included!” Tang Yunxi stated firmly. “Just pull me down with you. It’ll be more fun!” Tang Yanxi innocently chimed in.

Liuli smiled triumphantly and wrapped her arm around Tang Moxi’s, feeling reassured.

After all, she had nothing to fear!

Eventually, Liuli succumbed to her tiredness and fell asleep.

She was truly exhausted.

As she settled down and leaned against Tang Moxi, sleep quickly claimed her.

Tang Yunxi was just about to revel in his victory when he caught his brother’s gaze.

Tang Yunxi could only sigh and lean against Tang Yanxi, accepting his fate.

“Yanxi, do you think that after Big Brother gets married, he will have a wife and no younger sister?”

“Is there anything else to say? The facts have proven that everything!” Tang Yanxi pointed in the direction of her brother and sister-in-law and agreed with a smile.

At this moment, in order to ensure Liuli’s comfort while sleeping, Tang Moxi allowed her to lie down on the sofa and used her legs as a makeshift pillow. He then fetched a blanket and gently covered her.

He wasn’t bothered by his two sisters’ playful teasing and simply let them have their fun.

“Yanxi, Yunxi, go ahead and get some sleep. Liuli and I will handle breakfast tomorrow!”

“Brother, I was just teasing Sister-in-law!”

“I’m not ready to sleep yet. Yanxi, if you’re tired, go ahead and rest!”

“I’ll sleep after midnight!” Tang Yanxi responded.

In truth, the three siblings chose to stay behind to celebrate the Lunar New Year in the hopes that their grandfather’s health would improve and his life would be prolonged.

Though they knew that this hope was slim, they refused to give up.

Their grandmother had once told them that by staying awake on New Year’s Eve, young people could help extend their parents’ lives.

Unfortunately, their parents were no longer with them.

Each of them wished to keep vigil for their parents, hoping that their grandfather could be granted more time in this world..

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