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Chapter 96 - 96: Teasing 2 2

Chapter 96: Teasing 2 2

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Just like that, the three siblings chatted in low voices and passed 12 o’clock together. They bid farewell to the old and welcomed the new! “Happy New Year, Big Brother!”

When midnight came, Tang Yunxi and Tang Yanxi said almost at the same time.

“Happy New Year, Yanxi, Yunxi!”

“I wish Brother and Sister-in-law a happy marriage and a long life together!”

“Then I wish Brother and Sister-in-law eternal love and a happy child!”

“Alright, I wish you all the best!”

“If my boyfriend is as half good as you, I’ll marry him immediately,” Tang Yunxi replied.

“Me too. As long as there’s someone who’s half as good as Eldest Brother and is pursuing me, I’ll immediately agree!” Tang Yanxi echoed.

“Don’t waste your brother’s money. Find someone who is sincere to you. If the two of you are sincere, I’ll be relieved,” Tang Moxi replied, caught between laughter and tears.



“What about you? Do you really want to spend the rest of your life with Sister-in-law?” Tang Yunxi couldn’t help but ask, but she lowered her voice.

“I will only get married once in my life.”

“And Liuli is your only sister-in-law.”

“Do you think it’s true?” Tang Moxi looked up at Tang Yunxi and asked.

“Hehe, I just want Big Brother to be well!”

“Don’t worry about me. Take good care of yourself. I’ll be very happy if you don’t make me worry,” Tang Moxi instructed.

When it was almost one o’clock, Tang Yunxi and Tang Yanxi went to bed.

Tang Moxi carried Liuli back to their house. First, he helped her take off her boots, then carried her upstairs and placed her on the bed. Then, he helped her take off her coat.

Then, she took the liniment and sprayed it on the bruise again.

During this process, Liuli did not wake up. She only muttered,

“My red packet! Oh, my red packet!”

Tang Moxi looked at her, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. After a while, he got up and went downstairs to lock the door.

He returned to the bedroom.

After entering the bathroom and taking a shower, he was about to put on his pajamas.

He heard the bathroom door open.

Tang Moxi looked up and saw Liuli walking in with narrowed eyes, as if she was sleepwalking.

“Liuli…” Tang Moxi had no choice but to put on her pajamas and walk over.

As if in a dream, Liuli turned around. When she saw Mr. Tang, she suddenly cried out in surprise.

“Why are you in the bathroom, Uncle?”

“I just took a shower!” Tang Moxi replied.

“All? 1 was just about to take a shower…” Liuli looked down at herself and called out again. She hurriedly took off her ordinary clothes.

She was sweating because she had been too crazy with Tang Yunxi and Tang Yanxi at night.

She had just woken up in a daze and felt uncomfortable all over, so she wanted to take another shower.

She didn’t expect to run into Mr. Tang.

“Do you need help?” Tang Moxi looked down at Liuli and asked.

“No, no, 1 can do it myself!” Liuli shook her head and replied.

“Then take your time. I’ll go out first!”

“Okay!” Liuli smiled and nodded.

She turned around and saw that Mr. Tang was about to leave.

However, she turned around at the door.

Liuli was nervous for a moment.

“By the way, your figure is developing well, but you can work harder!”

Then, he helped Liuli close the bathroom door.

Liuli was stunned for a few seconds before she reacted.

She opened the door and shouted at Tang Moxi, who was outside.

“Uncle, you’re a bad guy!”

Then, she closed the door.

Hearing Mr. Tang’s laughter outside the bathroom, Liuli felt depressed again.

Mr. Tang was so mean and annoying!

After taking a shower, Liuli wrapped herself in a towel and went to the changing room to change into her pajamas.

As she walked out of the changing room, she suddenly thought, “Eh, where’s my cloak and jacket?”

She didn’t take off this shirt when she was showering just now!

Hence, she panicked and hurriedly asked,

“Brother Moxi, did you see the red cloak I was wearing tonight?”

“Over here!” Tang Moxi picked it up from the sofa and said.

“Oh, alright, alright!” Liuli walked over and took out a red packet from the pocket of her cloak. She heaved a sigh of relief and put the red packet back.

“Liuli, go and see what’s under the pillow!” Tang Moxi said.

“What is it?” Liuli asked in confusion.

“Take a look and you’ll know!”

Liuli looked at Mr. Tang in confusion, but she still walked over and lifted the pillow.

“There’s nothing!”

“Your side!”

“Oh!” Liuli lifted the pillow on the inside and realized that there were two packets of red packets below.

Liuli picked it up excitedly and said.

“Uncle, there are two red packets!”

“It’s for you!”

“Huh? Who gave it to me?”

“Your husband gave it to you!” Tang Moxi looked at her and replied.

“Why did you give me a red packet?” Liuli asked in confusion.

“From this year onwards, I will give you a red packet every year.”

“Until the birth of our son.”

“When the time comes, I’ll give it to my son!” Tang Moxi explained.

Liuli was completely stunned, as if she did not understand Tang Moxi’s words.

“Go to sleep. It’s late!” Tang Moxi walked over and said.

Liuli responded and climbed onto the bed, putting the red packet back under her pillow..

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