The Ocean Lord Is Unusually Powerful

Chapter 481 - Chapter 481: Battle Damage, Interrogation (2)

Chapter 481: Battle Damage, Interrogation (2)

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Ji Chen nodded slightly, agreeing to the proposal.

Just as he was about to step forward, as if remembering something, he turned his body and gestured to Shalifa, who was being held by Herald.

“According to the fleet captives, this man is their fleet commander and the commander of this attack on Feiguang City. Perhaps he could be of some use to you.”

Shalifa, who was trying to reduce his presence, shivered slightly, but managed to maintain his composure. Fie was aware of his identity, as a noble and a senior officer, he still had some value. At the very least, he would not be executed immediately.

However, in the hands of the enemy, he would likely suffer some punishment.

“Lord Ji Chen, I have a question in my mind. Why did you voluntarily help us? After all, you are a Lord of Glory, and the Bass Kingdom is not a natural enemy.”

Feiguang City.

Inside a luxurious building at the center of the city.

Ji Chen smiled faintly. “This is thanks to Her Highness Monica.”

Sylvansai was taken aback and asked in surprise, “Your Lordship, do you know Her Highness?”

Ji Chen smiled and briefly explained his previous acquaintance with Monica.

Listening to this, Sylvansai suddenly realized and was overjoyed.

In this way, they had a natural affinity with Ji Chen, at least from the current perspective, they could consider him an ally.

Other soldiers may not be fully aware of what happened, but they had been observing Ji Chen’s performance and the actions of the sea clan army throughout the battlefield.

From the instant the sea clan forces ambushed the enemy’s eighth fleet from below the water’s surface, swiftly seizing command of the deck, to the critical deployment of the alchemical cannon that not only demolished the walls of Feiguang City but also eliminated the Bass Kingdom soldiers in the breached area, enabling them to retake control of the city walls.

Then, taking advantage of the enemy’s panic and their retreat by ship, Ji Chen singlehandedly created a massive wave that submerged them. Only a few soldiers managed to escape, and the nearly hundred-thousand-strong army attacking Feiguang City completely collapsed, with only the aerial units and a few surviving soldiers managing to flee.

Such a powerful individual, if they could join the kingdom’s side, would undoubtedly be a tremendous asset.

With this sea clan army completely obedient to him and possessing much greater combat strength in the ocean than ordinary armies, they could turn the tide in favor of the kingdom in naval battles. The captured eighth fleet of the Bass Kingdom was the best evidence.

“However, your willingness to come all the way to help the kingdom defend against the Bass Kingdom’s attack is a commendable act.

1 believe Her Highness Monica is aware of this, and she will be immensely pleased with your arrival,” Sylvansai said enthusiastically.

Ji Chen smiled and wasn’t surprised by Sylvansai’s respect and enthusiasm.

In this world, strength was the best passport.

Not only would they be warmly welcomed like this, but even entire nations would treat powerful individuals as honored guests, providing them with the finest food and drink.

“Sir Sylvansai, did you know that behind this war, there’s an organization called ‘the Deceiver’ secretly aiding the Bass Kingdom? This includes, but is not limited to, supplying a large number of weapons, war machinery, and even providing the alchemical cannon.”

“Damn it! 1 knew there must be a reason why the Bass Kingdom’s weapons and war machinery quality improved so much, leading to our heavy losses!”

Sylvansai clenched his teeth in anger, but then his expression turned puzzled. “But 1 remember we haven’t provoked them. We’ve only heard about their activities in the central part of the Northern Continent. How did they end up working with the Bass Kingdom?”

Ji Chen shook his head. “I want to figure that out too. In fact, I’ve had dealings with them in the Maple Principality.

In simple terms, they are fanatics who hate anything related to deities. Since the Deceiver is working with the Bass Kingdom, there must be something they value greatly, or they wouldn’t expend so much effort helping them wage this war.

Or perhaps there’s something within the Lienhardt Grand Duchy that they want.”

Ji Chen looked at Sylvansai and chuckled, “Maybe we can ask that captive named Shalifa. After all, he is a fleet commander, and he must know something.”

Following his suggestion, Shalifa was brought over, his face remarkably composed.

“I won’t say anything, don’t try to challenge my loyalty to His Majesty and the kingdom.”

“That’s alright, 1 was planning to have you speak with your mouth shut,” Ji Chen said casually, approaching him and speaking softly. “1 have ways to obtain what I want from inside your head.

Do you know that there’s a mysterious race in the ocean that excels in manipulating minds? They can effortlessly invade your brain and browse through your memories like reading a book.

However, this forced intrusion comes with a rather significant side effect, a high probability of turning you into a simpleton or causing mental instability.”

Halifa’s throat rumbled, and from Ji Chen’s eyes, he sensed that these words weren’t mere bluffs.

Still, he stared back defiantly. “Don’t think you can trick me with those words. I’m not easy to deceive!”

Ji Chen remained expressionless and clapped his hands lightly.

Alice walked over, her sapphire eyes beneath the mask fixed on Shalifa, making him suddenly feel anxious.

Then, he suddenly heard a strange singing voice in his ears, flowing like water into his ears, causing a searing pain in his head, as if his mind were being torn apart.

“Wait, I’ll talk!”

The singing ceased, and Shalifa, pale-faced, glanced at Alice, his eyes filled with fear.

Damn it, what they said was actually true!

He really felt a force entering through his ears, attempting to infiltrate his brain.

He was a noble of the Bass Kingdom! His status was high, and how could he become a simpleton here!?

As long as he could return alive, he would promise anything.

Shalifa looked at Ji Chen as though he were facing a demon, his throat somewhat dry. “What do you want to know?”

“Why did the Deceiver suddenly collaborate with the Bass Kingdom? What role are they playing in this war?” Ji Chen asked solemnly.

“The Deceiver…” Shalifa paused for a moment, “it goes back a long time ago. Two years ago, one day during a royal audience, a person with a golden mask suddenly appeared by His Majesty’s side. They claimed to be…”

Shalifa hid nothing, and to ensure the safety of his own head, he revealed everything he knew about the Deceivers.

This included their sudden appearance, their rapid gain of the King’s trust, astounding alchemical technology, substantial support in terms of weaponry and equipment, and their formidable intelligence capabilities.

The more Ji Chen listened, the more surprised he became.

The Deceiver’s scheme might be even larger than he had imagined.

“This is all 1 know. For more, you may have to ask His Majesty,” Shalifa said cautiously, watching Ji Chen, who was deep in thought, fearing that he might be forced to divulge more information by more invasive means.

“So, you’re saying the Deceiver had been plotting to attack the Lienhardt Grand Duchy for two years already?”

“Probably, but back then, they only participated in court discussions as advisors and didn’t reveal their intent to launch a war.”

At this point, Shalifa seemed to understand as well. The Deceiver had supported the Bass Kingdom for the sole purpose of waging this war.

As he thought about it, Shalifa’s complexion visibly changed.

If the Deceiver was catalyzing the war, did His Majesty know about this?

After all, the current monarch seemed much more impatient than two years ago, even showing signs of wanting to go to war at ail costs. However, all of this was obscured by the prevailing warlike sentiments.

Ji Chen glanced at Shalifa and continued to ask, “Who is the woman with the golden mask who was with you? What is her status within the Deceiver?”

“She is a Revered Envoy; that’s what the lower-ranking Deceivers call her. His Majesty assigned her to assist me, and she also provided the Destroyer Cannon along with two matching shells, which have now been used up.

As for the rest, I don’t know..”

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