The Ocean Lord Is Unusually Powerful

Chapter 482 - Chapter 482: Hundred Thousand Army Destroyed, Ji Chen Reappears

Chapter 482: Hundred Thousand Army Destroyed, Ji Chen Reappears

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Watching the soldiers escort Shalifa away, Sylvansai’s expression grew solemn. “I never thought that the Deceiver would hold such a crucial position within the Bass Kingdom. It’s hard to imagine that they’ve been preparing for this war for two whole years.”

Ji Chen nodded in agreement. “From what I know about them, they must have made even more preparations behind the scenes before making their presence known. Otherwise, they wouldn’t dare to launch a war so boldly.”

Sylvansai nodded in deep agreement. Today, without this unexpected support, Feiguang City would have likely fallen under the bombardment of the cannons.

Even he had never witnessed the terrifying power of the alchemical cannon, combined with an army of one hundred thousand troops fully equipped. It proved the depth of the Deceiver’s resources.

Ji Chen decided to stay in Feiguang City for now. The city’s external intelligence channels had not yet been restored, and their information about the situation elsewhere was several days old.

Without sufficient intelligence and information, launching a blind attack would not be a wise choice.

In addition, the Bass Kingdom army that had besieged Feiguang City was almost entirely wiped out. The Eighth Fleet, captured as spoils of war, was taken back to a military port. In reality, the Bass Kingdom could no longer maintain a complete blockade.

The Bass Kingdom’s special forces, scattered in the mountains and forests, responsible for intercepting messengers sent by Feiguang City, initially couldn’t believe it when they received news of the complete annihilation of the main army.

How could nearly a hundred thousand troops, along with naval firepower support, be nearly wiped out in less than half a day?

Were they killed by falling boulders from the sky?

However, when they secretly sent scouts to investigate and saw the wreckage of landing ships floating on the sea, the corpses of their allied soldiers, warships bearing their lowered flags in the harbor, and the Lienhardt Grand Duchy flag still flying unyielding on the city walls, they had no choice but to accept the undeniable truth.

All signs indicated that the campaign to attack Feiguang City had failed, and it seemed pointless to continue the blockade.

Now they had a new mission: to withdraw and regroup with other Allied forces. They needed to inform the rest of their forces about what had happened here. Realizing that the Bass Kingdom had lifted its information blockade on them, several Feiguang City communication teams were quickly dispatched.

They spread the news of everything that happened here, including the Deceiver’s alchemical cannon, the city’s defense, the arrival of a powerful figure from the distant seas who resurrected the Eighth Fleet, and the decimation of nearly a hundred thousand enemy soldiers in this battle.

This news spread like a sea breeze towards the capital city of Tressburg.

The tremendous victory that occurred here was excellent news for the Lienhardt Grand Duchy, which had already seen half of its territory engulfed in ruthless warfare and was in a disadvantaged position. It was enough to boost the morale and confidence of the entire nation.

Meanwhile, the airborne troops who decided to retreat when the situation started to change managed to convey all the events in Feiguang City back to their headquarters in just two days of non-stop flying, faster than any other unit.

In a town on the border between the two countries.

Several days before the war broke out, this border town, originally belonging to the Lienhardt Grand Duchy, had fallen immediately and become the central command center for the Bass Kingdom’s army.

Within the Lord Manor at the town center.

A voice filled with both skepticism and anger could be heard.

“Almost the entire hundred-thousand-strong army attacking Feiguang City has been wiped out?

Damn it, how is that even possible!?”

Hearing this news, Marshal Russell, the overall commander of this war, nearly jumped out of his chair. He grabbed a subordinate officer by the collar, attempting to find any trace of deception in his eyes.

But soon, he felt disappointed, for the officer’s eyes held the same disbelief.

“Report to the Marshal, this information comes directly from the airborne unit that returned from Feiguang City, and it has a high level of credibility.

Furthermore, based on reports trickling in from other sources, it does appear that the army responsible for attacking Feiguang City has indeed been defeated. Only three units of a thousand soldiers each, along with a few troops, were able to withdraw.”

“What about the Eighth Fleet?”

“The naval command mentioned that the Eighth Fleet didn’t send any messages or reports last night and this morning, so it’s feared that they might have…”

Receiving this answer, even Russell, a seasoned commander, was momentarily at a loss. He slumped in his chair.

A complex mixture of fear, anger, and disbelief flashed through his eyes, unable to accurately capture the turmoil within him.

Those were a full hundred thousand people, not a hundred thousand pigs!

And even if they were a hundred thousand pigs, it would take a whole day to slaughter them, wouldn’t it?

Just yesterday afternoon, they were saying that everything was going smoothly, that the soldiers were about to breach the city walls, and now they were suddenly reporting that almost the entire army had been wiped out?

Not only that, but the fleet powerful enough to destroy a small nation was captured, and all of this against Feiguang City’s garrison of thirty thousand? What kind of joke is this?

Are you telling me that ships at sea can be captured by people walking on land? Are your propellers just for show?

Even before the war began, he had obtained comprehensive intelligence from the Deceivers about Feiguang City’s military strength and fortifications.

It could be said that the entire city was almost transparent to them, and they could attack it however they pleased..

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