Chapter 425: Unparalleled Hero! (2)

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“How could it be him!” Chen Ye’s eyes widened as he looked at the scene in shock.

Xu Kui also took a few steps forward and looked at it carefully for a moment. He had a confused expression as if he was dreaming. “Impossible, that’s impossible. We all know that Su Yun knows how to throw cards and needles. Even your police have filed it. But how did he do it? How could he kill dozens of mercenaries with a wooden saber alone? I never knew that he had this ability.”

“Is this Su Yun the filing officer you mentioned?” Although Feng Shaoyu did not know much about Su Yun, he roughly knew about Su Yun’s record in Hibiscus City’s police station and extraordinary methods from their previous discussion. But he was still shocked that the legendary Macheteman was actually the same person as the Su Yun they were talking about.

Professor Sun and the others, who were originally studying the map at the command table and planning to find a solution, turned around when they heard Su Yun’s name.

“What’s wrong with Young Friend Su Yun?” As Professor Sun spoke, he walked over with a few people. However, when they saw the face that was about to hide behind the jade door, they were also stunned on the spot.

The Macheteman who had told them to prepare to go to the tomb next time was actually Su Yun. This news shocked Professor Sun and the others.

To everyone’s surprise, a shot was fired from somewhere, and the image of the military drone quickly darkened.

“Military drones are down.”

Just as he was about to unveil the Macheteman’s mysterious veil, the screen suddenly turned black.

Feng Shaoyu urgently ordered, “Hurry up and send out another military drone to recover the transmission image as soon as possible!”


Feng Shaoyu and the others all thought that the mercenaries had shot down the drone. What they did not know was that after the gunshot, the mercenaries raised their guns and looked around as if they were facing a great enemy.

“Who shot it?” Divine Gun frowned in confusion, but the mercenaries present were silent. Clearly, this gunshot had nothing to do with him.

Su Yun, who was hiding behind the jade door, finally caught his breath after the attack just now, which frightened the mercenaries. He hid behind the jade door and leaned against it tightly. He panted heavily and tried his best to recover his strength.

However, to Su Yun, the matter was far from over. He had already completely exposed his identity, so there was no need to hide anymore. Therefore, he quickly pressed his earpiece and said anxiously, “Professors, you can set off!”

Be it Feng Shaoyu and the others, or Professor Sun and the others standing at the entrance of the tomb, they all heard a voice coming from their earpieces. Moreover, this voice was very familiar to them.

A second ago, when the drone was shot down and the screen darkened, everyone was anxious because of this. They did not know what had happened. However, in the chaos, Su Yun’s voice sounded, immediately causing the command room to fall silent.

Especially Chen Ye. After hearing this voice, it seemed to verify the authenticity of the scene they had just seen. “Su Yun, is the person in the tomb really you?”

Although everyone already knew the answer, this made them feel disbelief. Perhaps only by hearing an accurate conclusion from Su Yun could they believe that all of this was true. Everything that had happened previously and their doubts seemed to have an answer.

Why did Su Yun suddenly disappear? So many people had searched for him, but they could not find him. Why did the Macheteman appear out of nowhere and defend the ancient tomb alone? Why did the mercenaries near the ancient tomb suddenly fall to the ground and die when he clearly did not see anything strange in the video?

These problems were easily resolved with the exposure of Su Yun’s identity as Macheteman.

“Report!” Coincidentally, a soldier carried a package in his hand and hurriedly ran over. “Chief, we still haven’t found Su Yun, but we found his clothes.” The soldier was holding the clothes hidden in the forest when Su Yun changed into the Macheteman’s clothes.

The appearance of this set of clothes also proved the truth. Professor Sun covered his earpiece and asked with a trembling voice, “Su Yun… have you always been guarding the tomb path as a Macheteman?”

Su Yun was panting. After hearing Professor Sun call out his name, he knew that they had learned about the outside world through means. After pausing for a few seconds, he immediately said, “Professor Sun, it’s me. Hurry up and enter the ancient tomb. It’ll be too late if you’re any later.”

“Su Yun, it’s really you!” Zhou Xiaoxiao’s voice followed, her tone filled with cusuenel.

“Su Yun, do you know how dangerous your situation is? That’s beyond the border!” Chen Ye frowned and said to Su Yun anxiously. Thinking of the defense at Qin Island City’s airport not long ago, he could not help but cry and laugh.

It turned out that Macheteman had always been there, but no one could recognize him. Who would have thought that the Macheteman and Su Yun were the same person? The methods used were clearly worlds apart..

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