Chapter 426: Unparalleled Hero! (3)

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Su Yun’s voice sounded from the earpiece. There was a hint of helplessness in his tone. “Captain Chen, and everyone, I’m sorry. I’ve been hiding the

Macheteman from everyone. However, now was the most critical moment. It was not the time to talk about this. These mercenaries would definitely not let the matter rest. I did not know how many reinforcements they had left.

“All I can do is to guard this tomb path and do my best to prevent any outsiders from coveting our national treasure. All of this still has to do with the efforts of the professors. I can only help you for another 30 minutes at most. You must enter the tomb passage at this time and quickly evacuate after doing what you have to do. I can guarantee you that in these 30 minutes, no mercenary will enter the ancient tomb and disturb your movements.”

Su Yun’s words were weak. It was obvious how much strength he had exhausted. In particular, Feng Shaoyu and the others recalled that in the image on the drone’s transmission screen, the Macheteman had been fighting with the mercenaries.

They had thought that this Macheteman had been entrusted by Su Yun to help, but who would have thought that he was actually Su Yun? And in order to protect the country’s treasure, Su Yun did not hesitate to sacrifice his life to guard the path alone.

If not for the fact that he had been exposed in a dangerous situation, his heroic deeds would probably still be hidden. This method moved everyone and shocked them. This was especially true for the members of the archeological team. The reason why Chi You’s golden bone could avoid being lost overseas was because Su Yun risked his life to protect it.

Now, it was Su Yun who was using his life to guard the critical tomb’s passageway!

“My young friend Su Yun..

Professor Sun MO wanted to say something, but just as he spoke, he was interrupted by Su Yun. “I have my own selfish motives, but I want to contribute to protecting the country’s treasure. Knowing that there was nothing he could

do, he took it as his life. He did as he wished, hoping for a clear conscience!

Everyone, hurry up and move.”

After saying this, Su Yun took the initiative to disconnect, but Feng Shaoyu and the others were indeed stunned on the spot.

“Knowing that there was nothing he could do, he took it as his life…” As he muttered this sentence, Professor Sun actually cried, his turbid eyes flashed with excitement and pity. “I never expected that the person who had been fighting alone was actually Young Friend Su Yun. He’s so young and is only in his twenties. He actually has to bear such a huge responsibility today.”

Professor Cai was also moved. He nodded seriously. “Professor Sun, we can’t let Su Yun down. Even if we have to risk our lives, we have to do what we have to do.”

“A God of Slaughter is a God of Slaughter. He killed so many mercenaries alone. It’s too terrifying!” The scene from that night appeared in Master Gu’s mind again, but that figure had already slowly fused with the Macheteman he had seen. The methods Su Yun displayed shocked Master Gu. After being in a daze for a moment, Master Gu swallowed deeply and looked at them. “What are you waiting for? Let’s set off quickly! This time, I’ll take the lead! To tell you the truth, I’ve been hiding my strength from the beginning until now. This time, I’ll let you see how I, Old Gu, made a name for myself in the antique circle.”

Although Master Gu did not say anything, it was not difficult to tell from his actions that Su Yun’s spirit had indeed infected him.

Master Gu was not a bad person. He was just a little greedy for benefits. In addition, he had been floating in the pugilistic world for so long that he no longer communicated with anyone. However, he had seen the tragic scene on the transmission screen with his own eyes and heard Su Yun’s tired voice.

At this moment, Master Gu actually felt a sense of shame. Other people fought for the righteousness of the country with their thin bodies, but he had lived for so long. He was more than fifty years old, but he still lived for the sake of a dog.

Thus this force drove Master Gu to make this decision. He took the lead and walked into the tomb path. At this moment, his somewhat careless figure actually looked a little majestic.

Professor Sun and Professor Cai looked at each other before nodding. With the intention of not letting down the time Su Yun had bought for them, the archeological team quickly embarked on their journey. However, Zhou Xiaoxiao kept looking worried. She was still thinking about the Macheteman she had seen fighting the enemy in the image.

The figure of the Macheteman had gradually merged with Su Yun, whom she was familiar with.

Although Su Yun had selfish motives, he was indeed fighting for the country’s ancient tomb. He would rather exhaust his body to buy the archeological team the last bit of time! Just like before, he mediated between various parties alone and stopped the loss of cultural relics. In the end, he handed them over to the country.

Even Macheteman had always been a righteous swordsman who roamed the four seas and punished evil. There was worry hidden in Zhou Xiaoxiao’s eyes. “Su Yun, nothing must happen to you. I can agree to your invitation.” Zhou Xiaoxiao quickly followed the team.

Chen Jie, who was at the back, did not immediately enter the ancient tomb. Instead, she looked in Su Yun’s direction. It was already sunset, dyeing the western sky red. Su Yun was somewhere in that direction, facing the tiger-and-wolf-like situation, opening up a path for everyone..

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