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Chapter 220 - Chapter 220: The Krupp Slayer Team’s Reputation Becomes Great! Killing 900 Divine Power Realm Warriors!

Chapter 220: The Krupp Slayer Team’s Reputation Becomes Great! Killing 900 Divine Power Realm Warriors!

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Lu Changsheng had accumulated another 20,000 small skills. He exchanged them for the divine blood and divine bone pills.

These medicinal pills were actually all divine power level medicinal pills.

One pill could increase the strength of a hundred ding.

Lu Changsheng took two pills in a row, and his physical strength had reached a terrifying 660 ding!

In comparison, Lu Changsheng had improved the fastest.

However, the strange thing was that Lu Changsheng’s ranking on the Divine Power List didn’t rise. Instead, it dropped.

From 61st place, it dropped to 65th place.

The reason for the drop in ranking was simple.

Lu Changsheng hadn’t made any moves in the past month.

He became the commander of the Krupp Slayer Team. He didn’t need to fight, he only needed to command.

Without making a move, the Martial Arts Practice Tower could only tacitly acknowledge that Swordi2’s strength had stagnated.

Therefore, his ranking was slightly lower.

However, the Krupp Slayer Team’s results were extremely brilliant.

Even the four members of the Krupp Slayer Team, due to their frequent attacks, their strength increased very quickly in the battle.

Although they were both at the Thousand Tripod Realm and could no longer increase their cultivation, their actual combat strength had increased greatly.

After all, they had earned so many small merits. They could casually exchange for some things to increase their strength, causing the four of them to generally increase their rankings.

You Shifei, ranked 15th.

Yang Zhen, ranked 29th.

Tong Xuan, ranked 38th.

Iron Abyss, ranked 40th.

The four of them had risen in rank.

Of course, compared to their slight increase in ranking, the Krupp Slayer Team’s reputation was truly great.

Every day, the Krupp Slayer Team would wipe out two to four teams of Northern Krupp soldiers.

On average, he killed 18 Northern Krupp Divine Power Realm warriors every day.

In these 50 days or so, he had killed about 900 martial artists in total.

He didn’t know, but he was shocked.

These were 900 Divine Power Realm martial artists!

Even if there were tens of thousands of Divine Power Realm martial artists in the Northern Wei, there were still many of them.

However, they couldn’t withstand such a massacre.

Thus, the Krupp Slayer Team had become a huge threat to the Northern Krupp Kingdom.

The Northern Krupp Kingdom would even spare no effort to eradicate the Krupp Slayer Team.

However, Lu Changsheng had the Wind of Perception.

Lu Changsheng wouldn’t let the Krupp Slayer Team fight against any stronger team.

Lu Changsheng had plenty of time to deal with the Northern Krupp Kingdom, and he would eventually be able to capture some weaker teams.

Moreover, there weren’t many martial artists or teams that could destroy the Krupp Slayer Team.

The North Krupp Kingdom tried their best, but they still couldn’t do anything to the Krupp Slayers.

However, the Northern Barbarians gradually found out that the core of the Krupp Slayer Team was not You Shifei, but Swordi2, who had always kept a low profile.

Swordi2 had almost never made a move in the Krupp Slayer Team, but Swordi2 was the greatest threat!

At this moment, in the North Krupp Kingdom.

Heaven Heart sat cross-legged in the room.

He had not moved for a long time.

” Tianxin, the higher-ups want you to help and destroy the Krupp Slayer Team.”

A warrior in black said coldly.

However, Heaven Heart didn’t say anything.

He didn’t seem to care about the black-robed martial artist.

” Tianxin, didn’t you wait to reach the Divine Astral Realm because you wanted to perfect the Slaughter Intent so that you could use it as a foundation to forge the Asura Body?”

“If you kill the Krupp Slayer Team this time, the higher-ups will reward you with a Dao Comprehension Pill.”

A Dao Comprehension Pill can let you sink into an epiphany. 1 believe that making your Slaughter Concept reach perfection shouldn’t be too much of a problem, right?”

The black-robed martial artist spoke slowly, but his words contained shocking information.


As expected, Heaven Heart opened his eyes.

His eyes were very calm.

Yes, he was very calm, even a little too calm, as if he had no emotions at all.

“I need to confirm their location.”

Heaven Heart said slowly.

” Immortal Master Ling Ji will use his divine sense to lock onto the position of the Krupp Slayer Team. You must kill the core member of the Krupp Slayer Team, Swordi2.”

“As for the rest of the Krupp Slayer Team, they are secondary. Remember, Swordi2 must die!”

“You might only have one chance…”

The black-clothed warrior said coldly.

In fact, the Northern Krupp Kingdom had broken the rules by letting Immortal Master Lingji ‘attack’ in this way.

However, the Big Fish Empire did not dare to say anything.

After all, the Northern Krupp Kingdom did not break the tacit understanding.

Immortal Master Ling Ji didn’t personally kill them either.

However, this method obviously could not be used all the time. It could only be used once in a while.

“One chance is enough!”

“I will kill Swordi2.”

After saying that, Heaven Heart ignored the black-robed warrior and closed his eyes again..

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