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Chapter 221 - Chapter 221: The Number One on the Divine Power Ranking, Heaven’s Heart!

Chapter 221: The Number One on the Divine Power Ranking, Heaven’s Heart!

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[Host: Lu Changsheng]

[Comprehension: 2680 (Praise from all sides)]

[Blood Qi Sword Forging Technique: 2 years and 1 month.]

[Wind Perception Concept: Progress 15%]

[Starry Waterfall Concept: Progress 1%]

[Ocean Wave Concept: Progress 25%]

[Nine Levels of the Fish Leaping Over the Dragon Gate Technique: Level Five]

Lu Changsheng opened his attribute panel.

The Wind Perception concept improved the fastest.

It had only been a month, but his progress had already reached 15%. It could be said that he had improved rapidly.

After all, Lu Changsheng had been using the Wind of Perception almost every day.

Of course, Lu Changsheng had earned a lot of merit points, so he could exchange them for Comprehension Points.

However, he was still a long way from the transformation of his comprehension ability.

At this moment, You Shifei, Yang Zhen, Tong Xuan, and Tie Yuan arrived.

“Brother Saber, when are we leaving?”

You Shifei asked.

Swordi2’s ranking on the Divine Power Ranking had dropped.

However, the members of the Krupp Slayer Team knew how fast Swordi2 had improved in the past month.

In terms of actual combat strength, Swordl2 was probably not inferior to Tong Xuan and Tie Yuan.

In fact, they would only know who was stronger and weaker after a fight.

Lu Changsheng raised his head and looked at You Shifei and the others.

“Have you heard any news recently?”

Lu Changsheng asked.

“News? There really is. The Northern Barbarians are furious with our Krupp Slayer Team, and they are willing to pay any price. There are rumors that the Northern Barbarians sent Heaven Heart to deal with our Krupp Slayer Team.”

Tie Yuan said.

He was usually well-informed.


Everyone’s expression darkened.

In fact, even if it was Saint Origin One, they would not feel such pressure.

However, Tianxin was different.

Heaven Heart had never lost and he was able to suppress Sheng Yuanyi and Song Wuqing. He was undoubtedly the number one on the Divine Power Ranking!

He could be said to be the number one person in the Divine Power Realm!

If such a person were to attack, even if the members of the Krupp Slayer Team were much stronger than before, they would still be in trouble against Heaven’s Heart.

“This is just a rumor.”

” Besides, even if Heaven Heart makes a move, how would he know where we are?”

” That’s right. The Heavenheart’s characteristics are so obvious. It’s impossible for Brother Saber not to notice it. Just avoid it when the time comes.”

“I’m afraid it won’t be that easy. If the Northern Barbarians are determined to let Heaven’s Heart take action, then they should have the confidence to deal with us.”

For a time, there were different opinions within the Krupp Slayer Team, and there was a dispute.

“There’s no need to argue.”

Lu Changsheng said.

He looked at everyone and said in a deep voice,” Actually, even if Tianxin didn’t make a move, we still have to guard against others. Could it be that his Saint Qi was weak? In the Northern Krupp Kingdom, are there no other top Divine Power Realm martial artists besides Heaven Heart and Saint Origin Realm?”

” According to the many Divine Power Realm martial artists that the Krupp Slayer Team killed, this will happen sooner or later.”

“We still need to increase our own strength in order to be invincible. “However, we do have to change some of our methods in the future. We can’t go to the northern battlefield every day. We have to become irregular.”

“As for when I will act, I am not sure. When I feel that it is appropriate, I will naturally call the four of you over. At that time, the Krupp Slayer Team will take action.”

Lu Changsheng’s words put an end to their argument.

Moreover, after thinking about it carefully, this was indeed a good idea.

Without a pattern, it would be very difficult to scheme against them.

After all, even they themselves did not know when the Krupp Slayer Team would strike again.

“Alright, then we’ll wait for Brother Saber’s summon.”

Therefore, the four of them left Lu Changsheng’s courtyard and went back to wait quietly.

At this point, the few of them actually did not care too much about credit.

Lu Changsheng knew that he couldn’t kill dozens of Divine Power Realm warriors every day.

In the future, he would probably only be able to make a few moves a month.


Lu Changsheng murmured.

Actually, it wasn’t that he didn’t have a way to deal with Heaven Heart.

Heaven Heart was indeed strong, but Lu Changsheng had the Blood Qi Sword Forging Technique.

Lu Changsheng’s body was now 660 ding strong.

Back when Lu Changsheng was using the Blood Qi Sword Forging Technique, he only had 60 ding of Blood Qi left.

Now, Lu Changsheng’s Qi and blood were ten times stronger than before.

Logically speaking, the accumulation speed of the blood essence sword forging mystic technique should be about ten times faster.

In other words, if he took a month to forge the sword, then under the same circumstances, he would take ten months to forge the sword.

It had been two years since he forged the sword.

It was about 2,000 ding of strength.

If the sword was forged for ten years, it would have the power of more than ten thousand ding!

At that time, even Heaven Heart might not be able to withstand it.

After all, there was a saying among martial artists.

Ten thousand cauldrons could break the astral light!

It meant that if one’s strength reached 10,000 ding, then the power of 10,000 ding could break the Divine Shield.

Of course, it was only to break the Divine Shield.

It was equivalent to breaking the most basic defense of the Divine Astral Realm.

But even so, it was still quite terrifying.

Tian Xin, on the other hand, was not a Divine Astral Realm martial artist. He was still a Divine Power Realm martial artist.


Lu Changsheng closed his eyes.

During this period of time, he had to be more careful.

At this moment, in the North Krupp Kingdom.

Immortal Master Spark scanned the grassland with his divine sense again and again.

However, he found nothing.

Moreover, there was no news of the Krupp Slayer Team from the Northern Battlefield.

However, ten days had passed, and there was no news from the Krupp Slayer Team, nor any signs of activity.

Could it be that the Krupp Slayer Team had stopped moving?

“The Krupp Slayer Team is really cunning. I used to go to the northern battlefield every day, but now I suddenly don’t come..”

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